Why Identify Native?

There are many benefits to Native people in America claiming Native on the census. Native Americans are all the brown people who are originally from America (North and South America). If you aren’t black from Africa, Asian from Asia, or white from Europe, that means your race is Native American. It’s that simple. When Europeans invaded in 1492, they have waged a non-stop war of extermination against our ancestors. Up to 120 Million of our people were murdered during the first waves of invasion. The original plans of extermination failed, they were unable to wipe us out. The majority of our surviving ancestors were subjected to programs of violent domestication and assimilation, imposing the spanish language and catholic religion on our people. This was one sure way to kill the memory and the spirit of who we are. It was during this time that the Spaniards created a caste system with nearly 20 different ‘racial’ categories. This literally fragmented our people into many false categories branding them with many names (Mestizo, Castizo, etc.) that are now embraced by our people today, as the descendants of our ancestors who survived this holocaust.
As a result of the intentional classification of Spanish-speaking Native Americans over the centuries, millions of our people have been intentionally misidentified. They tried to build their home on a Brown Continent and they failed. They imposed many false ethnic classifications on us for a few reasons. By fragmenting the Native population into fake categories: Mestizo/a, Latina/o, Hispanic. They can make it appear that our population of Native Americans is small and insignificant on their papers. With the creation of their apartheid borders they are trying to hold on to a white majority rule zone, the USA, they can now brand us as illegal aliens, migrants, immigrants, foreigners, trespassers on our continent.
Colonization won’t last forever. Our populations are naturally increasing exponentially, recovering from genocide. We can see the invasion as a blow to the head that knocked us out temporarily. As we awaken from unconsciousness, we begin remember what happened and eventually we will remember who we are. They can’t cover the truth forever. You will realize that you have been indoctrinated and lied to about who you really are and why it’s in somebody else’s best interest to keep you asleep to your true identity.
•Once you realize that your brown face means that you are indeed a Native American, you’ll realize that your roots extend beyond the 526 years of illegal occupation of your lands by Europeans. You will know and realize that your story extends for hundreds of thousands of years on this continent.
•Once you realize that you should identify as Native American, you will realize that you’ve been lied to with the false terms of identity: Latino Hispanic
•Once you realize that you’re Native American you know that you are on your homeland and you will begin to claim this land as yours.
•You will begin to realize that your homeland has been illegally occupied by European immigrants for 526 years.
•You’ll begin to realize that Europeans created the borders to separate our Ancestors and begin to call people on the other side of their apartheid borders as illegal, immigrants, foreigners, aliens, etc.
•You will begin to question The validity of European presence on our homelands.
•You will begin to know yourself, and know that you come from a race of people of immeasurable knowledge and wisdom and that is all you ever needed because you’ve made the connection to your origins.
This is what we call ‘Awakening the sleeping giant’… We are the sleeping giant. We’re realizing the truth that we’ve been knocked out unconscious and we’re awakening from a deep sleep. We are the majority of the population of the entire Western Hemisphere. All Native American people from Patagonia to Alaska make up 67% of the population. You’re at home here on your continent, you can reclaim your authentic ancestral identity, and reclaim your homeland.

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