WHAT IS ANALYSIS? Analysis by definition is: the separation of a whole into its component parts. It is the breaking down and separating of any one thing. Analytic thinking is at the root of white people’s perception, world view, and behavior. Their analytic minds are revealed to us in their inability to connect with all of creation including her natural people of earth.

White people have analytic minds in that, their approach to living here on earth is to break things, tear them apart, in order to understand or study them. This contradicts the perception of our still-living, non-domesticated relatives. When you have the vision of our ancestors you can know that nothing can be separated from anything… AND breaking anything down into smaller components to obtain something different is an illusion becuase you’re always left with a smaller version of its greater whole.

The visual provided shows us analysis as it is applied to the atom. The atom represents a building block of the indivisible whole, something not meant to be broken. White people – Wasicu, have taken the atom (indivisible whole/creation) in their endless search for the “truth” (curious intrusive nature), only to rip it apart by ARTIFICIAL MEANS (this is important). First they hijack the position of Great Spirit “God.” They assume some privilege to exert control and power over creation, and fragment nature. In this particular process they unleash a force they may never come to comprehend completely. Yet, like spoiled undisciplined children, they use this force for deadly and destructive purposes.


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White people have yet to comprehend the forces that they are unleashing.

Native people across earth have been subjected to the effects of white people’s deadly toying around with nature. We have endured radiation poisoning and genetic diseases up to the destruction of entire ecosystems that will not be healed for centuries to come. Who is going to clean up this mess and make things right as Europeans continue unstopped on their relentless destructive behavior? We are dealing with spoiled children running a muck in every continent. They refuse to listen to the wisdom of brown people all over earth. They were repeatedly warned when they arrived on our shores about the dangers of their greed. Wherever white people set foot on earth, they were repeatedly warned by all natural people of the consequences of their behavior.

For us, analysis is hell because it is the opposite of nature “paradise” and LIFE. It is the opposite of living within the realms of nature and LIVING IN HARMONY with the cycles of the natural world. Rather than find the way to be part of the greater whole of all creation, Europeans have failed to integrate themselves into all of creation – Great Spirit/Mysterious. In their arrogance they chosoe to declare war against mother nature, all life, her natural people, and have created hell on earth in the process.


That is why we call them devils. Devils are those who devalue anything:
They have devalued her sacredness, life. It is nothing more than a lifeless concept, a non living thing to them where they can cut her up and sell her parts for their money accumilation greed sickness. They feel no connection to the source of all life, the mysterious, great spirit..

We also call the wasicu evil because they live backwards. They exist in a manner that goes against the laws of nature, the universe, the natural order, and all of creation.


EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards. Evil is living backwards: it is being contrary to the natural world and not seeking the way to be part of all creation. Lying, stealing, causing destruction, mass murder, rape, confusion, dissension, and treachery is not living naturally how the givers of life have intended us to live here. Study wetiko/white people carefully and see that everything they do is completely the reverse of how we have done things for hundreds of thousands of years. If we do not know who we are and where we come from as the natural brown people of earth we will not be able to make that distinction. Please note that the majority of us were born into the reality created by Europeans on our lands, therefore we did not know our story, our ancestral roots, and our original ties to the land. Many of us are living just like them, being poor brown/black copies of the invaders. Many of us will not wake up to the truth and many of our own will even fight us just to defend the invaders system.

White people were made for this specific purpose; to pervert and twist the intentions of hue-manity on the earth. They were grafted from original people and impregnated with a huge gap between them and soul. Soul is our connection to Great Spirit the Universe and all creation. Soul is a smaller WHOLE component of Great Spirit in our bodies that is our being. The gap they exhibit between their selves and soul is like several yards, whereas ours is not even an inch. That’s when we can say that they are literally out of touch … because they aren’t connected. This is why they separate, divide and conquer, destroy, and continue in their attempt to break the indivisible whole of nature AND murder all her creatures without blinking an eye. It is from this inability to connect to LIFE and the fact that they are the result of ARTIFICIAL SELECTION (not natural selection) that they are at war with the natural world all the while trying to replace her with their own artificial versions of what nature has provided or what all natural people have made from nature.

Languages are an essential part of our being. They reflect who we are and reveal from where we derived our words and sounds. Brown people’s languages world wide are derived from the sounds and sights of our natural environment. Indo-European languages reflect the analytic fragmented mindset as well. All Indo-European languages are analytic languages, which means they are fragmented simple-minded sounds; much like baby talk. Whereas our languages are agglutinating languages that BUILD AND COMPILE morphemes, concepts, and larger words. Who are those that build and construct in the manner of life AND who are those that break apart and attempt to destroy the weaving of Great Spirit?

This soul gap or DISCONNECT leads them to conjure foolish concepts: borders and fences; the cutting up of our mother (the land) and selling her; the notion that one can own a piece of our mother, the land; the limitless cutting and eating of WANTING her breast rather than just drinking when only NEEDING from her breast; separateness from nature; having no concept of the heartbeat of our mother earth or the pulse of the skies; and the abuse of nature, people, and the creatures as a commodity.

White people are undisciplined children running a muck. They are in fact the babies here on earth. They’ve only been here a mere 6000 years, compared to our existence of hundreds of thousands of years here white people’s is only a blink of an eye. Their so-called science even declares this.

We must become aware that today we have been infected with this mindset. Today, we help them along with the death and destruction living in their matrix. We power it like human batteries and are just as culpable as the white people. We must return to the path of our ancestors and reintroduce ourselves to all of creation in a proper manner. We must return to living with earth where our ancestors are. Our ancestors know a perception that we must remember and relearn. The earth does not need us to live, it is we who need the earth to live. Stop following the white people, they are on the path to a soulless death.

We have the ability to reconnect with creation immediately, we can do this step by step, WE CAN REMEMBER TOGETHER!


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