Graph showing that Native Americans will be the majority in the USA. Whites become a minority.

We at Brown Continent have been warning our people for years that we are headed for a Native American genocide and a second holocaust. We have written many articles on the: 1) Root causes of the problem, 2) Why it is happening, 3) The symptoms and signals that it is happening, 4) How we can stop this holocaust and provide safety for our children our families and our people. We have dozens of articles and hundreds of memes showing how we can resolve this issue peacefully. As explained in our writings and below,  millions of people will be killed unless we take peaceful action to stop this genocide. It is up to EACH ONE of us to take action.

A second holocaust is 100% certain unless we can stop it peacefully. Our Native population has recovered from the first holocaust and we Natives are now the majority on our Brown Continent, with 600 million Natives. By the year 2043, European Americans will be a minority in the USA, with 49% of the population. By 2100, they will be less that 20% of the population, with little political power in the USA. Being a small minority, they are at risk of losing everything that they have stolen and built on Native land since 1492. They killed tens of millions of Natives to steal this land when it was in its raw form and when it was clear that it was not their land.

Now that they “feel” it is “their” land and they have put 500 years of work into “their” land, they have PROVEN what they will do for stolen land. Fool me once shame on you–fool me twice shame on me. We would have to be COMPLETE STUPID, GULLIBLE FOOLS NOT TO 100% CONCLUDE THAT THEY ARE GOING TO KILL HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE in order to hold onto stolen Native land. We cannot and must not give them the benefit of the doubt. Just in the last 50 years, they have killed tens of millions of Brown people worldwide because, to use their language, “it was in the USA’s self interest”. Madeline Albright stated that it was worth killing 500,000 Brown Iraqis children to achieve some USA goal. Think it will not happen here? It has already started. And today the technology exists for them to do this via artificially created virus with no traceability back to them.

The evidence is getting to the point where it is overwhelming and undeniable regarding what is going on. The white supremacist mass murders this weekend seem to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back to awaken people that there is a very, very serious problem. We have thousands of Brown native children in concentration camps. We have thousands of Brown native children being kidnapped from their parents, raped and abused by the president of the United States and the United States government. We have family separations, and trails of tears with deportations of natives off of native land. We have thousands of missing and murdered native women.

We have a United States president who is openly advocating against Brown Native Americans using the propaganda that our people are illegal criminal Invaders who are rapists, murderers and thieves. We have the majority of white Americans in the United States supporting this openly racist president because they are racist and his primary objective is to keep America White by any means necessary. We have mass killings by white supremacists against Brown Native Americans. We have police murders of Native Americans at a higher rate than any other race of people in the United States. We have thousands of brown natives dying in the desert because of an apartheid border created to keep brown Native Americans off of native land. And much much more

We are trapped from nearly every direction in a seemingly hopeless situation. However, there is a peaceful way to resolve this problem. We have the plan to resolve this issue pinned to the top of our Facebook Page. Read the document plus the links that are in the document. The solution is simple. Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela have shown us the way. What we are witnessing is the end of colonialism in the Americas, just as it has ended in many countries around the globe. White people are pushing back hard against the death of white dominance in the Americas.

Brown people of the Americas are repopulating our Brown continent after 95% of our population (75 to 100 million people) was exterminated during the American holocaust. The immigrants from Europe are going insane. They fear losing everything that they have built on stolen land and with stolen wealth. In countries around the world, it has been proven that colonization is temporary and it eventually fails everywhere. In South Africa, India, Rhodesia and in other African countries, the colonizers lost because of strategic use of information and communications technology and the strategic use of global pressure to stop the genocide and abuse by the colonizers. We must do the exact same thing.

First, we must boldly proclaim our Native identity very LOUDLY and very CLEARLY. Without this, nothing else will work because we are easily branded as visitors, immigrants, invaders and thus illegal criminals in the USA, putting us in a no win situation in the USA. We we must let the world know that we are Native Americans. We must abandon the labels of Hispanic, Latino, Mestizo, immigrant (which were labels all designed to put targets on our backs) and all of the baggage that goes along with that: invaders, illegals and criminals. We must stop identifying with our European created country for example Mexico and we must start identifying as with our race of Native American. No Native American can ever be illegal in America.

As we clearly show the world that we are Native American, we are redefining the narrative from us being immigrants, illegals and criminals to us being the owners of this land and victims of a 527-year genocide. The key to stopping their aggression is showing the world that their violence and abuse is a continuation of a 527 year-old genocide against Native Americans with the goal of continued possession and control of our stolen land and wealth.

We must develop a mass media system using ALL available advanced information, communications technology and thousands of volunteers working together, to get our message out to the world that we are Native Americans and this is part of a 500 + year old genocide. Creating this mass media system is exactly what we here at Brown Continent are working to do.

We must work to unify all natives on our American continent as one Native American people. We must also work with all people of color continent-wide.

So what can you do? Join, volunteer time, donate to, or purchase products from our Brown Continent store or an organization like Brown Continent who has a clear vision of what is going on and how to stop it.

Click here to read the plan

-Brown Continent


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