Savage Violent White People Use Lies to Make them the World’s most Peaceful People

For decades Brown Continent has told you that information technology is the key to defeating white people’s conning and lies on Native land.

White people are natural born liars, con-artists and thieves as their actions consistently reflect over thousands of years.  They turn peaceful Natives into illegals, violent criminals, immigrants, aliens, diseased savages and then are able to kidnap the Native children from their parents and put babies in cages, while they the invading genocidists have convinced the world that they are the true and legitimate owners of the land upon which the USA sits.  They do this though long term planned and strategic lying, manipulating and conning.

As you look at the entire history of Europe it is 100% lies, theft, conning, propaganda and marketing.  This has allowed them to be the most violent, thieving and savage people in the history of the world and yet be perceived as the world’s most peaceful, generous and civilized people.  Their marketing has has allowed them literally steal the entire Brown world via violent and barbaric global genocide and still be seen as the chosen godly people.

Now we see Putin’s lies not sticking due to the power of social media. Trumps lies stuck because he has 70 million of hard core evil white supremacists who want to believe the lies in order to maintain possession of stolen Native land.

And we failed in using information technology and smart strategy to defeat him because of the ego that they have infected us with.  Everyone wants to do their own thing and express their own opinion and smarts rather than unifying around a common strategy for the good of the whole.  For example as shown in the article below we MUST all use the term Native American to identify ourselves and yet our people are still using a dozen or more terms to identify ourselves: Chicano, Hispanic, immigrant, Mexican, Mechia, Latino, Latinx, undocumented, Mestizos, mixed.

If there was confusion regarding who the Ukrainian people were Putin could win the worldwide communications war. But EVERYONE worldwide knows who the Ukrainian people are.  They use one name and one flag.  Who in the world knows that the “illegal” “Hispanic” baby in the cage is actually a Native American on his own homeland?  Nobody and thus the label of illegal alien baby sticks and white people catch no heat for this evil genocidal behavior and in fact get support for defending “their” borders.  The white people have intentionally created confusion regarding who we are and thus the pressure of the world can never come down on them and then we help the white people by embracing claim to the fake titles they have created for us or tricked us into creating: Chicano, Hispanic, immigrant, Mexican, Mexcia, Latino, Latinx, undocumented, Mestizos, mixed.

We must be strategic, smart and unified in our communications and information technology campaign.  We must know the power of information technology and use it strategically and smart. People see Putin saying there were no children or pregnant women in the maturity hospital that he bombed but videos and pictures on social media show this to be a lie.  Are you going to believe Putin or your own eyes?  If he had convinced you that these were Nazis as he is trying to do and the white people have convinced the world that the Natives crossing the border are diseased criminal illegal immigrants, then the world would tolerate the bombing on Nazis.  So it is 100% about communications.

We have the tools finally to defeat white supremacy.  And we must learn to use them effectively.

To understand how you can use this power in a very effective and strategic way read  our article:

Why are we using the INCORRECT term Native American

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