The Brown Continent Plan for Liberation, Safety and Reclaiming ALL of our Land.

Foreword: Due to our large Native population we are close to liberation and Natives reclaiming our homeland. However, since it threatens whyte domination on Native land, we are also in grave danger.

Read our vision of where we see this plan taking us: USA–A Native Nation by 2060–A Native Elder’s Vision

Brown Continent has a plan that, within the coming decades, is 100% capable of delivering our entire Native homeland back to we Natives, ending whyte supremacy on native land, ending whyte domination of Native land and wealth and ending whyte terrorism, whyte abuse and whyte genocide of Native people.  Below are the 14 steps to the Brown Continent plan:

Step 1- Recognize that we are in a real life or death war, of greater magitude than anything since the 1600s and 1700s. Do you understand why and strongly agree? If not stop here and let’s talk.

Step 2- In a war you must do things differently than you would if you were not in a war and you must do things that you would never do if you were not in a war.  Do you understand why and strongly agree? If so are you ready to do extra ordinary things?  If not stop here and let’s talk.

Step 3- In a real war there must be unity.  In war there must be a single plan and all soldiers must follow that plan whether they like elements of the plan or not. In war there is little room for wide diversity of thought. Think about any war in history which was won with freespirit whyte hippie thinking with everyone doing their own thing, thinking their own free thoughts, and doing things their own way. Like it or not wars are won with everyone following a single plan. Do you strongly agree? If not stop here and let’s talk.  In addition most of those “creative” ideas in your head are ego thoughts put there by wypipo.  Are you ready to follow a solid, peaceful but powerful plan capable of keeping your children safe, ending whyte domination on America and returning ALL of our homeland to us within decades?  No war can be won with the diverse ego thinking below.  The real question is what is more important your ego or ending whyte domination in America, keeping your children safe and reclaiming your homeland.

Step 4- The critical component to winning the war is awaken our people to our Native identity and unifying under ONE SINGLE label, Native American. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TERM FOR ANY REASON NO MATTER WHAT GREAT JUSTIFICATION YOU MAY THINK YOU HAVE.  Be a soldier, follow the plan and save your childrens lives.  Do you understand why and strongly agree? If not then read this article and then let’s talk:  Why we MUST use the term Native American if we are protect our children, win the war and reclaim our Native land.

Posted by Brown Continent on Sunday, 15 October 2017

Step 5- Another critical step to winning the war is awakening our people that we Natives are the majority in America with 660 million Natives or 66.7% of the population.  A powerful giant who thinks he is an ant has no more power than an ant.

Step 6- As we are awakening to our Native identity and being the majority we must vote to put our people and our allies in office in the USA.  For now we must vote blue no matter who.  As things radically shift in the coming decades this may change.  Within a couple of decades we, POC, will hold the majority of political offices in the USA (at the local, state and federal level) and we can begin to change the USA government anyway that we desire, including dissolving the entire USA political and economic system and replacing it with whatever system desired.  By the end of the century the USA or what exist in its place, will reflect the will of the majority of people who will be brown people.

Step 7- Recognizing that we not merely in a war but we are headed for a holocaust where hundreds of millions of Natives, in America, are will be eliminated. This is because of our massive Native population. Based upon USA census data, by the end of the century wypopi will be a small minority in the USA, and thus within decades they will lose all that they have stolen in America. They killed tens of millions of Natives to steal America and will do it again in order to maintain possession of it. By Brown people gaining the levers of power within the USA we greatly lesson the risk of holocaust.  Do you understand why you and your children will likeky be killed in the coming decades UNLESS YOU FOLLOW THE BC PLAN? If not stop here and let’s talk.
Step 8- Global pressure is the ONLY thing that has ever slowed, stopped or defeated white supremacy. The Brown Continent plan is to use global exposure and pressure to netuer white supremacy and its violent, manipulative and corrupt ways just as Gandi and King did. As we understand that we are Native and the majority, we are broadcasting to the world, using information technology and great marketing, that what is occurring in the USA is part of a 500 year genocide against Native Americans. And it is a genocide with the goal of wypipo maintaining control of stolen Native wealth and land.

Step 9- Volunteer to be a soldier in the war against your children and to passionately follow the BC plan. Identify native and announce it to the world with your dress, clothing, bumper stickers on your car. Wear native hats, shirts, at all times when possible. Force everyone to see you as native everywhere you go, until it is undeniable that we are Native and Natives are the majority in America. Passionately spread the message of your Native identity to your family and friends. Use your social media to spread the message. Share the Brown Continent memes.  Preach the message of the currently occurring genocide. No matter how family and friends try to dismiss you keep fanitically pushing at all times.

Step 10- Recognize allies and build unity. Do not fall for the divide and conquer. There are allies on the inside and out. Just becausue they are doing things differently does not make them an enemy. If an allied army is doing things differently do not be negative. Division merely serves whyte supremacy. Support allies!!!!  Unite with other people of color.  All people of color must unite against white surpremacy.  People of Color Uniting in the War on White Supremacy

Posted by Brown Continent on Friday, 15 August 2014

White people are going to try to divide Black and Brown people.  Together by 2043 we are THE MAJORITY.  But divided, white people will remain in control of all of us.

Step 11- Use the whyte systems: economic, political, inventions and other as tools to help us strategically achieve liberation by following Ancestor Many Horses advice.

VOTE- Yes we know that democracy, republicans, democrats are two sides of the same coin but we will use the friendlier side, of the coin, to strategically help us step our way to achieve our goal.  We must gain control of the levers of political power in the USA.  We POC must take over the democratic party, just as Trump took over the republican party, and keep the republicans out of office at every level.  With the republicans in office they have too much power to kill, cheat, surpress and legally terrorize Native people.  We must keep democrats in office until our population grows to the point where we people of color control the levers of power.

The republican party will fail in the next ten years as the demographics continue to turn brown.  Think of it this way.  A person is holding your family at gun point.  You have the opportunity to peacefully take the gun and end threat.  The government has the power to abuse us.  We have the opportunity, through voting, to take the power away from them.

Step 12- Know thy enemy.  Keep the battlelines sharp and clear.  ALWAYS side against the enemy of Native people.  Our people are very confused by everything, even our racial identity. One tactic wypipo have used since 1492 is confusion and disinformation.  Trump and his racist supporters say masks don’t work, therefore, your position is the opposite, you advocate for wearing a mask.  Trump and the deplorables say Corona is a hoax, not bad, fake news, that we should open the country.  Your position must be the exact opposite.  Do NOT be a purveyor of confusion of Native people.  Do not be a scout for the US Army nor a soilder for Donald Trump because his peoples goal is to kill you.

Step 13- Become a student of Brown Continent University Curriculum of Indigenous Studies  These articles were written by Native elders and were inspired by our Native ancestors.   They are a guiding light to help lead us out of the many levels and many dimension of traps, manipulation, illusion and confusion that the wypipo have put us in.

Agoid groundless conspiracy theories. These are the ways of wypipo based upon their psycopathy and mental illness.  After being in close proximity with wypipo for 528 years much of their mental illness has infected us.  And much of the infection was intentional. “The Indian must be imbued with the exalting egotism of American civilization so that he will say ‘I’ rather than ‘we’ and ‘this is mine’ instead of ‘this is ours’.”  J.D.C. Atkins, commissioner of Indian Affairs 1866.

The Brown Continent curriculum being guidance from our ancestors delivered to us through Native elders, will help to unscramble our minds.  Read the writings and determine for yourself if these are words of wisdom and clarity or not.

Step 14- Understand that women of color are the warriors with the muscle who will win this war.  They are the ones with the skill set to wage a global information technology communications war and win.  Give them the respect and support they deserve as they do this work.  Women understand your critical role and lead the way.

In conclusion, we are so close to reclaiming our homeland but yet so far away.  Do not underestimate their power and manipulation.  They are on they devils path as explained in the article below and are able to draw massive mojo and power from this.  DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THEM!!!!

We Once Were Gods–But Are Now Devolving into Devils:


See our vision of where we see this plan taking us: USA–A Native Nation by 2060–A Native Elder’s Vision




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