Message to White People-You Have a Choice, Mass Murder or Relinquish Control

Here is the deal.  You came and made your home on a majority Brown Contintent where you are a minority, all for the purposes of acquiring stolen and free land and wealth of Brown people and free or exploited labor of Brown people.

For 500 plus years you have worked hard to maintain white dominance and a white majority area on our Brown Continent.

But now your time is over.  In two decades you will become a minority in the USA.  Within a few decades you will be a small powerless minority within the USA.

We know what you are doing. The police killings of people of color, the muslim ban, the concentration camps of Native Americans, the murderous apartheid border wall, the false labeling of the vast majority of Natives on the continent as Hispanic, Latino, immigrants, illegals, criminal, the false branding of Native as the tiniest minority when the reality is that we are the majority, the rigged elections, the voter suppression, the election of a racist Hitler as president, are all last ditch efforts to maintain a white dominated area on our Brown Native Continent and white dominance on our land.

Many of you are now unconsciuos or semiconscious of what you are doing.  So let me make it clear so that you have no excuses.  If you desire staying on our Native land you must accept the fact that you are destine to be a powerless minority on our continent. Are you willing to live under a 100% brown controlled government and all brown controlled social systems?  If not you have two choices 1) to relocate to a majority white land, such as Russia or 2) you must mass murder 500 million brown Natives on the American continent.

These are your ONLY choices. You cannot stop the free flow of Brown Natives on their own homelane. That is impossible without mass murder and mass terrorism.  It goes against human nature and the free and natural movement of human beings to stop the free humans in their own homeland.

You must wake up to the fact that you have a South Africia type situation where you are a small minority on our Brown Continent.  The hard core trump supporters realize all that is stated above and a minority of them are willing to execute the mass terrorism and mass murder of 500 million Brown Natives in order to maintain white dominance.

The question is are you willing to allow them to do this, in order for you ALL to remain in a White dominated country.  The terrorism and killings have started and is occurring in your name every day.

The murder and terrorism is systemic and built into the systems and will intensify daily until there is a full blown holocaust occurring that YOU cannot stop.  There was a point in time when the Germans could have stopped Hitler.  Likewise, there is a point of no return where you no longer get to chose and the mass murder blood will be on your hands.  Your vote for Trump is a vote for extermination of Brown Natives.  Your silence  is a vote for mass murder.  Your confusion is a vote for mass murder.  Your vote for Republicans is a vote for mass murder.

We are writing to you because we want you to know what you are doing with your actions and inactions.  We want to force you to make a conscious and awake decision to either accept the minority position with little power or become a mass murderer or leave our Brown Continent.  We want you to know that we know that your inaction is mass murder.  If you are going to kill us to maintain white dominance we want you to look us in the eyes and face us while you do it and tell us I am going to kill you, steal your life, for my continued dominance on your Native land.

As the genocide continues we will not allow you to fain some, ignorant, “I didn’t know what was happening” excuse.  We want you to realize the magnitude of what you are doing.  Hitler killed six million Jews.  Columbus and his follow-on’ers killed 100 million Natives to steal this land.  Your hardened Trump supporters, with your lack of action and thus unspoken approval, are going to kill 500 million Brown Natives.  It is going to happen or your people are destire to lose all that your people stole on our Native land.

You must take a stand one way or the other.  You, the silent white majority, will be the ones who decide if the minority of hardened Trump deplorables will be able to follow through on their extreme desires.

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