White People, So You Say Heritage and Not Hate.

Got some questions for you Dixie flag waving white people. If my dad was Charles Manson or Adolph Hitler do you think I would go around advertising it? Do you think Bernie Madoff’s children brag about who their thieving and conning dad is? How about the children of Ted Bundy, or Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy? Do you think they have flags in their front yard or blowing in the wind on their trucks saying heritage not hate or family pride not greed. No, hell no. The only people who could be proud, if these were their parents or grandparents, would be mentally ill sociopaths and psychopaths.

There are millions of children of murders and mass murders and thieves who hang their heads in shame each day because their family name is tarnished by their parents or grandparents murderous or mass murderous or thieving actions. Nobody said that your life would be perfect and that you get to be proud of everything that you or your family does. To think so is spoilness. It is white privilege to think that your grand parents can be evil thieving; murderous people and you get to ride around waving a flag in their evil honor and trying to change the narrative to something sweet and innocent.  No, the murder, rape, theft, conning, greed, selfishness, terrorism they did and stood for was evil and the devil’s work. And if you are proud of those actions and them and that heritage what it really means is that you are an evil racist also. And it also means if you could you would steal everything that I have, rape my daughters, kill my dad, enslave and torture me and force me and my family to work for you free while torturing us each day. Well fuck you.  You waving that symbol of hate, terrorism, theft, evil and mental illness is the exact same as a Germany waving this flag saving heritage not hate. 

Let me tell you who you are really are and what it really means if you believe in that flag. It means that you believe in genocide, theft, terrorism, torture, rape and murder. It means that your values are theft, murder, rape, greed, selfishness. It means that these are your core values and who you really are. It means that you believe in raping and stealing all that you can anytime that you can get away with it. It means that you are two faced hypocrite, lying, con because you smile in my face, speak politely to me and wave at me when we see each other but if you could get away with it you would torture and kill me and steal all of my possessions and enslave my family.
It means that you believe in complete lawlessness as long as you can benefit from it at the expense of brown people. It means that you are a terrorist looking to terrorize others for your gain. It means that you believe in raping and pillaging Mother Earth. It means that you are a baby killer and baby rapist. It means that you are a mentally ill sociopaths and psychopaths. It means that you are a thief. It means that you are disconnected from your soul and are soulessness. It means that you and your family are evil. It means that you and your family are devils. It means that you and your family are devil worshipers. It means that you and your family are doing the devils work. Yes you are right that it is a flag of heritage but a heritage of evil.

Oh and by the waving that nasty evil Trump flag means the exact same thing. Then you have your other flag, “Don’t tread on me.” You are the most treading, protruding, offensive, violent people in the history of the world have the nerve to wave a flag for people not to tread on you. Only from the mind of sadists and mentally ill sociopaths and psychopaths can you people proudly display these symbols.


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