Native Majority in America–660 Million Natives in America

How do we know that there are 660 million Natives in America. Over a decade ago we did a scientific analysis and concluded that there were at least 660 million Natives in America.

In summary this is a quick synopses of some of the most critical points regarding this conclusion.

1- There 1 billion people in America. There are 4 races of people in the world: white, black, asian, native. What else could the majority of people on the American continent be other than Native.

The majority of people on the single land mass of America is definitely not white. The majority is definitely not black. The majority is definitely not asian. Process of elimination PROVES that the majority to be Brown Native American.

2- There are no mixed people when it comes to race in America. Using White mans law such as the one drop black rule, although nearly 100% of all black people in the USA are mixed they are classified as black and not mixed. There is no mixed race category in America. You are put in one race or the other. This is settled law and norm.  We will not allow THEM to change the rule just because it in now working in our favor. There is no debate as established by the white people. So all mixed natives are NATIVE.

For a more indepth explanation read more:  Who is Native and Who is Not!!

3- More proof of there being no mixed race category can be seen with the usa federally recognized Natives in the state of Virginia. These people clearly appear to be white thus at best they are mixed and yet they are recognized by the “highest law” in the land as Native American.

4- A simple trip through the Americas and a sampling of ten of thousands of people shows that the vast majority to be brown people. Their brown color and native phenotype does not come from India, nor Spain, nor Philippines, nor Cambodia, nor Africia, nor Australia nor any other people. Their brown skin and Native phenotype comes from thier own Native DNA which has been validated with DNA tests of thousands of Mexicans and other Southern Natives.

We have seen hundreds of DNA tests of Brown people with orgins from below usa apartheid border and they ALWAYS have a very high percentage of Native DNA. We have never seen one where their Brown skin comes from outside of Native America.

I spent 30 years as a statistician in Fortune 10, 50 and 500 companies. With the science of stastics one does not have to count an entire population in order to know what is in the population. One can take a sample of the population, and with a high degree of confidence and accuracy, determined the population. A sample size of tens of thousands of people, as long is it as a random sample, is more than ample to determine what the entire population is.

5- The definition of Native American: a member of any of the indigenous people of North, Central or South America.

Any one who doubts the 660 million number please explain who the one billion people in America could be other than Native.

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