Many of us are completely unaware, but our brown skin says we belong to this entire contient… the Western Hemisphere, your brown skin tells the story of your presence here for several hundreds of thousands of years, it tells of our origins here as the people, as Native Americans but you’ve been programmed to lovingly embrace a washed up false foreign identity. Everywhere you turn you hear this sickening foreign word being used against you, and many of us think it means us. Every english and spanish radion station spews the same propaganda. On television we hear the same thing: latino or latina. Books, magazines, movies, billboards, schools, surveys….

Did you know this word was created by a man from France? It has nothing to do with your racial identity yet we claim it’s a valid ethnic tag, without even knowing the origins of this word. In this day of information bombardment, we take everything at face value and quickly move on. We’re in an age of confusion to say the least and we have little time to stand back and study the phenomenon of living in this current European reality. We don’t stop to think and question the source of these identifiers. Why are organizations, governmental and educational institutions, and the census bureau, entertainers, news casters so quick to enforce this on you? Who benefits from repeatedly misidentifying whole populations of brown native american people and programming them to believe this??? Definitely not us!

Fast forward to today: Latino, Latina, and Latin America is used for the deception and manipulation of millions of Brown Native American people; especially those who speak Spanish and/or have Hispanic-Spanish names and surnames. Those seeds of deception took root and grew, looming over us like a blanket covering everything, eating us up in its shadow, replacing our ancestral faces, and changing our ancient sacred land names, and sacred site names to one general term… so that today millions of brown Native American people can say, ‘I’m latino/latina because uhhhh, i’m from latin america…?” Many of us don’t know why we even say this. We don’t stop to think and question the origins of the term Latin or Latin America on a continent that is Native America. We must question the ‘official story,’ apply critical thinking, and stop following the herd.


latino identity
Latin correctly means the ancient Romans, to whom we, Brown People have no relation to. Today, Latin correctly refers to the Italians who are the descendants of the Romans.


Who Made ‘Latin America’ Latin?

The idea (repeat, idea) goes back to the 1830s, particularly the writings of the Frenchman Michel Chevalier, a follower of Saint-Simon (a utopian socialist). Chevalier argued that this part of the Americas was populated by those of a “Latin race” (I guess the indigenous element was considered irrelevant or too primitive to count) and that, therefore, “Latin” America could join with “Latin” Europe in the struggle against “Teutonic” Europe, “Slavic” Europe and “Anglo-Saxon” America. This theory (repeat, theory) was adopted later in the 19th century by “Latin American” intellectuals who preferred the French cultural model to that of Spain or Portugal. The specific term “Latin America” was coined in France during the reign of Napoleon III (1852-1870) and used politically by him to promote the idea (repeat, idea) of a cultural connection with France, turn France into a major player in the region, and install Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico with French backing.

The very idea of a “Latin America” and “latin” people comes from the French intellectual Michel Chevalier

In other words, this was all a French concoction to benefit France, but the Latrines, I mean “Latin Americans,” bit on it, and the rest is history. I’m telling you all this information because, somehow, I don’t think you’re going to be hearing it from the “Latino” establishment any time soon or in any great detail. Latins, of course, originally and properly refers to the ancient Romans, to whom somebody like, say, Evo Morales or Hugo Chávez bears little or no relation–unless, of course, you’re French.


Who Made ‘Latin America’ Latin?
February 15, 2013 by Alberto de la Cruz
SOURCE: Who Made ‘Latin America’ Latin?



Latinx? No Thanx…

The very idea of a “Latin America” and “latin” people comes from the French intellectual Michel Chevalier, who sought to create an umbrella term in the late 1800s in order to unite colonial subjects under a generic “latin” identity. In doing so, Chevalier hoped to assist Napoleon III in expanding the French empire. Chevalier hoped that if he could convince Mexicans to adopt a “latin” view of themselves, they would be more inclined to ally themselves with French interests. After all, the French would now be their “latin” brethren, as opposed to the “Saxons” who also had interests in Mexico. As Historian Thomas Holloway notes, “Napoleon III was particularly interested in using the concept to help justify his intrusion into Mexican politics that led to the imposition of Archduke Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico…”

-Kurly Tlapoyawa
October 14, 2017


The term Latin America was coined in the 1860s when the French emperor Napoleon III was trying to extend French imperial control over the whole region from Mexico to South America.


The term Latin America was coined in the 1860s when the French emperor Napoleon III was trying to extend French imperial control over the whole region. He and his ministers used the term to try to suggest at least some degree of cultural similarity between the region and France as a way to benefit France of course, seeing that they had their sights on invading and colonizing more of our homelands of the Western Hemisphere.

“There is no more Indian Problem. We all become white men when we accept the goals of the national culture.” – Guillermo Rodriguez Lara


The plan is revealed by Ecuadorean general Guillermo Rodriguez Lara, after assuming power in 1972, stated, “There is no more Indian Problem. We all become white men when we accept the goals of the national (invasive species) culture.” Every wonder why government issued birth certificates labeled you as ‘white’? This is the intentional war of assimilation and domestication to keep you from remembering what their ancestors did, and what the descendants of the invaders are still doing to us. We can’t afford another generation of our youth to unknowingly identify themselves with savage barbaric rape and invader cultures! They need to know who they really are and now that we know who we are, it’s our duty to prepare the next generation for liberation. Don’t throw them into the hands of the invaders and their indoctrination centers to have their beautiful ancestral minds shut down and smashed with propaganda and brainwashing lies. The least you can do for our ancestors is to prepare our children to be better ancestors. We have that power now, to change the outcome of our people’s future.

From ‘The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Ecuador’

READ:The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Ecuador

READ: Threats to Ecuador’s Indigenous 1 Running

Threats to Ecuador’s Indigenous Modern and Historical Threats to Ecuador’s Indigenous Populations Sydne Hunter Stockton University


Also don’t forget the United States “White by law”. Which is why we know the census record numbers of whites are not correct.


The common knowledge rationale contrasts with reasoning based on supposedly objective, technical, and specialized knowledge. Such “scientific evidence” rationales justified racial divisions by reference to the naturalistic studies of humankind. A longer excerpt from Ab Yup exemplifies this second sort of rationale: In speaking of the various classifications of races, Webster in his dictionary says, “The common classification is that of Blumenbach, who makes five. 1. The Caucasian, or white race, to which belong the greater part of European nations and those of Western Asia; 2. The Mongolian, or yellow race, occupying Tartary, China, Japan, etc.; 3. The Ethiopian or Negro (black) race, occupying all of Africa, except the north; 4. The American, or red race, containing the Indians of North and South America; and, 5. The Malay, or Brown race, occupying the islands of the Indian Archipelago,” etc. This division was adopted from Buffon, with some changes in names, and is found on the combined characteristics of complexion, hair and skull…. {N}o one includes the white, or Caucasian, with the Mongolian or yellow race.” These rationales, one appealing to common knowledge and the other to scientific evidence, were the two core approaches used by courts to explain their determinations of whether individuals belonged to the “white” race.

READ MORE AT:—Haney-Lopez–abridged-version

“In 1814, Francia issued a decree forbidding marriages between “European men” (namely, Spaniards) and women “known as Spanish” (born in Spain or of Spanish descent). European men would only be allowed to marry indigenous, mixed-race or black Paraguayan women. By preventing the white elite from reproducing, Francia’s decree had the undeniable potential to allow the newly independent Paraguay to rise as a mixed-race nation.”



Above image from – The Colonial Caste System: The documents below offer two accounts of New Spain’s caste system from the perspective of European observers. Alexander von Humboldt was a Prussian naturalist and explorer who traveled extensively in Latin America from 1799 to 1804, and later published this essay on New Spain. In this passage, von Humboldt quotes a bishop’s description of colonial society. H. G. Ward was a diplomatic representative to Mexico from England from 1825 to 1827, soon after independence. Both of these writers attempt to describe Mexico to people outside of the Spanish Empire and both were greatly influential in Europe and the United States.


More to come as more sources and information is shared and revealed!
-Holy Smokes

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