Some Humans Are Illegal

Protest of no human is illegal.

Today we hear a lot of our people saying, no human is illegal. They are WRONG!!!! This is Native land and the brown people that the white people are trying to keep out are Native Americans. A murderer is illegal, a thief is illegal, a rapist is illegal, a child molester is illegal. If someone steals your house and your money and your car and your identity and your land he is illegal. If he sells it to another person then that person is illegal being in possession of stolen property.

The White People have us brainwashed so that we try to get on equal footing with them. However, they have no valid, legal or righteous footing here on Native land. The only footing that they have is through violence, kidnapping, coercion, conning, sleight of hand, manipulation and brainwashing. And they will be an insignificant minority in a matter of decades as their population naturally declines, as they become a very small minority on our Brown continent.

We, the rightful owners of this land, given to us by the Creator, should never try to have equal footing or equal legitimacy with the thieves, murderers, and criminals who are now in possession of our stolen land. We are Native American and this is native land it was given to us by the Creator and we are the most legitimate people here. Just as Chinese are the most legitimate people in China and Vietnamese are the most legitimate people in Vietnam and Koreans are the most legitimate people in Korea and Africans are the most legitimate people in Africa we Brown Native Americans, from the bottom of South America to the tip of Alaska, are the most legitimate people in the Western Hemisphere, which includes the United States.

We must keep in mind that within a decades the white people will be an insignificant minority. And we cannot give away everything of our ancestors and the massive inheritance of our children, because of our insecurities and confusion as to who we are and who they are, in a desperate attempt to convince them that we are legitimate here and their equal.

Do not buy into the white people brainwashing that this is everyone’s land worldwide, a melting pot, where all are welcome. If you believe that then you should open the doors to your house and let all the homeless people in your state come live in your house. All peoples of the world, all races and ethnicities, have their own homelands and so do we Native Americans. The Creator did not just magically, in 1492 create a empty continent, where all the peoples of the world were free to come and create a Melting Pot. That is what the white people try to imply, including the liberals, with their multicultural views regarding Native land.

They cleared and ethnically cleansed our Native American continent with a holocaust killing 75 to 100 million people. They did this so that they could steal our land and wealth. The liberal whites try to convince the world that our Native land is free for all to come. This is in contrast to the vile, repugnant and violent basket of deplorable-racist-Republicans who would put all Brown people in concentration camps and mass murder all brown people if they could get away with it.

We must keep in mind that the choice of the liberal white people`s multiculturalism and the right-wing racist white nationalist, are not the only two choices. One of white people’s manipulative tricks and traps is called the night fork. It is a move that is used in their game of chess, where you are given two choices and with either of these two choices that you choose, you lose. The white people, both liberal and conservative, offer us a night fork situation where we lose no matter which of the two choices that we choose. We must be smart and see that there are other choices outside of those two white losing choices.

The land that we stand on has been native since time immemorial, is currently native land and always will be native land. They try to imply that all the natives are gone and therefore by default the land is theirs. However we are 600 million strong in America. Their total population America is 200 million. We Brown natives are the majority in America and the Western Hemisphere. And these are the people they are putting in concentration camps and calling illegal-immigrant-criminals .

How are they able to pull off such witchcraft and sleight of hand directly before the eyes of the world and nobody sees it. They do it the same way that Donald Trump stands in front of us and tells us bold lies over and over until people believe it. Our ancestors clearly knew that white people had this conning ability to trick and deceive on a massive scale. The main tool that they use to do this it’s called analysis, fragmentation or divide and conquer. With fragmentation they break one whole reality into narrow slivers and brand each one is its own separate problem so that we don’t see the whole. Without seeing the whole we are void of perspective and are easily manipulated.¬†Where there is no vision the people will perish. That is a topic for another article and will be covered later.

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