Donald Trump – Exposing the Nature of the Wasicu

Donald Trump has done the world a favor. White people, as a collective do massive evil daily but it is hidden in the systems they create, while they project a peaceful innocent front of love, caring and peace.  Trump has pulled back the curtain and exposed to the world the true collective nature of white people–selfish, greedy, lying, remorseless, cheating, stealing, murdering, conning, soulless con-artists presenting themselves as the most legitimate, the most righteous, the most peaceful, the most spiritual, the most civilized and the most deserving.

This article connects the dots for you.  Using white peoples own actions and words it shows how collectively white people,  as a whole, have the exact same psychopathic nature as Trump.  He is not an anomaly.  Hillary, it is more than a basket of deplorables.  It in the majority of white people.

Their Trump nature can be shown most recently with the colonization of people of color worldwide starting in with the 1493 Papal Bull decree.  This includes the invasion of the Americas starting in 1492 with the holocaust, genocide and enslavement of Native and Black people.  No other people in the world has ever anything remotely close to what white people have done in the pass 528 years.  They are in the league all to themselves.

What we are stating in this article are just facts.  They are not biased facts, nor euphemized facts, nor harsh facts.  They are just facts.  White people will respond to this article with claims of racism but this further proves our point that Donald Trump is showing the world who white people are. Attacking the source that is exposing psycopathy is exactly what Donald Trump would do.

Donald Trump has been clinically diagnosed as a sociopath and psychopath by many professionals in the medical field including his own niece Dr. Mary Trump who holds a Ph.D. in psychological studies.

In 2016 59% of white people voted for Trump.  With Trump being a psychopath what does this say about the people who voted for him?  Simple logic tells us that only another psychopath would vote for a psychopath.  Those people knew at the time that Trump’s number one message was keeping America white by any means necessay.  And they knowingly elected a psychopath because that is how badly they wanted to keep America white.

But perhaps one could give some of them the benefit of the doubt.   However, on July 17th 2020 49% of white people, in the USA, polled that they would again vote for Trump in 2020, and 42% said they would vote for Biden.  After all that Trump has done to hurt Brown people and after he has been clinically dianosed as a psychopath, still the MAJORITY of white people still want him as peesident.  As a collective whole this again tells us that white people are collectively psychopaths since absolutely the only people who would vote a KNOWN psychopath are other psychopaths.

“Psychopathy is traditionally a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits. It is sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy.

What have white people been to Black people and Native people since 1492, in America, if not antisocial.  In fact one would be most honest in saying antisocial to the most extreme degrees possible when one looks at the millions of murdered and enslaved, the torture, the lynchings, the genocide and the intentional extermination of culture (names, languages, spirituality, social systems, ceremonies, etc). What could possibly be more antisocial mentally ill behavior.

Most definitely white people have had impaired empathy.  When we look at their collective behavior towards Natives and Black people since 1492 one must conclude that white people have impaired empathy to the most extreme degree posible towards Natives and Black people.  In fact there was a scientific study done a few years ago that proved this. As does the photo below:

Not only do white people have impaired empathy, they collectively take pleasure in the suffering of others.  Donald Trump has been dianosed by various people in the medical field as a sadomasochist. This is a person who enjoys inflicting physical or mental suffering on another person–one who gets pleasure from another’s suffering.  Since 1492 White people have gained pleasure from their abuse of Brown people.  As we look at old photos of murder, torture and lynchings of POC we see the look of pleasure and gratification on crowds of white peoples faces.  The fact that a hanging or lynching was a festive and family event where families would make a days of it again is proof.  Packing a lunch or picnic and taking the children to watch, experience and enjoy the murder of a Brown man or woman shows the sick mind of a sadomasochist psychopath.

Lack of Remorse.  White people in the USA have committed the most horrific genocide and holocaust in the history of the world torturing, raping and ultimately murdering 100 million Natives and enslaving and torturing millions of Black people. Collectively they have not shown remorse.  In fact the norm is to push ahead, explain away and justify their actions. There is also the norm of celebrating and memorializing this history. The norm of the past 528 years is to lie and pretend to be in denial.  Again exactly as Donald Trump would do.  And again this is psychopathic behavior.

White peoples greatest heroes in the USA are in fact some of the most evil people in the history of the world who led the greatest holocaust in human history. Yet White people have hundreds of statues and memorials to these evil people as well as holidays to celebrate and memorialize their evil actions.  This reflects not only a lack of remorse for their actions but praise and reverence for their actions.

To put in perspective, imagine Germany today having statues of Hitler and schools and memorials, statues for Eichmann, Goebbels, Himmler, Eichmann, Dietrich, Goering, Speer.  Imagine there being hundreds of statues and memorials in Germany of Nazi generals and leaders memorializing and celebrating honoring “heritage not hate.” WTF.  Yes it is a lie and thinking that only a psychopath could think. It is a bold, conning, evil lie and a psychopath con like Donald Trump would even attempt to try.

Are there any statues of Charles Manson?  I am sure, as with all humans, he did some good in his life.  But his evil actions disqualifies anyone holding him up to be memorialized or celebrated no matter what other good things he did. The only people who would seek to commemorate evil psychopaths would be other evil psychopaths.  White people collectively are psychopaths based upon their actions, values, mental state just like Donald Trump.

Just like Manson the evil actions of Columbus, Washington, Robert E Lee, Lincoln and all of the founders or fuckery are disqualified from being held in high esteem because of their evil deeds.  And the more white people attempt to hold them in high regard the more they prove the point of this article that they are collectively psychopaths.  I am sure that the parents and family of Jeffery Dolmer would like to hold him in high regard but he did evil shit and thus his family cannot.  Likewise white people you have to live with your evil shit and own it.  That is the human thing to do.  Whereas denial and justifying and is the psychopath thing to do.

The evil founders of fuckery founded a murdering, polluting, exterminating, raping country based upon all psychopaths being created equal and this psychopathy country was built upon holocaust, genocide, mass murder, terrorism and theft.  And yet, just as Donald Trump would do, White people seek to ignore all of that and put the founders of fuckery on a pedestal to be memorialized.  And like Donald Trump white people will endlessly rationalize and justify these evil peoples actions.

Recently there was a documentary by Tramine Lee of MSNBC where he interviewed white people in the South who celebrate southern Civil War generals and slave culture.  Just as one would expect from psychopaths there was ZERO remorse with any of the white people interviewed.  There were merely justifications, rationalizations and explanations for the goodness of their white ancestors.

Egotistical.  What is white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility but pure, raw, evil ego exposed for the world to see.  For 90% of the past 528 years white people, as a whole have openly bragged to the world, about themselves being the superior race the with the same nasty bluster that we see with that fat sloppy hog Donald Trump standing before his MAGA crowd.

Ego is their defining trait that precedes all others. When you attend an event and see 80,000 White Americans yelling “USA #1″ that is raw ego.  Ego is all about yourself and your status ABOVE others.  And they know they are infected with this evil disease and seek to infect the entire world with it.  ” The Indian must be imbued with the exalting egotism of American civilization so that he will say ‘I’ rather than ‘we’ and ‘this is mine’ instead of ‘this is ours’.”  J.D.C. Atkins, commissioner of Indian Affairs 1866

Dr. Mary Trumps book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man could be changed slightly to be the title of a book on the history of white people.  “Too much and never enough: how white history created the worlds most dangerous people.”  The names that brown people around world have for white people, such as the Lakota with the word Wasicu, is the equivalent of the book title above.

Since 1492 White people, as a whole entity, have operated and are operating towards people of color, with the same psychopathic traits that Donald Trump has exhibited to the world since 2016.

  • Continuous bold lying, branding, spinning of the truth with cold hard lies and manipulations intended to benefit him and them.
  • Continuous manipulation for his or their own self gain.
  • A consistent disregard for the needs, health and safety of others outside of themselves and a consistent harming of others to benefit themselves.
  • Denial of their evil and murderous  actions and the portrayal of these acts as good, necessary and righteous.
  • Being unapologetic about his and their wrong and evil actions.

Let’s look at a few of the bold in your face massive lies and manipulations that white people unrepentantly tell the world each day.

INTENTIONAL AND SUBTLE MYTH: There was no holocaust, nor genocide, nor biological terrorism, nor intentional biological extermination efforts. The American land magically cleared itself of 100 million natives to make itself available for White people as ordained by God.

TRUTH: White people inflicted the greatest holocaust in human history exterminating 70 to 100 million Natives in order to steal 25% of the world’s wealth in the Americans.

BOLD WHITE LIE: There was no American holocaust and White people did nothing wrong with slavery because everyone worldwide had slaves and not just white people. It was the norm of how the world worked since the beginning of time.

TRUTH: No, slavery was not the norm of humanity. Slavery was theft, murder, torture and psychopaths and evil and white people must own their history.  White people enslaved millions of Black people, kidnapping them from African and stealing their lives for white people own selfish white gain.

WHITE MYTH: There were no Native slaves.

TRUTH: White people enslaved millions of Natives prior to 1614 when the first Black slaves were brought to America and millions of these Native slaves were worked to death in an effort to enrich white people and exterminate the Native population so that the land was free for white people to steal.

BOLD LIE: Conquering and theft is the norm of human history and white people did nothing wrong in stealing America from Natives.  White people will say, “it was not stealing it was conquering.”  “We cannot help if the Natives were too naive, innocent and Godly to understand the debts of evil that we were doing to them.”

TRUTH: No, theft is immoral. Theft has never been the norm of any Natural Indigenous people in the history of the world.  Natives were not stealing each other’s land.  If white people as a collective believe their own words and actions of, theft is good as long as I am the one doing the stealing and can get away with it, then this again shows white people collectively to be psychopaths.  And the fact that they knowingly in possession of stolen Native land, not looking to give the land back to we Natives who are the majority, while intentionally locking the Natives in concentration camps accusing them of trespassing proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are psychopath.

INTENTIONAL LIES: The white people who discovered American, laid the foundation for what now exist are good, virtuous and great men to be put on a pedestal and admired for all of eternity.

TRUTH:  White people did not discover America.  Their founding fathers were evil men who sought gain for themselves first by building a system that puts all white people on top of all Indigenous people and at the expense of the indigenous.  Second the founding fathers were evil people who created an evil system that exterminated and exterminates the Indigenous world.

BOLD LIE: White people are the sweet, peaceful civilized people of the Earth deserving of special status over the POC of the Earth. And Brown people are violent savages as stated in the constitution of the United States, who must be violently controlled as proven for 528 years with the military and police and white citizen murders of Millions of Brown people right up to George Floyd a few weeks ago.

TRUTH: White people, who make up 15% of the global population, have inflicted more death, war, violence on the world, by orders of magnitude, than the people of color of the world.  They have through the body counts, torture and terrorism proven that they are the masters of violence and savagery on  the planet.  And Brown people who have endured the wrath of white people’s violence and terrorism are not vindictive and hateful, showing a deep soulful love at the core of their being.

BOLD HARD WHITE LIES: Spanish speaking original Brown people with 95% native DNA are immigrants and aliens criminals in America worthy of death, concentration camps and children being taken away from their parents, while English speaking blue eye white people with blonde hair with 1% native DNA are natives worthy of recognition, as Natives, of the highest degree.

TRUTH: The majority of Spanish speaking people on the American continent are Native American and they have been shamed with centuries of torture, brainwashing and socialization to deny their Native identity by white people who are practicing identity genocide in an effort to maintain control of our stolen Native land.

Bold Evil Lie:  White people through analytical thinking have brought progress to humanity with their inventions, education and fragmented thinking.

TRUTH: White people by forcing their thinking and systems of ego and analysis, on the world have exterminated thousands of species and polluted 100% of the worlds land mass and waters in the most ungodly, uncivilized way possible making them the most uncivilized of all people on the planet. This competitive now has the world on the verge of environmental Armageddon

BOLD LIE, WHITE MYTH AND INTENTIONAL BRAINWASHING: White people are the legitimate owners of the majority of land in America.  The natives magically disappeared in some historical information void and left white people as the rightful owners since all of the Natives were gone.

TRUTH: There is not one acre of land on the American continent legitimately owned by a white person.  Brown Natives are the majority population in American and we are the rightful owners of all land in America.

BOLD WHITE LIE: Natives are the smallest minority in America with less than one percent of the population. There were no Native slaves only Black slaves.

TRUTH: Natives make up 67% of the population of America and are the majority in America.

BOLD LIE: The one drop rule makes a person with one drop of black blood black, but Natives with 95% Native blood are not Native but are immigrants, illegal, aliens and criminals.

TRUTH: 90% of people south of the Apartheid border are Native.

BOLD LIE: White people discovered America – the new world.

TRUTH: Natives have inhabited the American continent for tens of thousands of years.

BOLD LIE: White people are the majority and brown people are minorities, small, insignificant.

TRUTH:  White people make up only 22% of the population of America. POC make up 78% of the population of America.

Manipulation: White people have manipulatively re-identified Native Americans as immigrants, undocumented, migrants, illegals, aliens using the fake racial classifications of Hispanics and Latino.  ALL 100% of the white people on the continent are in on the con and conspiracy in order continual illegal occupation of stolen native land and to deny Natives their birthrights.

Dr. Mary Trump says the following, “Donald is a psychologically deeply damaged man, based on his upbringing and the situation with his parents,”  White people are deeply damaged beings due to their upbringing going back thousands of years through the European Dark Ages and back to the Roman and Greek empires and before.

Donald Trump and white people collectively daily and continuously tell us that it is raining while pissing on our heads and we and the world believe them. The only way that a collective people can behave as above while flipping the script is to be psychopathy. We hear white people each day railing against the evils of Trump but like Trump you never hear them collectively speak of or act on the holocaust they inflicted upon Native people and Black people in American.

What we are stating in this article are just facts.  They are not biased facts, nor euphemized facts, nor harsh facts.  They are just facts.  White people will respond to this article with claims of racism but this further proves our point that Donald Trump is showing the world who white people are. Attacking the source that is exposing psycopathy is exactly what Donald Trump would do.







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5 Responses
  1. Ana Lugo

    Thank you Brown Continent
    This is not some feeble minded premise nor is it some silly conspiracy theory. It’s the truth that they hide. Media social engineering is a real covert very well-crafted system of control that allows the white ruling class to control the masses and targeted populations. Oppressors always secretly socializes the minds of the oppressed to think in ways that ensures that they never unify and seek retribution against their oppressors. This has been a consistent fact throughout western history.
    This psychological warfare system provides white societies with a more proficient method for controlling Brown populations. For unlike the past blatant racist systems that Chicano/Native American people were easily able to identify and therefore develop counter strategies against, this system is not easily recognized nor comprehended by many of its Brown victims.
    Many Brown people have misdiagnosed our condition as being the Stockholm syndrome.

    Our condition today is not the traditional Stockholm Syndrome! That condition causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity. According to the U.S. journal of psychiatry this condition requires that the captors and captive spend significant time together – perhaps having daily conversation. This psychological warfare program works so well in fact that it not only makes Brown people more compliant with white dominance over their lives, it in fact makes many even prefer it. It is at the root of both the profound division and self hatred now afflicting so many Chicano/Native American people and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess.

    “The oppressed will always believe the – fraudulent- worse about themselves” –Franz Fanon

    Throughout western history those empires that were brutally oppressive, fearing an eventual retribution from the oppressed, have always developed methods for controlling their minds. Furthermore, there’s an immense fear of massive unified Brown retribution and rebellion that secretly exist amongst those white nations that have benefited for many centuries through their brutal exploitation of Brown people and Native natural resources. This immense fear resulted in these white nations secretly socially engineering the minds of Brown people to think in ways that ensures that we never unify and seek retribution against them. Those of us that don’t critically think never notices their mental chains.

  2. Everything I have read so far is not only the truth but what me and my family have been saying for many years. It breaks my heart , knowing all of this and seeing it still working in 2020 . I agree with 99% of everything read so far. Most of which I have written about or taught , North Americans, Central and South American Natives for 40 years. I have been taught by elders of a few Nations , in their wisdom knew all this . Most of them passed and never met a Native south of American borders. My family Roast a Organic Coffee , the beans grown by Natives peoples in Central and South America. I myself was a teacher to Natives in America who didn’t even know about our brother and sisters to our south. Some didn’t even know that they were not the only Natives in NY State as they thought. My blood lines come from 5 of the 12 tribes of Long Island and though from the same state as them , they didn’t know we existed. That was many years ago , and it was easy , I was able to explain that all wampum that they used came from other tribes that they long forgot about. That same tribe I later taught where it was Columbus landed and who he met . Not us here in North America. I also explained how by calling us out of our right names was a plan to divide us all. Because we still out numbered them greatly. In the 1980 myself and a handful of others , filed suit against NYS DOC because there were no programs for Natives in Dept of Corrections in N Y we also explain that this includes those peoples of South and Central American doing time in NYS. That was 30 years ago and is doing very well . I was saddened that so many didn’t even know that they were Natives or did not want to be known as a Natives . Since then many man from those country’s have come to learn so much about history and who they are. It was not easy and there were many challenges on so many sides. Just getting these mixture of people to come to terms with these facts was a lot of work. I still get upset when I see powerful people call themselves Latinos or Hispanics. I get even more upset when Natives in America call them the same or worse. I is so wonderful to see a movement like this. However it’s not new, even AIM and AICH know this to be true. The battles ai have been a part of are life long now. Yet things have changed so little since the 1970s if have not gotten worse in some cases. Tribes all over our Continent are often at odds with each other, and getting them to work together is not easy. Yes much of what you speak about I have been a part of for years. So where do I go for here ?

  3. Gia Sereni

    In November 2011 I arrived in Ecuador, my place of birth, and unknowingly embarked in a 7 year soul searching quest to find my true identity. Through my lived experiences, my activism and eventually finding Brown Continent on the internet I came to understand that in fact I was proudly Native American and not the immigrant/alien turned citizen that the oppressor had convinced me that I was. Since then it has been revealed to me various times that my purpose here on earth is to be a messenger to and for my people and I am humbled by the opportunity to be of service.

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