Brown Continent Plan for Liberation and Getting All of Our Land Back

The mission of Brown Continent is to get 100% of stolen Native land back under the control and direction of Native people and to return our Native people to the loving, peaceful, natural, sustainable, balanced, spiritual, family centered, non polluting Indigenous Ways of living of our ancestors.  This includes ALL of the USA land mass and all of the Americas.  And to help lead and return the world to living this peaceful and natural way of life that our ancestors were living and that human were intended to live, before devils schemed to destroy that worldwide and exterminate the indigenous world all for selfishness, greed and ego.  The core of the Brown Continent plan is the advice of our ancestor Many Horses.

“I will follow the white man’s trail. I will make him my friend, but I will not bend my back to his burdens. I will be cunning as a coyote. I will ask him to help me understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children, and their children. The Great Spirit has shown me – a day will come when they will outrun the white man in his own shoes.” Many Horses

  1. Brown people are becoming the majority in the United States. This trend will continue until white people are small minority by the end of the century. We live in a system of majority rule democracy, thus the Brown Continent plan is to use democracy, voting and all of the white man’s systems, as Many Horses tell us, to reclaim our homeland. It is only a matter of time before Brown people dominate in the USA unless there is an intentional and successful extermination effort by White people.

    Nearly 70 years ago, when I was a boy, it was unthinkable that the USA was anything but white land with white people being over 90% of the population. I never thought it was possible that within a few decades they would become a minority, on their way to being a small powerless minority in a few more decades. I could not even consider that one day Natives would again become majority. How, did this miracle happen directly in front of everyone without anyone seeing it? The prophecies are coming true. Brown Continent

  2. Use the white supremacists systems, created for white people by white people, to institute a full peaceful, democratic coup to take over these systems and then use them to reclaim our homeland.
  3. Keep majority rule democracy in place and strengthen it as Brown people become the majority by the year 2043.  White people will attempt to end majority rule democracy in favor of minority rule autocracy, as we saw with the Trump movement from 2016 through 2020 and as we predicted for the past 10 years.  Confront this at every opportunity, using the White Mans systems, such as the USA constitution, democracy, the court system, free speech, voting and all of their teachings.
  4. Use the white people’s constitution and system of democracy, as Many Horses tells us, to take over the USA levers of power at all levels: national, state and local.
  5. Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote.  Register other people of color to vote.  Join organizations promoting Brown people voting and registering to vote.  Vote blue no matter who as we work to tske over and dominate the democratic party,, including voting for a racist like Biden. Always pick the lesser of two evils.  Be grounded and practical.  If you were in slavery times and you had the choice between two slave owners and one was sadistic, killed and raped slave children, tortured slaves for fun, separated and sold slave children and the other was kind, considerate, fair within the bounds of slavery, looked out for the safety of his slaves, never separated children from parents which one would you chose? Everyone would chose the second option.  Today since people are protected by the white surpremacist system they can afford to be theoritical, purist and detached.  But we must stay grounded if we are to get our liberty and our land back. Create a mass voting movement especially among Spanish speaking Natives.  Black people are already pulling their load and Native and not.  Spread the word for voting and this plan.  Voting and registering does not sound as dramatic and revolutionary as some people would like but all that matters is reclaiming our terrorist.  And it can be done without violence using this plan.
  6. Continue to take over the democratic party until Brown people dominate and control the party–a full peaceful, democratic coup.  The republican party will collapse or devolve into something else–perhaps violent.  Their population numbers are too low to sustain over the next 5, 10 to 15 years.
  7. Do not allow any of the states to withdraw from the USA with succession efforts.  Just as has been done for over 200 years, force them to stay within the union.  White majority states will attempt to do break away and form their own white nation on our stolen Native land.  White people will flock to the states with larger white populations and try to break away from the Brown USA. The USA must be held together as a whole so that we get all of our land back as a whole.  As we gain control of the levers of power, use the USA MILITARY might to force these states to stay in the union, just as Abraham Lincoln did in 1860.  If they want a white country they can go to Russia or go to hell but they cannot have it on Native land.
  8. Mobilize in states where Brown people already are the majority and take control of those states using the USA democratic system of voting: CA, TX, NM, etc.  In those states Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote.  Register other people of color to vote.  Join organizations promoting Brown people voting and registering to vote.  Create a mass voting movement especially among Spanish speaking Natives.  Black people are pulling their load and Natives are not as explained below.  In CA Natives are the majority and jet they have NEVER elected a Native senator to the USA Congress.
  9. Many of our Spanish speaking Native men only care about good jobs and work. And as long as the white man provides them with this they see no point in voting or removing white supremacy and thus they are embracing it.  The cows in the farmers pasture have the same dumb thinking–“I am for him since he is feeding me and taking care of me.” Stupid slave thinking.  This is why 30+ percent of Spanish speaking Natives voted for the Trump movement and their own extermination efforts. And this is why Spanish speaking Natives have the lowest voting turn out of all races by double digits.  Native ladies, native wives, native mothers beat their asses and force them to vote and vote democrat.  The democratic party is not our end goal.  We are taking it over and using it to get our liberty and to get our land back.  We must have that other 30% of Spanish speaking Natives voting with other people of color.  Black people are voting over 90% against white supremacy.  Natives you have got to pull your weight and stop being free loaders living off of other people’s hard efforts.
  10. Mobilize and organize against white supremacy efforts of voter suppression as Stacy Abrams did in Georgia.  Do this in every state.  As white people become a smaller minority, and lose more power, they will become more desperate.  The Trump election, movement and insurrection is just the beginning of their fight. And they will use every means available including violence, mass murder, holocaust, torture, terrorism and everything at their disposal to prevent from losing all that they have stolen on Native land.   They lost the Trump round but will not give up.
  11. We are using information technology to spread the word to the world of what is occurring.  As King and Gandi showed us they cannot execute their desires of mass murder and terrorism when the world is watching.  We are using advanced IT in all formats to increase the communications and spotlight on the situation.  Currently they are winning the info wars as hardly anyone world wide understands that Natives are the majority and the border issue is a Native rights issue.  The white have falsely made it an “illegal immigration” issue.
  12. Part of the white supremacist genocide of Native people was to steal our identity.  If there are no more natives then the land is free for them to take.  The majority of Natives in the USA have been falsely mislabeled racially as Hispanic and Latino.  The BC plan is to awaken our people and get them to reclaim our Native identity so that we can reclaim what is ours on our homeland.  With these fake labels they have made us aliens in our own homeland.  Visit our FB page Identify Native to help awaken our people. 
  13. We continually confront the apartheid border issue.  Apartheid borders have been used to control Natives and dispossess us of our Native land since 1492.  In 1712 for example White people made it illegal for Saponi natives to be north of the James River in Virginia without papers or being accompanied by a white man.  By 1830 it was illegal for any Native to be east of the Mississippi.  Later reservations became the borders and it was illegal for Natives to cross the reservation borders.  Eventually the Rio Grande River became the border that Natives were not allowed to cross.  Today the vast majority of the 660 million Natives on the continent reside south of Rio Grande River apartheid border.  That border now serves the purpose of keeping Natives out and white people in power on a section of a majority Native continent.

    As brown we become the majority in the USA it is critical to remove the apartheid border and allow the free flow of Natives on Native land.  This is the critical component to Natives getting our land back.  When the apartheid border falls the population of Natives in the USA will balance out with the rest of the continent and the Native population in the USA will be over 70%.  This will be the final straw that breaks white people’s power in the USA.  It will cause an exodus of white people just as happened in South Africa after Apartheid ended.  This will cause a further shift power to Natives and hastening the return of our land.
  14. Buy land and move from the city.  Talk your extended family into moving.  Bring them along slowly.  Develop an extended family community plan for your family.  Begin growing your own food, community schooling your children, building your own housing naturally, producing your own electricity, building your own internet business.  Detach from the Western systems one step at a time.  These systems are exterminating the Indigenous World and our souls.  Develop a sustainability and survival plan for you and your family/community.  See what we are doing
  15. The vast majority of Natives in the USA do not identify as Native and do not know their tribal identity.  The definition of a tribe is an extended family living interdependently. Do your best research using the tools that we have at Brown Continent and talking to family elders and make your claim as to who your family is.  Do not listen to any external critiques from white people or even other Natives or tribes.  The white people have established a system for Natives to keep other Natives from identifying as Native so that our numbers stay low so that white people maintain possession of our Native land.  Your extended family is your business and your business ONLY.  Nobody outside of your family has any say in who you are or what you call yourself.  Also NO tribe has a monopoly on any tribal name.  Our ancestors had many offspring and just because one leg of that off spring continued using or started using that name first does not mean their aren’t dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others with the right to use his or her ancestors name.  Your extended family is your business and your business ONLY.  Nobody else has anything to do with your internal family business.  Who can deny that Native people living interdependently in extended family units, practicing their Native ways are not Native.  Identify as your family/tribe and stick with it.
  16. Protect yourself and your family, extended family, community and tribe against violence and the terrorism that the white people will try.  Develop a defense and protection plan for your family and community.
  17. Relearn your language and teach your children.  Learn the history of your people.  Relearn the songs, dances, foods and customs of your people.  The white people tried to exterminate all of this so that we would forever be lost without an identity so that they can maintain possession of our homelands.
  18. Heal from the holocaust of the past 500+ years.  They intentionally infected us with their virus of ego in order to neuter us from our soul.  Relearn your Native ceremonies.  Practice your native ceremonies.  Make them part of your daily living.  Relearn your Native spirituality.  Become one with Mother Earth and abandon the ego of the white man.  Ego is the core of white supremacy.
  19. Learn and understand the Nature of white people, who they are and where science says they came from.  Without understanding this you will always miscalculate and they will manipulate you.  They are not normal humans.  Read our Wasicu Studies page and our book The Origin and Nature of the Wasicu
  20. White people’s only possible successful move to hold onto our stolen land is to reduce our population.  We have evaluated all possible moves that they could make and they have no other move with any degree of potential success.  Violence, terrorism, war will only bring down the might of “our” USA federal government upon them as happened in the 1960’s and the 2020 election.  Even if they killed thousands of Brown people through terrorism, as Trump allowed by not managing the Covid pandemic, it does not affect our voting/election/political power to any significant degree. Their only play is an artificially created virus that reduces the fertility of Brown people or directly kills Brown people.  Depending on the how much they lower the fertility they could become the majority on the continent in one generation.  Currently the continent is 67% Native and 27% White and this is what creates the border problem that the whites fear so much.  People who see this as far fetched must recall that they stole all of the American continent (North and South) with a virus, germ warfare and a hand full white thieves.  And now they are a lot smarter with viruses and they have far more to lose having invest 500+ years and their egos and identities in our land.  To their core they now believe it is their land.We must take viruses very seriously and not play Trumptard conspiracy theory games with them.  We must use every precaution available to us.  We must develop norms, such as mask wearing and be prepared to live by those norms for decades.  Building our communities is our best protection where we can keep our families isolated from the larger population as much as we need to and when we need to.  We must embrace wearing masks and washing hands frequently and all other precautions.  We must raise our children to be very aware of what they are touching.  Unlike Covid a virus that affect the fertility of Brown people could spread through the entire population before anyone even knows that it exist.  So it is not enough to begin taking precautions once a pandemic starts. We must put white people on notice that we are aware that they are going to try this and let the world know.  And we must remember it only takes one person or a small team of white supremacists to do this.  They don’t have to get 100 or a 1,000 or a million or a ten million white people to agree.  One evil white person working alone and telling nobody what he or she is going could pull this off.  We must have our children go to school and get degrees in micro biology and genetic engineering so that we know what is going on in those fields and we can develop the vaccines.  Again, what did Many Horses tell us to do?  Use their systems and out run them in their own shoes.We must monitor the macro fertility rates of Brown populations on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  We must educate our people and children not to fear vaccines.  Vaccines may be the one thing that save us and return our land to us.  We must keep in mind that the white person is a devil, as shown factually and via science in our book, The Origin and Nature of the Wasicu as we have shown using their logic and science.  Devils are very smart and clever.  It is very difficult to out out maneuver them.  In regards to the conspiracy theorists fears regarding vaccines, what if the white people are using reverse physiology and they don’t want us to take vaccines, so they trick us into thinking that the vaccines have some evil stuff in them. Think chess not checkers with devils.  Bottom line is that we must stay grounded and not get hysterical with flighty conspiracy theories.  We are at war and wars have risks.  And the least risk is the grounded science with Brown people in leadership making and supervising the vaccines.If they wanted to get substances in our bodies, as the conspiracies theorists are so afraid of, they are already doing that through the foods that we eat, the air and water that we consume.  And we are paying and volunteering to get these artificial substances in our bodies.  They don’t need a special vaccine where one has to consent to an injection–logic 101.  In this war we have no choice but to embrace vaccines.  The key is to get brown people, our family and allies, in charge of and working to create these vaccines.
  21. Join our system of Native to Native recognition.  Get your family or community recognized by other Native communities and people and recognize other Native people.  As the land comes back to our people it will come back to the Native tribes and communities that exist.  This is one reason that you want to be organizing your family and tribe.  White people will try to get recognition via our Native to Native recognition system.  If you recognized them they will have rights to Native land as the land is returned to us.  Whether or not one is native is very simple.  It is science and common sense.  Read the article:
    Who is Native and Who is Not!!
  22. As we gain power, because of our population and democracy, teach our children that this is our land and it must come back to Native people.  Teach them to never settle for anything less than 100% of our land coming back to us and that in their and their children’s and grandchildren’s life time they will have the power to reclaim our territories via majority rule democracy.  Now that you have purchased land and your Native tribe (your extended family) is living interdependently on that land, as Native people, you have the right to reclaim your tribes section of Native land that was stolen from you.  In three generations your extended family, your tribe will have grown by hundreds or thousands.  You will have political and economic power.  Drill it into your children’s heads to reclaim your land.
  23. Teach our people to avoid conspiracy theories and stay grounded for practical strategies.  Devils are very smart, clever and cunning.  The vast majority of the many layers and dimensions of traps that they have us in are built into the system of our daily lives.  They forced us our of our Indigenous systems of living and into theirs.  They don’t have to do the simple minded thing that most conspiracy theorists believe.  For example chem trails.  This is so simple minded it is unbelievable that any of our people fall for such simple mindedness.  The chem trails CTs basically say that there are airplanes flying continually putting chemicals in the air to do various things to us humans.  The problem with this theory is that everything that each of us is doing each day produces a chemical trail that is exterminating the Indigenous World including alternating our DNA and further domesticating us.  Driving a car, cooking a meal, flushing a toilet, sending a text message, purchasing a product, flicking a light switch all produce chem trails.  There is no need to have a massive trillion dollar global program to get chemicals into your body when you are paying to ingest their chemicals each day.  A core principle of the domestication process of the Wasicu is killing two birds with one stone.  The Wasicu has created a system which with each interaction makes him wealthy, while polluting and exterminating the indigenous world, while domesticating humans, while addicting humans to the Wasicu system, while creating his artificial world that he/she desires.  It all works together.  The common mistake that CT makes is underestimating the cunning, complexity and intelligence of the Wasicu. It is quite simple minded to think that the Wasicu creates programs with the single intent and the Wasicu is counting on us being simple minded.The main problem with CTs is that prevent us from being grounded and plotting sound, logical, practical plans that will enable us to .  Since CT are not grounded in anything logical they keep us chasing our tails in a smug “wokeness” fog.  We think we are seeing clearly than those sleeping dummies when all we are seeing is fog.  CTs are not in keeping with the advice given to us by Ancestor Many Horses.


  • More to come

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  1. Luis Espino

    I for one support you! Since I have learned how they did this on purpose all of it to try and hide our true identity!! Their science will set many of us free who were lost! Like me , DNA saved me. I am not Mexican but Native . My loyalty lies with my people not Mexico or the US any longer!! There war against us has not stopped for 500 years

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