Ending White Domination on Native Land and 100% Land Back

We are very close to getting 100% of our land back and ending white supremacy and white domination on our land. But we have a problem. Our individual actions have us headed for another 500 years of white supremacy and white domination on our land.

Out of the 60 million plus Natives in the USA there are no two individuals who agree on everything. And ALL of these 60 million people disagree on hundreds or thousands of things: Hispanic? Indian? Latinx? Native? Chicano? Republican, Democrat, Socialist, revolutionary, vote, dont vote, peaceful, violent, mask or no masks. mandates or no mandates, vaccines or no vaccines, Covid is just the flu or Covid is deadly, two wings of the same bird etc, etc, etc. However, in the modern world in order for any venture or movement to be successful or have any power there must be unity. Almost all modern organizations today get unity via authority. But on social issues almost all of our people demand individual freedom to say or believe as they please on every issue no matter how crazy, insane or lacking in evidence or logic. This means we will be divided forever, have no unity and white supremacy will continue to dominate our land and our lives indefinitely even if we are the majority on our land. All because, “I want to say what I want to say regardless” – childishness!!

The question is how much do you really want to end white supremacy, white domination, white authority on Native Land. How much do you really want liberty, justice, abundance for Native people? How passionately do you want to get 100% of our land back and end the pollution, destruction and extermination of the Indigenous World? Since we are the majority on our homeland getting 100% of our land back is very doable.  With us being the majority it all boils down to votes and voting.  If one controls the government one controls the military and violence power, guns, police forces that underpin all modern countries.  If one controls the political power one also controls the economic power since one can pass any laws desired from nationalizing all private wealth such as Chavez in Venezuela, all of the way to putting all of the counties wealth into the hands of a few oligarchs such as Putin in Russia.  In our case we would be using the democratic process to pass laws to return the land back to the tribes of the Americas and expelling the invading and thieving population.  Nobody can be allowed to benefit from INTENTIONAL EVIL genocide, INTENTIONAL EVIL holocaust, INTENTIONAL EVIL manifest destiny theft of a continent, INTENTIONAL EVIL destruction of deeply spiritual cultures, mass torture, mass rape, mass plunder, white supremacy racism.  And they did it for the benefit of their descendants, so NO!!

We will soon have the population.  All that is missing is organization and unity. But there is a catch. You must submit or repress your ego and your ideas. For most of our people they would rather live in poverty, subjugation and under white supremacy rule forever than to give up the liberty to freely say or believe whatever they desire when ever they desire. However, this is pure spoiled domesticated white supremacy hippie ego as explained here. So again the question is how badly do you want our land back and to end white domination and evil destruction on Native land?

We at Brown Continent have a plan that is virtually guaranteed to get 100% of our land back, end white supremacy and white domination on our land within a matter of decades.And then we have the opportunity to return to living the sustainable Indigenous ways of our ancestors.

The following are the steps to take for you to make this happen:

  1. Understand that the only way to only accomplish the above if we have a highly capable strategic plan that will take us all of the way. It will not happen by accident. It will not happen via prayer or ceremony. It will only happen via planning, strategy, organization and unity.
  2. Search for organizations nationwide, continent wide and worldwide with the most capable strategic plan. There are economic plans such as the one being proposed by Manuel Alvidrez which will definitely ad to the momentum of our liberation.  Our plan is here with much supporting documentation here. There are many thousands of individuals and organizations doing bits and pieces that help move things in the right direction and this is great and we need this. But nobody and no organization has a full plan that goes all of the way.  Join one of these efforts and follow the leadership of that effort.  Just as the Civil Rights movement in the sixties had a hand full of movements led by a hand full of individuals such as Dr. King, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Stokley Carmichael and others these movements together, though not necessarily harmonious, all worked to collectively push the ball forward.
  3. Understand that you will disagree with many details of our plan, however, that is the way the world works and things get done. In your job, and in society, and the government there are many things you disagree with, however, the company where you work is successful, it provides you with money to feed and support your family and you follow the rules even when you don’t agree. The government protects you, provides basic underlining services, has you living the highest living standard in the world.  You may not understand or acknowledge this but it is a fact. Today every war is won and modern venture succeeds only with individuals following hundreds of directions and mandates that they do not agree with.The question is what is more important to you your ego, your ideas, your free “hippie” expression, your purist ideals or getting our land back and real sovereignty? What is more important your ideas and expressing everything you believe or ending white supremacy and white domination on Native land? And unless you have a plan that can take us all of the way to attaining the things above, what do your individual idea matter? Then the best thing to do is to follow the direction of some group who has a capable plan that goes all of the way.And understand that the alternative to not unifying around one capable plan means by default we are unifying around white supremacy, because you are already dependent upon those default white supremacy systems whether you like it or not.  Like all modern successful organizations we don’t care about your ideas and we don’t want to hear your ideas. If you were in the war fighting Hitler in WWII do you think you would be the single general in charge of the entire war?  Do you think the general in charge would want to hear every idea from every soldier or every citizen.  The answers are no and no.  So why do you think we can win this war with you and every individual doing their own thing.  No organization can go in 60 million directions at the same time and thus giving everyone voice simply means we stay stuck with white supremacy.  We just need you following the Brown Continent plan. There is significant freedom within the boundaries of our strategic plan that you have.Yes this goes against what we write regarding synthesis being the Indigenous ways of our ancestors. However, synthesis is what we must aspire to get back to but we are not there yet. And to get there we must first get our land back and in order to do this we use the Wasicu tools as Many Horses tells us. Synthesis is one of the last steps on the journey. So please don’t be eager to tell us your opinions. Be eager to learn our plans on how we can get our land back. Be eager to learn our strategic plans.
  4. Read our plans and strategy. Decide for yourself if the plans are capable. If you decide that our plans are capable we want you to join our team.

What is involved in being part of the Brown Continent movement:

  • You must first enroll in Brown Continent University and read the articles in the defined order. We will ask you to become a communications warrior sharing the Brown Continent content on your social media.  This is a war that will be won with communications and information technology as our writings explain.
  • We ask you to use your profile or create profiles or accounts for your Brown Continent work continually sharing the Brown Continent message. We ask you to share our content on Twitter, Instagram, TicTok, Facebook and all social media making videos, memes, summarizing our articles.
  • Read our articles and cut and paste sections to make new shorter content and share on you media.
  • Using the BC content make memes and videos of your own.
  • Look back into our Brown Continent history of memes from any of our pages and share this content.
  • We ask you to push the Brown Continent message on your personal accounts also.
  • Using your platforms to mobilize the vote.
  • We ask you to abandon all conspiracy theories. They are not needed to accomplish our mission and are actually counter productive. If it is not based upon grounded fact is cannot be used strategically to get our land back.
  • Unite and ally with other people of color as explained here.

Outline of the Brown Continent Plan

  • The white people created majority rule democracy because after exterminating the Natives of the land they were the majority and it was a system that would allow them to maintain dominance on Native land forever. Today as we become the majority in the USA we can take control of the government in the USA through their democratic process. Though we are not believers in democracy any more than socialism or communism it can be a very useful tool in 100% Land Back.
  • Keep majority rule democracy intact until we are the majority and take control of all levels of government and both wings of the bird. The Magas will trying to replace democracy with minority rule dictatorship. We must stop them by being vocal with social media, protests, by contacting our political representatives, etc.
  • The plan is to take over all levels of government using the democratic process and merely vote our land back:
    • Voting,
    • Voting practical
    • Registering people to vote
    • POC running for public office
  • Keeping the magas out of power permanently and out of office by out voting them.
  • We vote democrat and for the most practical candidate. We do not vote for the purist or the idealistic candidate. We go for the short term win. We will use the democratic party to move our agenda forward, but as Many Horses said we never buy into it. It is merely a tool — a step stone on a journey. The progressive liberals are our closest allies however, we dont always vote for them, If we need to elect a more centrist democrat we will as long as we keep the Magas out of office. Time is on our side and as long as we keep majority rule democracy in tact we will have our land back in a matter of decades.
  • Awaken the 60 million Natives in the USA to their true identity of Native
  • We use the term NA
  • Use the 1% (the billionaires) and capitalism to vote power back to ourselves with our spending habits and being vocal about our spending habits to the billionaires. The 1% only care about their money. We are the new population. They only make money by catering to us. We already see the shift occurring as you seldom see a white people in commercials anymore
  • We use MSNBC as a major source of news reporting especially regarding the Magas and the minority rule movement. MSNBC is headed by a black lady and has programs such as The Cross Connection and The Reidout who are helping to lead the revolution and even Morning Joe and The Last Word who continually push back on the Magas.

What are the core tenants of the Brown Continent Movement

  • Slow incremental change one step at a time and recognizing the change as it is occurring.
  • Most of the white supremacy systems are above ground and visible for all to see. There is no need for complex conspiracy theories proportioning all kinds of hidden and secret agendas. All we have to do is beat them with their own overt systems.
  • Follow Many Horse’s Advice to learn the Wasicu ways, beat him at his own game to reclaim what is ours but never fully buying into their systems.
  • Prevent the next American Holocaust, as the white people fight to prevent from losing all that they have stolen on Native Land as explained here.
  • Wake up the 60 million Natives in America to their true identity as we are doing with our IDNative2020 page here.
  • Unite with all other groups of people of color in the USA as explained here.
  • Northern Natives must embrace and help awaken Southern Natives as explained here since Southern Natives are the vast majority and our real power base.
  • Use the term Native American or American Indian as explained here and stop using all other terms: indigenous, mestizos, Hispanic, Latino, immigrant, undocumented, illegal, alien, Chicano, Mulatto, Mexican.  We are in a communications war.  We must use the term that gets our land back and not the most accurate terms.
  • Unify millions of Native people around a core strategy.
  • Reclaim 100% of our Native Land.
  • Dis-spell all of the negative brainwashing, lies, myths, conning and propaganda use to demonize, subjugate, colonize, enslave, oppress Natives and steal our land such as Natives were a violent warring people before 1492, which is the exact opposite of the truth, as explained here and here.
  • Return to living in sustainable interdependent family communities where we can relearn our Indigenous Ways as explained here.
  • Understanding the true Nature of White people as shown our Wasicu Studies page.
  • Using information technology and strategy tie the Magas violent hands and prevent them from using violence, terrorism and genocide to maintain control of Native land.
  • Maintain clear lines of war between white supremacists and POC so that our people know which side of issues we should align ourselves.
  • Being flexible, strategic and opportunistic.
  • There are no sacred cows. Everything is on the table in order to end white dominance on Native land with the exception of the items listed below.
  • The truth must be told. When we have the votes in the USA Congress there must be a Truth and Reclamation Commission that documents the complete truth, lies, manipulation and evil of the past 500 to 600 years as defined here. We are not looking for reconciliation as South Africa did after Apartheid fell there. We are looking for them to hang their heads in shame for the evil ways they have interacted with and still interact with Mother Earth and her inhabitants as their way of being in the world.
  • Being aware that the ONLY way they can stop us from reclaiming our land is to reduce our population by hundreds of millions, on the American land mass, and the only practical way they can do that is with some individual white supremacists (not the government) creating a virus that makes brown people infertile or out right kills us.

Things that are Counter Productive and not Part of the Brown Continent Plan

  • Conspiracy theories
  • Promoting violent revolution and violence
  • Promoting Communism and Socialism

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