Why become an Identity Advocate?

Did you really think kkkolonization was going to last forever? It’s only natural that after being subjected to the processes of invasion, colonization, and subjugation that the victims will catch on to what they were put through.

We have to admit that a huge awakening & remembering is taking place among our people. They will remember who they are. They will remember that this continent is their homeland which will set off a series of events that will lead to our people rejoining to reclaim our homeland from the European invaders.

Arm yourselves with the truth before going to war! We’re in the middle of an information war for our people. A silent war of propaganda has our people lost in a maze with no direction or identity. You can’t go into battle without the knowledge of who you are, and without the necessary protection & proper weapons.

We need YOUR help to spread the message and help further awaken our people to their true identity. They need to know that they are Not Hispanic or Latino. They need to know they are Native to this continent and are not foreigners, illegals or immigrants.  The more people we have on the ground passing out information and educating our people to the fact that we are Native, the more seeds we will plant. 


What Do Identity Advocates Do?

We here at #IDNATIVE2020 are part of that natural process by engendering an identity movement. There are many identity reclamation movements and we’re just a part of that large movement to help fan the flames of our ancestral fires.

Identity advocates are covering their respective communities and regions. They are hosting meetings, being invited to conferences & cultural events, and walking the streets handing out flyers. They are helping to guide our people to who they really are: Native Americans of the American Continent. Below, we provide information packets you can download in English and Spanish.

Identity Advocate Instructions

1. Download and print the files. The flyers and business cards have blank fields where you can add your name, email, and phone number to be contacted by people in your region, if you wish. Otherwise, leave blank and they can contact us directly.

2. Flyers are in Spanish and English & are equipped with a QR code that directs readers to our website.


3. We suggest Identity Advocates create a Google Voice Number and Email for this work, unless you’re comfortable using your already existing contact info.