A Dire Warning From one White Man

Below is one white man’s warning regarding white people.   It is a warning that we must heed or we will lose our war against white supremacy in America.

In order for us to win against white supremacy in America will require a very complex multi-faceted strategy.  Yes we will soon out number them.  Many think we can win through violence and/or sabatoge of the white system.  This is too simple minded and will not work.   We must peacefully and strategically take over take over their out of control system, like you would take control of a speeding out of control car, and convert it into something human.

Our only way out is to a plan such as, The Brown Continent Plan for Liberation, Safety and Reclaiming ALL of our Land.  This plan is pinned at the top of the Brown Continent page

I know william Barrs account below to be true based upon the emperical evidence in the world and my 70 years of experience interacting closely with white people.

Whites have been warring in European Tribes since Sumer and Babylon were Cities upon this earth over 2000 years ago they fractured into two peoples that of the Iranians and those that traveled east into Europe, they fought one another as the Tribes broke from one another when they became too large to control by one person!!

If you think they are scared of you, Brother you better think again!!! The much later years and only about 800 years ago the Saxons fought the Angelo’s later they became the Angelo Saxons, the French fought the Spanish, yes Spanish Europeans, and they United the Vikings fought everyone, The Scottish, The Irish all Pagans fighting each other in battles that would make you sorely sick to your very essence, ripping each others guts out and still fighting all fighting one another, everything from sword to bare hands ripping arms legs, heads off of one another White on White!!!!

The Vikings taking over the North, they were called Berserkers because they killed bears with their bare hands and ate the heart to give them the Power of the bear and they ate the hearts of their enemies to gain the knowledge of their enemies to learn how better to kill one another then they sewed the skins together with the skin of their Human enemies into a shirt they wore into battle, you may think that the White man is some nabby Pamby loser, but man all you have to really do it go to some backwoods Country bar and watch them try to kill each other and then when one is so badly beaten, teeth knocked completely out of his head, nose broken off, fingers and thumbs especially thumbs broken off later pulled out and splinted back in place making them even stronger for the next fight, same with the noses, nose now so big you would think they were Trolls or Goblins, then the other one picks him back up and pours him a drink and forces it down his throat and he is revived like there was no fight whatsoever, ready to go again!!!

That’s the people that Came from the Vikings and mixed in with all White people, people thought the Aztec and Mayans were a Warring people they ain’t seen nothing like a Viking descendant fight just for fun!!! You see I know these White People, I know Brown and Red people.

My Mother is indigenous, genetics gave me my Fathers looks and he is all of those races I just mentioned all rolled into one person and it didn’t make a damn what color the person was on the receiving end of his bare hands nor how big they were I watched him take down giants of men, his theory the bigger they are the harder they fall, watched him tear a man’s arm clean off his body, made me sick to my guts a huge man, my Dad scared the Hell and all out of me.

My mother on the other hand a quiet caring nurturing spirit who loved the animals an Indigenous Woman with the blood of Warriors flowing through her veins that of the Tuckahoe and Cherokee only one in her family a swiss man 4 generations back in her line gives her any Whiteness.

My cousins to Male Indigenous fathers and White Caucasian Women only looking Indigenous as the Half indigenous Peoples. All the females of my Mothers indigenous family married White Caucasian men all Blonde hair and Blue eyes of the Viking Men. They all looking like I what we call passers!!! Yet all half and holding onto the Governments ONE DROP law.

Sorry to tell you Brown does not last long in a White world, they too become White looking, yet still the Indigenous of the World!! You place my Cousins and I together and you would think we came from two totally different races, yet we are family and family comes first before any RACE, all Children of God or the Great Spirit However you call it HIM!!!

Numbers did not aid the English of the past the Vikings took them out 100 to 1, numbers are a Trojan Horse!!! You go for the Numbers they go for the Power of the mind!!! They have learned WAR like you learn your name!!!! They have books upon books that show every battle ever fought in history clear back as far as the Sumerian and Babylonian Culture.

Do not be deceived by numbers!!! You will lose every time, then you add to that the Yellow mans knowledge of WAR and they Thrive on that as well. The White man is the lowest number in all the world, yet he is the most powerful of all the Races it is not by luck or just a good fight. He has honed the ART OF WAR!!!”

It is strongly recommend that every Brown person watch the full documentary The Dark Ages:  Here is a clip:


Do not blow off the warning of William Barr.  It can mean the difference between life and death of you and your children in the coming two decades.  When I went from an all Brown school to an all White school in the fourth grade I learn what William above is saying was true.  It was like I had been thrown into an alien world where beings got a thrill from watching the suffer of others.  They were hard, tough, country boys that seem to feel no pain.  If we are to win over white supremacy numbers alone will not do it.

It will take a very intelligent carefully honed strategic plan.  We can win but we have two main enemies 1) the white deplorables 2) our selves: our complacency, our lack of planning, our over confidence, our lazyiness in preparing for the coming holocaust, our non-grounded conspiracy theories, our super woke people who are so woke that they are working against their own self interest.  We must heed the advice of Many Horses.

We can win only with a multifaceted strategy.  The Brown Continent Plan for Liberation, Safety and Reclaiming ALL of our Land.  https://browncontinent.com/the-brown-continent-plan-for-liberation-safety-and-reclaiming-all-of-our-land/

The White man’s kryponite is communications, awareness, oneness, light, knowledge, wisdom. And this is why we have the tools to win using information technology to expose to the world who they are and what they are doing unfiltered.  As long as they can operate in the dark and in chaos they shall win.  The problem with super woke Brown people is they help to sow the seeds of confusion that provide fertile ground for white supremacy to thrive.



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