One Native American Defeats 30 White Racists in Public Debate

This is the best (updated 3/25) picture I’ve received so far of the most recent billboard in Manassas on Prince William Street, courtesy of Mexicans Without Borders. This one tops even the original billboard in sheer inanity, and seems to make the claim that illegal aliens in Virginia are actually Native Americans who are being unlawfully discriminated against because of “artificial borders”. As dumb ideas go, this is hard to top.

For those who aren’t up to speed on the saga of this property, it used to be the side of a beautiful and historic house built in the 1800’s on the edge of the historic African-American community in Manassas, and is within the City’s historic district. According to the Manassas City Fire Department, that residence suffered a serious electrical fire as a result of the basement being subdivided into multiple living spaces to facilitate residential overcrowding, with extension cords being run from the second story windows down to the basement. The structure was improperly protected from the elements after the fire and was eventually condemned by the city, and ordered demolished. The owner’s agent, a Mr. Fernandez, left one wall remaining which is the support structure for this billboard, which was ruled a violation of city zoning ordinances. Mr. Fernandez sought to have the property rezoned, and was denied by the Manassas City Council.

As far as I can determine, this is what the sign says:

PWC and Manassas City the National Capital of intolerance

European American exterminated millions of Native Americans in order to steal America, they were the first illegal aliens. European Amercians have a 500 year history of rape, theft, murder, slavery, artificial borders, Jim Crow laws and deportations of Native Americans.

Since 1866 the KKK rode at night to torture, lynch and kill blacks, Native Americans and other people of color. Today the actions of PWC and Manassas City Council are similar to collaboration between local governments and the KKK in the 1900s.

On 2.25.08 Manassas City Mayor Douglas S. Waldron said I am proud that finally we came to agreement with P W C to implement 287g, because we care about our community what community!?  287g is an agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and question Native Americans by police officers at their discretion.

PWC and Manassas City persecute us with our own tax dollars because European Americans would rather have a ghost town than live among Native Americans.

They ignore our voices, they ignore our civil and constitutional rights, there is no democracy. Stop the persecution. We demand equality and justice for all. We will not be the slaves of the 21st century.

Note: transcription corrected 3/25.

The philosophy that appears to underpin this screed is that of the Mexica Movement, which contends that all of North America properly belongs to those of indigenous

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