A Challenge to ALL Liberation Strategists

The common underlying assumption by the vast majority of “woke” Black or Brown people is that our liberation is unattainable therefore, “I am free to put forth any kind of half baked ideas or that cross my mind and makes me feel good or smart whenever I desire” no matter that it has no chance of success or that it could set us back.  Of course no woke person will ever admit that they do not see any hope but their ideas, with zero chance of working, reflect this.

What if I told you that we could attain our liberty and end white supreamnacy in a few years if all POC were to get behind one good and capable plan. What if I told you there are people of color who have complete and capable plans that can deliver our people into safety and liberty and return our land to us in short order, but your half baked ideas undermind these plans.

What if i told you there is more than one plan that will work.  But what if I told you that these plans cannot be mixed and matched and that the thousands of directions that woke peopke are going all at the same time actually work against these plans..  What will work has to be one complete whole coherent plan.

What if i told you that it is impossible to win our liberty as long as we are fragmented with 100 million Brown people all in conflict with each other over hundreds of micro details.

What if i told you that the white man is no longer our primary enemy but we have become our own primary enemy with our thousands of stubborn ego ideas. Today what is more important to us than safety or liberty is our ego, our ideas and being right.  This means you are a white supremacist puppet with your strings being pulled by white people. This was planned for you by white people as part of being in the sunken place so that you could never attain your liberty.

” The indian must be imbued with the exalting egotism of American civilization so that he will say ‘I’ rather than ‘we’ and ‘this is mine’ instead of ‘this is oursi  J.D.C. Atkins, commissioner of Indian Affairs 1866

What if i told you that in order for you to attain your libberty and safety you will have to sumbint your ego. And in order for one of these plans to work all POC will have to get behind and support one whole plan including areas you don’t agree with.  What if I told you if we don’t all get behind the one plan there will be a holocaust that will kill tens of millions of Brown People in America because our numbers threathen white supremacy in America.

This is a challenge to all POC in America.

It is time to put up or shut up.  If you think your ideas are good enough to 1: provide liberty to POC in the USA and then America in reasonably short order, 2: provide safety for POC and 3) deliver our land back to us, then we ask you to document and submit your plan in writing.

We are asking all individuals or teams with bright ideas or plans to put together your complete and comprehensive plan.  We then put these plan to a vote.  All POC in the USA get a vote. And the plan with most votes wins and all people of color get behind that one whole plan.

Unless you are willing to put together a complete plan or work with a group putting together a complete plan you must keep your mouth shut publically.  Because all you are doing is creating confusion with all of your incoherent, half baked ideas, sabatoging the efforts of our people and helping to keep us in bondage.  Sure give input in private but stop sabotaging plans that will work to achieve our common objective with public undermining.

For those who say but you are limiting free speech where did you get your ideas on “free speech”? The bottom line is not everyone can run a company. Not everyone can lead one out of a jungle. Not everyone can repair a jet engine. Not everyone can engineer a car. Not everyone can perform brain surgery. If you were having brain surgery do you think each person on FB should be able to give “free speech” input on your brain surgery and be able to jump in at any point they desire and start cutting on your brain? Or would you rather have the EXPERT team of doctors make ALL of the decisions and doing all of the cutting.

A war or liberation is just as complex as brain surgery with far greater and more deadly consequences.  Some of our people think every FB user should have a say on in the STRATEGIC plan for liberation, safety of our people and reclaiming our land. Name one winner of a war or one business or one movement where each soldier had freedom of expression and action.

If you want input join or start a movement and give your input but once the plan is agreed upon by people of color stand down and get behind the POC plan.  Unity is job one


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