Atrocities done towards native americans

Are You Preparing for the Worse–Danger Potential War and Holocaust Ahead

We Brown people in the Western Hemisphere are in grave danger and nobody is coming to save us. The good news is that we have everything that we need to save ourselves. The bad news is that we are mostly asleep and unaware of the danger of that we are in. We do not comprehend the power, motives nor depths of evil of the Wasicu. We are being hunted and we don’t even know it. We are in a war for the lives of our children and do not know it. We are on a verge of a second American holocaust of greater magnitude than the first and we don’t even know it.
We 100% rely on whatever systems of safety and security created for us by the Wasicu. Though we don’t trust them we feel very comfortable and secure with their safety systems–wrapping ourselves in their systems like a warm blanket protecting our families–jobs, money, schools, knowledge, houses, cars, etc. Thus we make no effort to organize and create our own safety and security systems.
We at Brown Continent have been warning and preparing for 30 years.  Now things are becoming so clear that even a fool can see the danger ahead.  But what are you doing?  Are you doing anything to prepare? As things continue to deteriorate what are your plans for food, shelter, protection, safety, family in case it gets really bad?  Are you the deer in the headlight waiting for the hit? Are you waiting for the barbarians to be at your door before you get off your lazy ass.  By then it will be too late. Only a fool puts his family’s safely and security into the hands of his enemy. Since 1492, history has shown over and over and over again that it is a grave mistake for Brown people put their safety and security in the hands of the Wasicu.
Though we are not aware that we are in a war, our opponent is very aware and planning our demise and this is why we have the rise of Trumparcy and the shift away from democracy towards authoritarian minority rule. And Trumparcy is supported by the majority of Wasicu (117 million out if 200 million white people). It is no accident that Trumparcy is on the rise at this point in time. Trumparcy is on the rise because they are being overrun by our Brown majority on our Brown Continent.  The graph below shows why they are losing their violent minds.
They made their home on a majority Brown Continent and they will lose all that they have stolen in the past 528 years on our land unless they reduce our population by tens of millions.
Trump already has thousands of Natives in concentration camps, has kidnapped thousands of Native children from their parents, has unleashed his white supremacist goons on a killing spree of Brown people arcoss the USA with white supremacist cops and thugs.  He has committed crimes against humanity, has violated the constitution, has conspired with USA foreign enemies and continues to gain white supremacy power. We are one Donald Trump signature away from being under martial law and 100% of our rights taken away. And yet we make no effort to build our own safety nets. Wake up people.
You need to start serious planning NOW:
  1. Vote Blue – we must ally to take the levers of power away from the hard core barbarians and thugs.  In 20 years we Brown people can hold the majority of offices and will be evolving the system away from white supremacy.
  2. If things do go badly what do you do?  Do you stay and defend your home?  What if it is over run?
  3. Where will you get food if things get bad enough that there is no food in the stores?
  4. Do you move to the country where you can grow food and band with extended family for protection?.
  5. Do you relocate to an area where you and other allies can defend yourselves?
  6. Do you leave the country?
  7. If the electricity goes out how will you stay warm?
  8. If you are KIA what happens to your children?

You say that cannot happen here, this is America.  So you really are a truster of white people that they will take care of you.  You really do trust their system.  That makes you a fool!!

Start planning today.

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