Using Our Power As The Majority

As we continue awakening we must be vigilant because the white minority know this and are reacting violently. They’ll try and cut us off at the pass and manipulate any major changes we make into a direction favorable to them!! Be on guard for controlled resistance and fake revolutions.
White people are on borrowed time on our Brown Continent.  It is only a matter of time before they leave.  Their numbers are in decline, down from over 90% in the 1960’s to 60%.  Based upon their numbers they will be a minority in what they call the USA before the year 2043 being 49% of the population.  By the year 2075 they will be down to 20%.  We can accelerate our re-empowerment and their exit from our Brown Continent with awareness of what is naturally occurring and consciously taking actions in alignment with what is naturally happening with the following steps:
1) “Hispanics” and “Latinos” begin mass movements of awakening regarding our true Native American identity. We begin embracing this identity because of the awareness & power that it brings; we begin rapidly abandoning the white supremacists fake labels of Hispanic and Latino.
2) We begin making our voices heard more and more that we are Native–in protests, on FB, on Twitter, in articles, on television, in the way we carry ourselves, in the clothes that we wear.  As information technology advances we gain more power to spread the message globally..
3) Our confidence grows as our true identity is embraced and our percentage of the USA population grows. Eventually us being Native becomes an immovable stake in the ground with white people being in full retreat as they begin accepting their minority position on a Brown Continent. White people begin migrating back to Europe.
4) With the fake racial labels of Hispanic and Latino being nearly dead, it become more and more apparent that the apartheid border at the Rio Grande River is the only remaining thing that is keeping white people in power. Under political pressure the white supremacist border begins to fail and the Brown Native population in the USA increases ever faster.
5) We apply more and more pressure to open the southern apartheid border and white migration back to Europe accelerates.
6) As we get closer to becoming the majority in the USA and everyone has accepted the inevitable outcome, just as in all failed colonized countries worldwide, our demands grow stronger and stronger.
7) Before the year 2043, white people become a minority in the USA as their population drops below 49%. It becomes apparent to everyone that we Natives are destined to get our land back.
8) White people are migrating back to Europe by the millions per year and tens of millions per decade.
9) White people are being voted out of all political offices because their numbers are dwindling.
10) Laws are being passed to strip stolen land and wealth from white people which accelerates their mass migration back to Europe. With a population of less than 20% and dropping, white people have given up all hopes of retaining power in the Western Hemisphere.

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