native american indian genocide spaniards conquest conquista invasion

LATINX HISPANIC LATINO/A MESTIZO/A MIND WARP: The Spaniard’s version of “kill the Indian, save the man” is a reign of inflicting terror, murder, forced indoctrination, assimilation, domestication, and rape that slowly converted our ancestors into who we are today. We’re lost in a colonial world that we never belonged to. From this process our memories were erased to accept new fake identities. In 1492 wasicu invaded our homeland and subjugated our ancestors into slavery and the reservation system, they had very deceitful procedures to make us forget who we are in order to disconnect our ancestral ties to the land. Keep in mind that the invasion has always been about expelling us, controlling the land, enslaving us, and sucking the resources dry.

THIS WAS NOT A COINCIDENCE: It’s illogical to think that it was just the way things happened as a result of an “encounter between two cultures”. This would be denial of a sick level to pretend that rape, theft and murder of our people never happened. Invasion and control of all resources was always the intention. This was how Europe came out of their dark ages and into their so called Renaissance. By stealing the wealth of our entire continent and that of others like Africa at this time were they able to become materially wealthy.

Tekichiuapan, “the place where forced labor begins.” This was the picture on the islands, Southwest US, Mexico, Central America, and South America.


This was all planned out to subdue our ancestors and guarantee that generations from now the European’s descendants would still have the land and it’s people and resources in their hands. A process of violently removing our native ancestors from their natural surroundings into the Europeans new reality is called domestication. It’s the same as taking a wolf from the woods beating it, breaking its spirit, and breeding it with other broken wolves until you get subservient dogs who are now dependent on its ‘masters.’


Rape was a large part of the reality our great great grandmothers faced. Coupled with the mass murder of men who went off to fight to defend their nations, this led to the appearance of a large hispanic replacement population. In the north this led a large Anglo-Saxon Frank replacement population. In South America the replacement populations created under similar situations are attributed to Italian and Portuguese.


Our ancestors were separated into classes or castes depending on the color of their skin, gender, social position, etc to provoke jealousy and distrust among them. The caste system was a complex racial and biological hierarchy that did not allow for social mobility. The following hierarchy of the caste system is not an exhaustive nor fully extensive list since the many ethnicities and racial groups present during this time makes it difficult to record the exact social hierarchy. Since rape was a huge part of the reality, the new offspring were given many titles and labels to identify them with new invented ethnicities. Benefits were given to some while violence was inflicted on others. This was to ensure that our ancestors would fight with each other to prevent any chances of them ever unifying for liberation.

In order to put us at odds, the invaders separated us into castes or classes of people according to their whims. Divide and conquer, treat some decently and whip the others, light skin against dark skin. Colonial labels/identities are the same as pedigrees: breeding programs, reservations, barrios, encomiendas, plantations are the kennels.


The next step was the process of forced assimilation. In this process, our broken ancestors with broken spirits were forced to adapt to the ways of the colonizer invaders. In order to survive they had no choice but to accept this path. Our ancestors were forced through threat of death to speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. They were forced to accept the new European religions, they were forced to live as slaves, they were forced to worship and think like Europeans. We were given Hispanic, French, English etc names and surnames after being forcefully baptized in order to distinguish us as ‘property’ belonging to any of the different plantation/encomienda owners or to make us salves to the Indian Boarding & Residential schools.

MAINTAINING CONTROL THROUGH SOCIAL & BREEDING MANIPULATION: European settler colonizers had to do this throughout many generations over the past 526 years so that today the majority of us would not ever have a clue as to who we are and where we are from. Today many of us are the product of this violent domestication and forced assimilation agenda program. Many of us do not know who we are and we happily embrace the false identity labels ‘bestowed’ upon us through violence and bloodshed while embracing our Hispanic, French, Portuguese, Italian,or Anglo-Saxon names and surnames.

This plan was carried out with calculated precision and with such deliberate intention so that we would never attempt to reclaim our stolen homeland. Once you realize you’re Native Americans, you realize the true story of the theft, murder, and rape committed by the invaders. You realize your home was burglarized & stolen, you were kicked out on the streets as you watched your home be destroyed before your very eyes. We’re recovering from the 526 years of amnesia… that’s the invaders’ children’s worst nightmare TODAY – RIGHT NOW!! They’re still here illegally occupying our homelands while they still call YOU ‘illegal’ in YOUR VERY OWN HOUSE!! YET WE’RE VOTING AND CHOOSING THEM TO BE OUR MASTERS!! Today, the descendants of the original colonizers don’t want to lose what their ancestors robbed! Their ultimate wishes are for you to stay asleep and never remember who you are. The wasicu worst nightmare is for all brown people here to start thinking and remembering who they really are.

PROCESS OF DOMESTICATION: violent removal from our natural surroundings, subjected to breeding programs, indoctrination, terror fear induction, and the application of a new fake identity (Latino/a, Hispanic, Metis, Mestizo, Latinx, Illegal Alien, etc) to adapt to living in the new reality. After 526 years of erasing your memories you’re comfortable living in the colonial matrix because you can’t remember who you really are. You even laugh at the possibility – evidence of the mind control programming at work.


TODAY WE’RE ON AUTOPILOT – DOING THEY’RE JOB FOR THEM: Today we’re the equivalent of crabs in a bucket. We’re crawling over each other trying to get to the top of the european system using their ladder of identity. You can claim any identity tag they’ve given you, except Indian or Native American unless you want to look foolish in front of them or your peers. Through centuries of abuse and trying to disconnect ourselves from who we are, we learned to forget our identity because of the pain and suffering that came with.

After generations of being bred in slavery/captivity, the new domesticated species\victim (Hispanic/Latinx/Mestizo) is fully obedient, submissive, and compliant. The new “breed” has no recollection or memory of their history, origins, and ancestral roots or heritage. Ties to its original NATURAL world have been severed.

This new breed is fully dependent on its master/owner for its survival and even exhibits pleasure and a sense of gratitude for being “civilized” or saved from the wilderness. Having been born and bred into the confines of this new artificial environment, this new breed has no idea it was born into captivity lost in the colonial matrix with a COMPLETELY ERASED IDENTITY/MEMORY. Therefore they have unknowingly accepted their own enslavement as a normal way of life, oblivious to who they really are.

Fast forward to today. If you can’t reclaim your TRUE IDENTITY then why would it ever occur to you to even try to reclaim YOUR TRUE HOMELAND? SEE HOW THE PLAN WORKS? You never knew you belonged here because you don’t know who you are!! You don’t even know a war was engaged on you and your memory 526 years ago. That’s why you’re accustomed to this current reality and the false identity you embrace. It’s not your fault, but the time is now to embrace who you really are. Stop calling yourself these racial slurs! There’s no reason to do the invaders job for them, being a grateful servant cleaning their toilets!!

“DON’T CALL ME WHITEWASHED” Identity crisis among our people goes back 526 years. It was intentionally devised to erase your memory of your ties to this land, to make you think you’re homeless on your homelands. Having been born and bred into the confines of this new artificial environment, this new breed has no idea it was born into captivity lost in the colonial matrix with a COMPLETELY ERASED IDENTITY/MEMORY.


All natural brown original people of earth are byproducts of this same exact process. We can undo the damage when we acknowledge it and assess it. Healing is a valid option & admitting it speeds our recovery. Recognize the source of the multi-generational impregnated pain, shame, guilt, isolation, loneliness, & collective trauma we carry & are being subjected to. If you think you are mestiz@ or Metis, you don’t know exactly where you belong. Calling yourself Mestiz@ means you have no homeland! If you call yourself Hispanic or Latin@ or Latinx then you’re just honoring an invasive barbaric rape culture. You have an ancestral identity that ties you directly to these lands. Stop being homeless on your homelands Brown man Brown Woman! You’re standing on your Brown Continent: one undivided land which is referred to as the Western Hemisphere. It’s time to take it all back. Let’s show our ancestors we remember them and that their sacrifices were not in vain! We don’t have to be on autopilot anymore, we can empower ourselves.


YOU HAVE A CHOICE: You can reject the colonizers illusion, reclaim your rightful identity and reclaim our homelands. OR you can choose to live out the rest of your lives as dead no soul servants, being lap dogs to the invaders. We have the choice to stop being poor brown copies of the wasicu the invaders.


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