Benefits of Filling Out The Census Form

First of all, what else would you check other than what you are. Would a Black person check that he is a Chinese? Would a Indian from India check that he is Japanese. Well why would a Native check that he is from Spain. It is a silly question to even ask why would a Native check native on the census.
If all of a sudden the official record of the USA shows 20% of the USA population is Native American many things are going to happen:
  1. A great debate will be sparked which will open millions of our people’s eyes regarding our true identity.
  2. The invading real illegal aliens will be forced to stop calling us illegal and immigrants. How foolish will it be for a white person to call a Native American an immigrant or illegal in American. It is foolish on the face of it. 
  3. If they can no longer classify us as immigrants and illegal they will be forced to stop putting us in prisons for being on our homeland, they will be forced to stop separating Native families, they will be forced to stop taking Native children from Native families.
  4. White people currently have the moral high ground in the immigration debate because the way they have INTENTIONALLY framed the debate is this is their home and these illegal aliens are coming uninvited and unwanted. Once we are identified as Native the moral high ground shifts to Natives because the debate shifts from an immigration debate to the real issue which is an Indigenous rights and genocide issue. We are Natives on our homeland and who are these people from Europe to put us in prison or force relocate us from our homes. The white people go from being the poor victim to the vicious soulless villains putting Native babies in prison out of greed because they want to maintain possession of stolen native land.
  5. The federal government has to allocate resources based upon the census. This action ensures that we Natives get our fair share as long as their backwards system stays on our land.

Don't forget to MAIL IN your census form!

The online version doesn't allow you to select tribes that are not federally recognized by the U.S government.