A Brief History of the Universe and Humanity

In 2007,  while in great pain and with axfever, a vision appeared to me.  And this article is what I was told in this vision.  In 2012 I wrote this vision down.  Brown Contintent elder.

Wakan Tanka is a state of being where all perspectives in the universe and all universes and beyond are experienced, seen, perceived, lived and understood all at once and all at the same time.  It is a state of oneness where everything is one undivided whole and there is no division.  Wanka Tanka is a concept larger than God because God is separate and apart from us and Mother Earth, whereas Wanka Tanka is inclusive of everything.

Wanka Tanka is a synthesis of everything.  Just as in the English language there is no word that is all inclusive of everything, there is also no word that describes a “part” of the whole that is inclusive of all of the power of the whole.  English is based upon fragmentation and is good at pieces and parts, but has no words for wholes.  A “holon” is a part of the whole which is inclusive of the whole.  Every atom, ant, tree, molecule, mouse, person is a holon of Wakan Tanka.

“Once upon a time all knowing and all powerful Wakan Tanka played a game and  with a “big bang” had a dream of breaking itself into a million, trillion, zillion holons of infinite shapes and sizes, flinging itself into the far reaches of the great void. Each holon, being one with Wakan Tanka carried all of the power, wisdom, oneness and infinity of Wakan Tanka.  However, each was stripped of any memory of this.  Instead the holons were given five senses in order to perceive the universe from each individual holon’s unique perspective. And these senses perceived separation between all holons. 

When a holon believed “only” what it perceived from its five senses, and from its own perspective, it created a state known as ego or fear or hell.   The game that Wakan Tanka had created, was for the holons to come back together as one coherent whole.   Over time the holons gained the wisdom to see beyond the illusion of empirical evidence of the five senses.  As they remembered to come together in synthesis, dialogue, co-creation and love they moved towards Wakan Tanka.

Eventually, over hundreds of thousands of years, all human’s on the planet matured and they built an entire world on Mother Earth based upon synthesis, balance, peace and abundance, where the aim was to continually bring together understanding of more and more holons until the state of Wakan Tanka was reached.  The meek had truly inherited the Earth and lived in a vast Garden of Eden covering the entire planet. This was the Brown Natural Indigenous people of the world and during this time, most of human history, there were only brown people on the planet.”  Brown Continent

The Meek People Living in the Garden of Eden focused on Wakan Tanka

For tens of thousands of years Brown Indigenous people worldwide, from Africa to Asia to Europe to Turtle Island (North and South America) understood the oneness of the universe well and thus all aspects of their cultures, (worldview, lifestyle, family system, work system, wealth creation system and social systems) all worked together to help them continually move towards seeing more perspectives and thus move closer to the oneness.  This is what their ceremonies, wealth creation systems, communication norms, language, family systems, social structures and thinking were all designed around. Just as all of the social systems then were based upon synthesis and designed to move us closer to oneness, today all of our social systems are based upon fragmentation (analysis) and designed to move us away from Wakan Tanka and closer to hell.  The interdependent-communal-collaborative-tribal-family system was the foundation which supported synthesis thinking, ceremony and all of the other social systems of indigenous civilizations worldwide.

With our ancestor’s civilizations everything, everyday supported seeing and understanding other perspectives in addition to self.  The thinking that supported all Indigenous civilizations worldwide was a thinking called synthesis.  Synthesis is the thinking of integrating whole perspectives to see larger more coherent whole perspectives.  When two people had different opinions this was seen as a gift that could bring higher understanding as they synthesized the two perspectives together to see a larger more coherent whole reality– thus moving closer to Wakan Tanka.  There was an understanding that both perspectives were correct but incomplete.  So rather than competing, debating, avoiding or arguing, over who is right and who is wrong, as we have been brainwashed to do today, they sought to bring these two perspectives together seamlessly to form a more coherent whole perspective and thus move closer towards Wanka Tanka. For more on synthesis please read: Synthesis and Analysis-The Foundations of Reality

“Dissimilar things when fitted together make something more beautiful and whole.”
— Nippawanock, ARAPAHOE

Having matured for hundreds of thousands of years Indigenous people worldwide focused on synthesizing perspectives in order to continually move closer to Wakan Tanka, to heaven, to love.  Thinking from the synthesis perspective is known as the good mind.  They got their human needs met through social systems which were all based upon synthesis and the good mind.  Whereas today we get all of our human needs met though social systems which are based upon analysis, fragmentation, hell and the bad mind.

With synthesizing perspectives being built into their social systems every action, every day came from the good mind and worked to continually build their spiritual muscle and move beyond the singular ego perspective.  So with us infinite spiritual beings being trapped inside of “seemingly separate” bodies, with singular perspectives, Indigenous civilizations had evolved over thousands of years to continually remind themselves, in all daily activities, that they were not trapped in this single perspective.

Thus all daily activities to meet human needs were designed to be ceremonial in order to focus on the good mind.  These ceremonies were integrated into daily activities and designed to strengthen the understanding of the oneness, connectedness of all things–Wakan Tanka.  With every thought and action they worked on transcending the limited perspective to understand, and see larger, more coherent, synthesized perspectives.  Ceremonies were not weekend activities or only for special occasions but were built into everything and all of the time.

The focus on synthesizing perspectives by natural Indigenous people had created a heaven on Earth over time, with Indigenous people living in freedom, peace, abundance and love.  It was truly “the Garden of Eden” as we used the good mind.  There was no starvation, nor pollution, nor violence, nor war, nor jealousy, nor control, nor ownership, nor monopolies because there was balance, freedom and each person was the first and last of their own nation.

Wealth Creation rather than being centralized as it is today was decentralized and controlled by family and tribe. “We are born free and united brothers, each as much a great lord as the other, while you are the slaves of one sole man.  I am the master of my body, I depose of myself, I do what I wish, I am the first and last of my nation subject only to the Great Spirit.” Anonymous Hunon 1700

In speaking about the Indigenous people of Turtle Island, European Bartoleme de Las Casas documents this heaven on Earth in 1542 in his book, A Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies.   “And of all the infinite universe of humanity, these people are the most guileless, the most devoid of wickedness and duplicity, the most obedient and faithful to their native masters and to the Spanish Christians whom they serve. They are by nature the most humble, patient, and peaceable, holding no grudges, free from embroilments, neither excitable nor quarrelsome. These people are the most devoid of rancors, hatreds, or desire for vengeance of any people in the world. . . .They are also poor people, for they not only possess little but have no desire to possess worldly goods.

For this reason they are not arrogant, embittered, or greedy. Their repasts aresuch that the food of the holy fathers in the desert can scarcely be more parsimonious, scanty, and poor. As to their dress, they are generally naked, with only their pudenda covered somewhat. And when they cover their shoulders it is with a square cloth no more than two varas in size. They have no beds, but sleep on a kind of matting or else in a kind of suspended net called bamacas.

They are very clean in their persons, with alert, intelligent minds, docile and open to doctrine, very apt to receive our holy Catholic faith, to be endowed with virtuous customs, and to behave in a godly fashion. And once they begin to hear the tidings of the Faith, they are so insistent on knowing more and on taking the sacraments of the Church and on observing the divine cult that, truly, the missionaries who are here need to be endowed by God with great patience in order to cope with such eagerness. Some of the secular Spaniards who have been here for many years say that the goodness of the Indians is undeniable and that if this gifted people could be brought to know the one true God they would be the most fortunate people in the world.”

Columbus himself said, “The Indians are so naïve and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them them would believe it.  When you ask for something the have, they never say no.  To the contrary, they offer to share with anyone. . . .” Christopher Columbus

If collective perspectives move us towards Wakan Tanka or heaven, then it follows, that limited perspectives, analysus, fragmentation move us towards hell.  With hell being the illusion of separation from Wakan Tanka.  If all perspectives equal heaven, love and Wakan Tanka then it follows that one’s own limited and thus fragmented perspective is not heaven.  And it is an illusion, not full reality, not complete and if accepted as absolute is a corruption of reality and puts us in a state of hell.  It also follows that the focus on and addiction to one’s own limited and singular perspective, based upon the five senses is devil worship.

To mistakenly act as though one’s own limited perspective is complete, is to act with the bad mind, because it is a corruption of reality.  To be selfishly biased towards one’s self is of the bad mind and hell. And this all is exactly what our modern world is based upon today.

So if at some point, all people worldwide were living within the oneness worldview, what happened to get us and the entire world into the fragmented worldview?

The Fall from Grace-How the World has Gotten in Such Poor Condition

About 6,000 years ago, there came into being an advocate of the singular perspective or advocates of ego.  The advocates of ego ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge, reserved for Wakan Tanka, and embraced the world of fragmentation of the five senses.  The advocates of ego refined fragmentation into a unique thinking form known as analysis and called it science and presented science as absolute. Where did they come from and why?  That is a conversation for another time and another article.

Unlike Indigenous people, who had been living on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, and had evolved a significant level of maturity, the adovcates of ego had just been born and thus were very young and immature and believed only what their own five senses told them was real and thus were arrogant and operated from the bad mind.

They were immature and spoiled children.  After all it takes a great deal of maturity, discipline, wisdom and deep understanding of the universe, in order to see beyond the five senses, to see the hidden reality of oneness.  Thus the children saw goodness in getting their human needs met by seeing only from their own limited singular perspective (the state of hell)-selfishness.  After all our senses tell us, via the empirical evidence that, “I am separate and thus I must feed myself and look out for myself in a hostile world, because nobody else will.  It is me against the world, and I must complete, distinguish myself, prove myself and show that I am better.”  I must FEAR the world.

Using analysis and being immature the holons of ego divided and manipulated other holons of Wakan Tanka in order to control them for the purpose of focusing on and staying comfortable in their own limited singular perspective.  Then they reconfigured these divided holons back together in artificial ways, disconnected from soul, (connection to Wakan Tanka) in ways to benefit their own singular perspective.  Rather than working to synthesize perspectives, and move to a higher perspective closer to Wakan Tanka, each advocate sought to force, convince, manipulate other holons to see from and serve his or her singular perspective.  Where the goal of Wakan Tanka’s game was deep synthesis and love with all holons (Wakan Tanka), the advocates of ego had become addicted to focus on their own singular perspective.

From the time of their creation, the reality of oneness, had been communicated to the ego-holons, in various ways.  Messengers were sent to communicate the message, but from a very young age the ego adovcates of ego had made a commitment to embrace fragmentation (hell) and to worship it (devil worship) and to work to create a world based upon (fragmentation) hell.

In other words they made a decision to create a better world than Wakan Tanka had created. And to use the natural holons of Wakan Tanka as their raw materials for their creation.  They had in essence entered a war with Wakan Tanka to show that they could create a better world via hell (separation) than Wakan Tanka had made via heaven (oneness) and in the process of creating this better world they would exterminate all natural life that Wakan Tanka had created.

An example of the difference between the Indigenous Way and the ego way can be seen in how the two groups could stay warm in cold weather.  Indigenous people could stay warm by understanding that the cold was just one perspective and then shifting their perspective to be one with the cold.  The advocates of ego accepted the cold as absolute reality and divided, manipulated and controlled other holons of Wakan Tanka, creating heating systems to heat vast areas around him to stay warm and when multiplied times 8 billion people equals pollution and global warming. The ego-advocates, believing the fragmentation of the world was real and hostile, sought to change and control the world (other holons) to suit himself rather than changing himself to suit the larger reality of oneness (domestication).  The advocates of ego did not understand, as Indigenous people understood, that they could transcend their limit perspective and create different realities via synthesis.  Relying on their five senses the advocates of ego spiritual muscle grew weaker and weaker as they incestuously indulged in their own singular perspective. Incest is always bad because there can only be stagnation and decline due to the lack of diversity—the advocates of ego wallowed in this singular perspective becoming sicker and sicker over time.  Whereas holon’s were intended to be in deep love with all holons, which is the state of Wakan Tanka the immature ego-holons sought to love only his own singular perspective and begrudgingly perhaps another closest to him.

Being alone was a fearful place to be, thus the ego-holons’ perspective was fear and ego.  The younger children had erroneously adopted the “bad mind” of fragmentation and separation (hell) as the reality of the universe.  Over 6,000 years they built human social systems and civilizations based upon the limited perspectives (hell), fragmentation and separation, the bad mind.  The result was competition, violence, war, genocide, slavery, greed, authority, hierarchy, holocaust, pollution, debate, empires and corruption—all things that were not natural for the holons—since the only true human nature was love-oneness.  When only measuring fragments of outcomes, ignoring the impact on Mother Earth and the Indigenous world, these civilizations appeared to be positive contributions to the world.  But when measuring the full impact of the cities and empires, the net effect was imbalance and a loss to Mother Earth and enormous destruction.

The story above is the story of the history of life on Mother Earth. The advocates of ego are the white people.  In 1776, European Adam Smith documented and explained the selfish, fragmented and ego based Western thinking, in his seminal work, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.  He explained how Western Civilization advances by each individual looking out for his or her own self interest from his or her limited singular ego perspective.  Today his work is nearly universally considered to be correct and absolute regarding human nature and human social systems and it is what the entire modern world is based upon (hell).  However, it is not correct.  It is merely thinking from the bad mind and it is not how the Indigenous world worked.

The latest white science today shows that white people have only been on the planet for 6,000 years. http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/4784/eurospaleonlyrecentlypu0.jpg.   As the children, over 6,000 years, focused on self, the natural outcome has been a world of insanity.  Within a few thousand years of their appearance their entire ego civilization collapsed and devolved into a hellish “Dark Ages” lasting 1,000 years.  This European Dark Ages ended, around 1492AD, only when the leaders of the ego holons authorized the ego holons to steal the wealth of the world from the Natural Indigenous people killing, enslaving and domesticating the natural people of the world.  This was done with a document called the Papal Bull “Inter Caetera” of 1493.  This document, and the subsequent 1494 “Treaty of Tordesillas” (inspired by the Bull “Inter Caetera”), “gave” the entire indigenous world to the advocates of ego.

The end result of ego thinking was mass murder, slavery and theft from peaceful Indigenous people of the world.  There were genocides, infections and/or exterminations of those oneness Garden of Eden cultures.  Las Casas goes on to say, “Yet into this sheepfold, into this land of meek outcasts there came some Europeans who immediately behaved like ravening wild beasts, wolves, tigers, or lions that had been starved for many days. And Europeans have behaved in no other way during the past forty years, down to the present time, for they are still acting like ravening beasts, killing, terrorizing, afflicting, torturing, and destroying the native peoples, doing all this with the strangest and most varied new methods of cruelty, never seen or heard of before, and to such a degree that this Island of Hispaniola once so populous (having a population that I estimated to be more than three million), has now a population of barely two hundred persons.”As there was contact between the “limited perspective” ego cultures and “oneness cultures” the ego cultures, would take, steal, kill the oneness cultures and justify it through some fragmented logic and selfish perspective.  After all the fragmented culture was only focused on its own limited-ego-needs and did not care about the other perspectives as Adam Smith so eloquently explained to us.

The end result was the extermination of oneness cultures and synthesis thinking worldwide.  This happened via murder of entire clans, families, tribes and entire continents of people.  It also happened via the conversion of oneness cultures into authoritarian ego cultures via infections, torture, brainwashing, slavery, whipping, lynchings, mass murder, holocausts or assimilation of oneness cultures into ego cultures.  Then there were the slow corruption of oneness cultures resulting in grotesque distortions of their original peaceful selves, but still with a veneer indigenous identity. In other words most individual Natives and tribes today are Native mostly in name and appearance only. Most have been assimilated or domesticated and their thinking, living and actions are mostly white. Most tribal leaders lead our people in the white direction. And much of what is consider Indian culture and is practiced as Indian culture is actually white. “Kill the Indian save the man” was the objective of the advocates of ego and it has mostly worked. The advocates of ego have implanted fear deep in the heart of indigenous people. So deep that most Natives given the opportunity would die before returning to the Indigenous Ways of their ancestors.

It was a catch 22.  If one did not defend its ones oneness culture, one was violently exterminated via genocides and assimilation and if one did defend, one was infected with the disease of limited perspective, self focus, ego and fear via fighting, violence and war.  No matter how the oneness cultures interacted with the ego cultures, the result was the same–the end of the oneness culture and synthesis thinking.  Synthesis thinking was replaced with fragmented analytical thinking based upon seeing limited perspectives as absolute.  The end result was the sophistication, education, egolization, individualization and thus domestication of the meek natural people of the world.

The Domestication of Natural People
The interdependent tribal communities were destroyed and natural people were domesticated like pigs, chickens, sheep, dogs and cows and thus became dependent upon the destructive ego culture to get their needs met. Just as the natural buffalo, was refined into the controllable cow, so too was the natural Indigenous person.  The domestication process had been refined over a few thousand years and included a combination of mass slaughter, torture and abuse, socialization, artificial selection and emotional trauma.  And just as the buffalo was domesticated for control and profit (personal gain from the limited perspective) so too were the natural people.  Over time the domesticated people came to like and be addicted to the ego system, just as cows on a cattle farm.  They came to see the system that used and abused them as their friend just as the cow sees the farmer and the farm.  After all the farmer provides them with food, medical care, water, companionship, protection and safety. Over time the domesticated people feared and developed disdain for their own natural ways of synthesis, family, freedom, community, natural foods, deep loving relationships, closeness to others and closeness to Mother Earth.

Even the people most awakened had many of these aversions that kept them apart. Due to their emotional damage and ego brainwashing, natural people who had lived in family units for thousands of years, now could barely stay together for a few hours or days without running back to their separate lives and separate bubbles dependent upon the Matrix. The people were addicted to their own ego bubbles.  And even a typical family living together in a single house knew little of what each other were doing on a daily basis. Children in different schools and parents in different jobs all with different friends where they live their separate lives. People could all be in the same room and still be locked within their own ego bubble disconnected from one another. The extended family: cousins, uncles, aunts were now all living in different houses, dozens or hundreds of miles apart completely detached from one another–all getting their living needs met completely independent of one another and instead of being Interdependent upon family and dependent upon the government or bureaucracies for ALL of their living needs.

People lived in their solo bubbles connected to a mechanistic grid (A Matrix) supplying all of their living needs (stores, government, bureaucracies, power companies, farms, hospitals).  People no longer needed family thus family was of little priority and the vast majority of people lived apart.  Some people lived in the same house but lived completely separate lives having no idea of what the others in the house were doing because each was deeply in his/her own bubble.  People could talk to others in the same room and they would not hear nor try to hear.  People were unaware of what was going on directly around them in the world because of their bubble.  People would reach out to others and the others would pull away or be non-caring.  People would strive for balance and others would take what’s given and ask for more.

People could participate in the murder of thousands of people and be completely unaware of their role and feel completely innocent.  And when told about the affects of their actions most people would deny and get angry.  To see how we are all doing this today please read:  Letter to the VA General Assembly Regarding Uranium Mining–A Warning to All Mother Fuckers

People were jealous and became obsessed with “owning” one individual seeking only the “one special love” or one “soul mate” whom they would share a bubble.  However, since these control relationships were based upon fear (fragmentation, ownership and control) these shared bubbles always failed.  Two glowing embers could not and cannot provide enough heat for infinite combustion (read article on creating combustion: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Indignet/doc/235395843187071/).

Our Future
With everyone embracing their bubbles and dependent upon the Matrix for their living needs and eventually with the entire natural world intentionally exterminated or domesticated, all that was once free and abundant in the natural world had to be purchased from the Matrix which controls everything: water, air, food, shelter, love, spirituality, medicine, health, exercise, sex. Yes, our future is one where everything is a controlled commodity. How could it be other wise. Just look at the trends. Everything each year is more refined, polluted, controlled and we are more dependent upon the Matrix.  This short video shows how the European worldview is turning what should be free into a commodity to profit a few: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b381AIl5pbs

Domestication was needed for ego people to benefit themselves, to profit, because one holon must control the holons around oneself, if one is to manipulate this world to serve one’s self focused needs.  Thus in order to maximize profits one must convert natural beings into controlled, domesticated, refined, artificial beings.  For example we see the natural forest being clear cut and replaced with artificial, genetically altered, fast growing trees because these trees are engineered to grow faster and thus produce a quicker profit.  Due to the devouring nature of the ego mindset it will eventually lead to the complete and intentional extermination of ALL natural life on Mother Earth.  And we see this today as the entire natural environment is intentionally being polluted and corrupted so that eventually it will  no longer support natural life—however, it will be able to support artificial forms of life artificially engineered for the contaminated environment and for profit or self gain.

Back to the Past:
As the global genocide occurred some natural people maintained their Indigenous identity in name only, having eventually been refined, brainwashed and domesticated in the ego-mind.  Being domesticated they were no longer natural people and were now “domesticates”—a limbo state between natural people and ego people where one is lost and not good at either system.  The few who did excel in the ego system were mere “house niggers” help to support a system of fragmentation.  Eventually virtually all Indigenous people had been domesticated.  And the light of the world was nearly extinguished.  The natural people had been put to sleep and were following the beast while thinking they were following the righteous ways.

However, even after thousands of years the domesticates did not quite fit in the ego culture and were not very good at systematic egolization, though they were now competing, fighting, stealing and killing, with a sweet, pretty, peaceful face like the advocates of ego.  They had bought into the propaganda that fragmentation was human nature.  They were not very good at ego thinking because of their lingering connection to heart.  For centuries the natural people were referred to as savages, inferior, violent, niggers, non-human, jungle bunnies, sexual deviates, devil worshipers.  Even many thought that some level of “equality” had been achieved for the Brown people, the majority of the people of the world, making up 85% of the population, are referred to as minorities, third world, terrorists, immigrants, aliens, illegal.  The incorrect names eventually became so accepted as correct that even the natural people referred to themselves by these demeaning names meant to keep them in a “nigger status”.

Eventually the domesticates, having lost perspective on fragmentation being evil, fought for equal rights and to integrate into the ego system so that they could focus on self and kill, oppress and rape the Indigenous World as much as the ego advocates.  And when steps towards equal rights were granted the domesticates thought they had arrived and all was right with the universe.  Other domesticates, also very confused, but aware of evil ways of the ego holons, sought to build an authoritarian ego world separate from the ego holons.  Thinking that the ego holons were evil and not seeing that it was their fragmented-ego core thinking that was evil, this group of domesticates sought to build an authoritarian system separate, from the ego holons, but still based upon fragmentation and ego thinking. However, their vision in reality was to create another hell.  Like the domesticates seeking integration and equal rights, a separate authoritarian civilization would still have the people trapped in the ego paradigm and thus hell.   Virtually all of the former natural people were lost and following the beast in one way or another.

There was great confusion everywhere regarding what was right, wrong, up or down.  Things had been scrambled.  The ego holons had over thousands of years become skillful god-like manipulators of other holons of the world and could easily manipulate, control, domesticate and deceive other holons.  As the ego holons destroyed the oneness cultures of the natural people they documented much about these cultures, but in baised ways that benefited themselves.  Over time the ego holons had much of the knowledge of the original natural cultures and the domesticates were ignorant of their own ancestral ways.  As the domesticates fled from their natural culture some of the ego holons, eventually begin mimicking the culture of the nature people, however, at a very surface level (liberals, hippies, anarchists, new agers, environmentalists, communitarians).

These holons were mimickers because at their core their thinking and actions were still based upon fragmentation, and ego, though on the surface many appeared as meek as the original natural people.  Things got so confused that the vast majority of former natural people, now domesticates, behaved like ego holons and some ego holons behaved, on the surface, like natural people–mimickers.  Sometimes when domesticates began awakening and began returning to the natural ways of their ancestors they were accused of following the mimickers ego holons by other domesticates who were actually the ones following the ego holons.  Other domesticates who had begun to awaken, began actually following the mimickers ego holons not knowing that they were following devils (because of their worship of fragmentation).  Indigenous people had been tricked into accepting newly invented fake racial identities and forgetting their Indigenous identity. As domesticates began to awaken some followed the hippies and new agers not knowing that they were following devils.


Some of these mimickers mixed and matched aspects of the various natural people’s cultures, in ways they were not intended to be mixed.  They were children playing with things far beyond their abilities to understand.  As some of the newly awakening domesticates, recognized some truth in what the mimicker were doing and followed them not knowing any better.  Being that at its core, what the mimickers were doing was based on fragmentation, the mimickers could only lead the domesticates back into hell.  But the books, and workshops, seminars of the mimickers all looked so good and peaceful and were very tempting to the newly awakening domesticates.

6,000 Years of Confusion ****

Today, whether separate or integrated, the domesticates follow the advocates of ego in whatever they did.  They were the leaders. “They held all of the keys to all of the gates.”  Based upon the domesticates actions, lifestyle, thinking the domesticates “worshiped” the ego advocates as they mimicked their every move, even in rebelling against the ego advocates.  The natural people attempted to walk like the ego advocates, talk like them, act like them, be like them, eat like them, think like them.  The domesticates no longer saw that there is another way—the natural way of oneness of their ancestors.  The domesticates, now being off of their natural foundation, were in a near hopeless situation.  They could not fully grasp the soulless ego ways and thus given 10,000 years would never be on a par with the advocates of ego, in the ego system and would always be batteries in the Matrix for others to profit.

They also could not go back to their oneness systems because 1) they had been largely disconnected from soul via emotional damage and trauma from holocausts and, 2) their social systems (languages, cultures, ceremonies, foods, learning systems, family systems) to return them to their foundation had been destroyed and 3) they had no memory nor vision of their own ways having been brainwashed that these ways were primitive, savage, superstitious, ignorant and devil worship.  Stuck in a hopeless situation, many of the natural people who did not aspire to copy the ego advocates, were now violent, addicts, abusive and very destructive.  Both groups of natural people were hopelessly lost.  However, from time to time messengers would be sent with a gentle reminder of the reality of oneness offering paths out of hell.


Part II

Our Current Situation
Today our lives are ruled by thinking from our own limit perspective–ego.  All are Indigenous-synthesis thinking has nearly universally been exterminated and the natural people of the world are nearly fully domesticated.  We see what we perceive as right and we argue, debate and compete to show others why our perspective is right and theirs is wrong.  Or we simply ignore their perspective.  We are jealous and envious.  We seek the one special love and not to deeply love or care about all.  Don’t agree?  Have you thought about the 30,000 children that will die today because of how you live? You think more about what you will eat for breakfast or if your spouse flirted with someone, than those 30,000 brown children.


We seek to distinguish ourselves from others.  We seek to be the best!  We cheer and are happy when our perspective wins and the other perspective loses and all current social institutions support this: sports, courts, politics, business, relationships.  We are confused about what is natural-indigenous-oneness and what is ego-fragmented.   It is now normal for domesticates to have competitive events, such as pow wows, and refer to these as the ways of our ancestors .  Competition, winning, debate, bragging, ego is seen as goodness and righteous. Facebook “ego poses” photos are the norm!  I am better, smarter, prettier, faster, can jump higher, throw further, shoot straighter, talk faster–anything to distinish myself and show that I am not one with all things.  I once had a confused Elder Native spiritual leader say to me that in her language love equals stingy–hopeless.


We have little interest in what others are seeing or perceiving unless it is about how they falsely perceive “me” in a better light than I am.  We seek to judge or show where they are wrong or to merely ignore or avoid their perspective.  We continuously incestuously masturbate in our own limited perspective like a crazed nymphomaniac who cannot get enough smell her own ass.  We are addicted to limited-perspective-self thinking—thinking from our bubble.  We live in and are comfortable in our separated bubbles.  We pride ourselves on our bubble thinking and keeping separate.  Fragmentation dominates everything we do nearly all day and every day as much as our ancestor’s lives were filled with synthesis activities in everything.  All social systems today support and strengthen fragmented thinking and our bubbles.  And we typically see the socializing tools that keep us fragmented as good: competition, sports, democracy, authority, debates, discussion, school, education, church, cars, houses, caskets, fame, and celebrities.

ALL modern social institutions are built based upon fragmented-ego thinking and thus hell: schools, universities, democracy, socialism, capitalism, English, cities, governments, companies, employment, art galleries, movies, music companies, acting, book publishers, computers, TV, skyscrapers, airplanes, houses, technology, etc, etc.  And since it is all built on the wrong stuff it ALL is non-sustainable and must go.  This is a mental adjustment that one must make in order to be a part of the solution.  If one does not make this mental adjustment, then one is part of the destructive Matrix regardless of the words, art, deeds, ceremonies, politics, or anything else.  There is no middle ground.

The natural outgrowth of the ego way today is selfishness, self-indulgence, decadence, greed, laziness, disconnectedness from the natural world, natural law, natural cycles and natural times. And we are ALL now doing these to some degree.  As domesticates we now have and desire layers upon layers of artificialness between us and the natural world.  And most of us desire and are addicted to these layers, which keep us in our Matrix bubbles separate from the natural world and one another. As an example we love eating at fine restaurants where there are layers protecting us from the ceremony, planting, growing, harvesting, preparing, cooking and the bugs, the heat, sweat, cool-wet-early mornings and hard work that go into meeting our eating needs in the natural world. This same example can be extrapolated across the entire modern world and the meeting of all of our needs.

However, there is a problem.  Limited perspective ego thinking, will always destroy itself, because it is out of balance and not sustainable.  Ego thinking and civilization is a giant ponzy scheme as shown with the collapse of Europe with the 1,000 year Dark Ages, of pure hell and insanity.  It ended only with a massive influx of wealth from the theft of the Indigenous World starting in 1492.  However, the collapse and utter failure of ego thinking, the ego paradigm and ego civilization was merely postponed for a few hundred years.  Like a homeless drunk who falls into Bill Gates wealth. All he can do is spend it. He does not have the wisdom or knowledge to generate more. Thus when all of the money is spent the homeless drunk is right back where he started. And this is where we are today. We are following a homeless drunk–the white people from Europe.  Prophecies say in the end times everyone worldwide would have been brainwashed to follow the beast and virtually everyone today is following the holons of ego and their devil worship.

The Lesson
There is a lesson that the ego holons were sent to teach us.  It is a lesson that must last forever because the price paid by the Indigenous World has been massive.  At the same time that the ego holons are destroying the natural world, via fragmented thought, this thinking and their science has led full circle, to information technology, that is reconnecting holons as one undivided whole and are our training wheels back to Wanka Tanka.  Yes ego holons took the slow-know-it-all-spoiled-child path but even this path leads home.  And their fragmented, objective, “absolute” science has led to the ultimate conclusion via their most advanced science, quantum physics, that there is no division, there is only one undivided whole.  There is no objective reality nor empirical evidence to study and manipulate.

There own primitive ego science now says what we have always knowm.  We are one, we create our reality out of our expectations.  We are all one and the one unified reality (not unified theory) of the universe is LOVE which equals ONENESS.  It is the only thing that has ever existed and ever will exist and everything else is just an illusion from fear.  The lesson is that all paths lead to love.  There is no escaping the undivided whole—Wanka Tanka.  With as much effort as the ego holons have put into showing that we are separate and they can build a better world than love based upon fragmentation they have failed. Even their best efforts at fragmentation (this computer and connecting internet tool) is leading back to oneness as you read this along with others and we come back together as one.  There is no division, nor fragmentation, nor fear.  It is all an illusion and no matter what path one takes all roads leads to love.

What are we to do:
There is great change coming.  It will change virtually everything about living in this world and people of color are obligated to lead this change because of what we have been shown.  The current ego culture is not sustainable. It is failing before our eyes and will crash in massive ways before it is over.  Likely people are not going to get aligned with the change and likely billions of people are going to die and suffer horribly. We must come to communal living to save our families and friends and to help show others the path back to Wanka Tanka.  And also for future generations and Mother Earth.  We all have unique geniuses where we are given gifts that we are to be synthesizing together to return to the Indigenous Way of living.

“Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings, and live a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build the new world.” “Those who cannot celebrate the change and the coming of the new dispensation will drop dead from their own fear” Hopi Prophecy.

Today we have become the murders, rapists and thieves because we get our needs met via a hellish, destructive killing machine that rapes, kills and steals due to it being based upon limited ego perspectives. This system is literally devouring Mother Earth and exterminating all Indigenous life of the planet. To see one example of how we unconsciously become murderers, rapists and thieves, and then live happily in denial of this reality, see this letter on uranium mining:  Letter to the VA General Assembly Regarding Uranium Mining–A Warning to All Mother Fuckers
https://www.facebook.com/notes/barry-carter/letter-to-the-va-general-assambly-opposing-uranium-mining-the-indigenous-perspec/462941627115424.  Because of how we get our human needs met, 30,000 children will die today (murder); millions of tons of toxic waste pollution will be dumped onto and into Mother Earth and thousands of acres will be clear cut and terra-formed (rape); and we will consume, in non-sustainable ways, thousands of tons of resources that belong to future generations (theft).  We murder, rape and steal every time we use electricity, every time we wash our dishes, drive our car, take a shower, eat food, use the bathroom, flick on a light switch, because the system that we get each of our human needs met through, is based upon analysis, fragmentation and limited perspectives.  Each flick of a light switch burns a little chunk of coal adding to the destruction of a sacred mountain in Virginia or West Virginia.

Today most people are asleep, like Mr. Magoo, unaware of the destruction they are causing and the massive change to come, because of the limited perspective brainwashing.  They are blocked from their unique genius and are asleep, as in the movie The Matrix, thinking that they are living.  The domestication process disconnects us from our ability to access Wanka Tanka.  However, there are those who are beginning to awaken and hear the call. Some are connecting to Wanka Tanka. However many of these people think that working solo is all that is needed or talking on Facebook or attending pow wows or weekend ceremonies or weekend workshops.  However, they are merely soul masturbating.

Soul Masturbation:
If we are working outside of community and synthesis we are resisting the change and working against it, and maintaining the murderous system, regardless of what we are doing solo. And regardless of how talented we are with our individual holon at tapping into Wanka Tanka.  Our holons of wisdom are suppose to be synthesized with others.  Feeling the power of Wanka Tanka, while being emotionally damaged by the holocaust, most people think their single holon of wisdom is all they need to be doing.  However, even these connected people are still mostly trapped by the limited perspective brainwashing.  To fulfill their mission they MUST synthesize with others who have other small holons of Wanka Tanka.    However, for many their single holon has become so good to them that they see no need to synthesize with others.  Many are doing brilliant things in the world. But if they are not doing these things in community, living it on a daily basis, they are merely spiritually masturbating.  They have become addicted to spiritual maturation. However, it is impossible to create heaven on a foundation of hell and without synthesis and community there is hell.  Synthesis MUST be the path for our holons to bring forth our unique genius to the world.

Using our genius holon gift, in a solo manner, to deliver greatness to the world is merely ego, fear and the equivalent of spiritual masturbation.  It feels good but we aren’t really doing anything—we’re not co-creating.  In a reality where we are supposed to be in deep love with all holons (Wanka Tanka) we squander our unique genius gifts in, missing the opportunity to accomplish our soul’s unique genius.  Most of the people accessing Wanka Tanka and tapping their unique genius, are typically repelled by the idea of bringing their holon together with others in synthesis.  In fact most are to some degree repelled by the idea of communal tribal living as their ancestors did.

Alone we can do little with these holons to accomplish our soul’s hidden agenda, nor to help in the effort to return the world to balance.  Alone we are merely shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.  It may appear that we are getting things accomplished as we go solo and use our holon talents to do things: make money, teach people, travel, share our art, etc.  However, working alone, all of our efforts are in vein because we each are coming from the fragmentation and limited paradigm worldview. When we are “doing the right things the wrong way” we will not get the results we desire.  It does not matter how brilliant any one individual is, or how much fame one can attain with one’s holon or how much money one can make alone with his/her holon.  The natural way of humanity is family and community.

We have been brainwashed to be very content in our Matrix bubble and repulsed and fearful of synthesizing with others communally. We are obsessed with our own holon as a stand-alone thing.  It feels good to be alone with our holon.  We have become incestuously addicted to being within our bubble focused on our own holon. We become bored when there is talk about synthesis and community, as we intently focus on our holon as though it is the whole of Wanka Tanka. In addition if we are still getting our needs met via the Matrix killing machine we are murdering and directly helping the killing system.  Thus we must shift to synthesis based community living with all deliberate speed.
De-colonizing and Undomesticating Ourselves:
There are Indigenous people coming together to build communities and de-colonize and undomesticate ourselves and to begin a process of helping to return the world to the synthesis worldview through community.  A small group of committed people can have a massive impact if they are committed, focused, united and they are going with the flow of massive social trends.  We are working to be in alignment with massive and unstoppable social and spiritual forces today.

It does not matter how big and powerful the Matrix is. It is and will collapse of its own weight. What we have to do is build and build and remember and wake up people and recruit and unite. We each have a role to play in this shift.  We each have been given genius holons to be synthesized to help in this effort and this effort is also part of our soul’s hidden agenda.

Together, through the communal oneness system, we can help return the world to balance and accomplish our soul’s hidden agenda.  Please see the article on Synthesis and Coming Back to Communal Living: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Indignet/doc/235395843187071/

When it comes down to it the difference between synthesis living and ego living, the difference is how we get our living needs met.  The question before you is how can you best get your living needs met and serve your soul’s hidden agenda:

A circle of family and friends, the way our ancestors have for tens of thousands of years with people who love and care about you and through family and community.

Or via strangers who are focused solely on getting their own needs met through a win/lose system that rapes and murders the Indigenous World, where the more you lose the more they win and vise-versa.  And the more you and they win in that system the more Mother Earth and the Indigenous World looses.

The Obstacles we Face:
The main obstacle to people coming to community is our brainwashing against synthesis, community and unity.  We must first acknowledge our aversion to and fear of community and synthesis.  This fear was intentionally placed in our hearts for control, domestication and extermination purposes.  Then we must make a commitment to return to community and synthesis.  Last we can get into the details of overcoming whatever obstacles stand in our way.

Do we Real Care?
The question is do we care enough about the murder and pain that we are causing in the world, to be willing to get our hands dirty and struggle to end it.  Do we really care that we have the power to help avert billions of horrid deaths and untolled pain and suffering and prevent the extermination of Indigenous life on the planet.  Or are we so obsessed with soul masturbating with our holon.  Do we care enough to do what is necessary so that we are not the modern day Columbus and Plantation owners?  The problem in the world is not hate.  The problem in the world is the lack of caring. . . the lack of love because we have been emotionally damaged with fragmented thought and do not see our oneness and thus we do not care.

Drama and Hard Times but What’s the Choice
Yes coming to community there will be drama and hard times.  There is no word to describe what we have been through because it is so massive–genocide and holocaust are words to small to describe our experience.  Perhaps domestication describes it best.  But nobody gets the horrors of domestication and how evil it is.  We all have tremendous emotional damage that we have to work through and heal.  Our DNA has been altered through artificial selection.  Our worldview and reality has been altered.  So of course it will be difficult.  Virtually everything that we know about living in this world today is evil because it is all based upon fragmentation.

But what is the option?  To continue being a murder, rapist and thief and exterminator of the Indigenous World, while we talk, sing, write, protest and draw about peace and love.  Faith without works is dead.  We must begin living and not merely talking a good game.  “Knowledge in your head that does not produce movement in your feet is wasted information.”

Come Join Us:
So come join us and help the world return to balance. We have plans to help you make the transition.

By Brown Continent


March 2012







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