The Origin and Nature of the Wasicu – (book summary)

In 2012 I started writing this book so that everyone worldwide would understand the true origin and nature of White people.  It is imperative so that we see that we must stop following these out of balanced and non sustainable people.

In this book and book summary I says things in blunt truthful terms but for everything said undeniable and self-evident proof is provided.  The statements herein are not hyperbole and not overblown. It is past time that we stop softening the truth for white people’s feelings since the future of all humanity and life on the planet is at stake.

The bottom line is that white people have conned the world into believing that they, white people, and their way of life is good, righteous, progress and the best way to live in the world.  When the reality is they are selfish devils at war with God and their way of living on the planet is evil, primative and the exact opposite of how humans should be living.  Their ways are intentionally exterminating the world that God created in an effort to create a better world from their selfish desires.  They have nearly exterminate Natural Indigenous people worldwide so we now following their devil ways as they convert us into devils.  The below is a book summary.  I will be releasing one chapter at a time on our Brown Continent website over the coming months.

This book uses the Wasicu’s own words, science, logic and analysis to show in self-evident and undeniable terms that:

  1. The Wasicu was created 6,000 years ago via artificial selection in order to have dominion over Mother Earth, including all other humans, and be the superior human being on Mother Earth. Prior to this ALL people on the planet were various shades of Brown from dark brown people in Africa to lighter brown people in Asia, Europe and the Western Hemisphere.
  2. The Wasicu are very different from all other people on the planet and why all people are not created equal. It shows the human nature of the “domesticated” Wasicu to be artificial, aggressive, fragmented or analytical, competitive, violent, fearful, lacking in soul connection while the nature of natural humans to be the exact opposite with a human nature of oneness and love.
  3. The Wasicu was created, as part of a war against God, with the intent of corrupting, exterminating and converting the “oneness” natural world created by Wakan Tanka (God) into a new and “better” artificial world based upon fragmentation and separation (hell). The definition of hell and devil worship is the illusion of separation from the indivisible oneness.  They were created to create hell on Earth out of what was a Garden of Eden
  4. The Wasicu was created via artificial selection to have a “soul gap” that creates a fear-fragmented-analytical, selfish nature driven by ego and imbalance. This nature allows and compels them to do the horrendous and vile things that they do and have done throughout history, while claiming goodness and convincing others of their undeniable goodness. Disconnection from soul was the trait selected for in the artificial selection process. This is why they lack “natural” soul and rhythm of Natural people of the planet.
  5. The Wasicu is superior to and more advanced than natural Brown people in the artificial fear-based, selfish world of fragmentation and analysis (hell and devil worship) that the Wasicu has created. The Wasicu is inferior to natural Brown people in the natural love-based soulful, giving Indigenous world of oneness created by Wakan Tanka.  This is why they continue to build the artificial world.
  6. The Wasicu are devils because they operate based upon fragmented-analytical thinking (ego, fear), at their core, and the reality of the universe is Wakan Tanka (oneness, love, wholeness, God). Fragmentation (hell) and wholeness (God) are opposites. Fragmented thinking produces fragmented actions and fragmented actions by definition produces war with God. All thoughts of separation or fragmentation are the opposite of God or oneness making these thoughts evil, hell and anyone operating using this thinking, by definition, to be a devil.
  7. The Wasicu are in the process of converting all natural Brown Indigenous people on the planet into devils (analytical thinkers and doers) via the process of domestication (kill the Indian save the man) and they are over 95% of the way complete with this task.
  8. The Wasicu are in a war with God (Wakan Tanka), to replace the world that God created with a “better” world based upon hell (analysis or fragmentation).
  9. The Wasicu, through their thinking and actions are in the process of exterminating the entire balanced Indigenous World that God created, by default, putting them into a war with God. Left unchecked they will replace 100% of the Indigenous life on the planet, with artificial life forms created via domestication and other artificial means such as artificial selection, genetic engineering and other analytical means.
  10. The Wasicu is the being spoken of in many prophecies (such as the beast in the bible), where in the end times all others would be following them in their work against God. And we see the evidence of this with the destruction of the Natural world that God created with the likes of pollution, species extinction, global warming, wars, holocausts, over population, genocides, starvation, poverty, greed, the destruction of the natural world. These things are not natural nor are they born of human nature.
  11. The artificial Wasicu will exterminate itself, and all of humanity in the coming centuries, as it evolves all of humanity into a “Borg” style creature–a cyborg, bio-electromechanical-artificial-intelligence soulless creature.  This process has already started with their soul gap.
  12. The Wasicu’s war against God extends far beyond Mother Earth. The Wasicu are in a war against God to create a better creation. This is the broader definition of white supremacy. Left unchecked our calculations show their artificial creations will be approaching the power of God in approximately 3000 years but will never actually be able to match the power of God.

Again we have overwhelming evidence of what we claim above which will be presented in the chapters of the book.  This is a book about regaining vision and perspective. Due to the Wasicu’s manipulation, deception and conning, humanity has lost perspective and vision of the macro picture of what is occurring in the world. And “where there is no vision the people will perish”.  Ultimately the Wasicu will fail and lose their war against God. It is an insane and ludicrous venture to war against God. It has already been written that “the meek shall inherit the Earth” and Indigenous people are the meek.

This book is a Plea for you to Awaken and Change Directions: 

You must decide what side you are on—the side of God and the Indigenous Way of Natural people or the side of the artificial Wasicu and the devil. Starting with the Doctrine of Discovery the Wasicu has forced virtually all people of color worldwide, off of the God path of Natural Indigenous people, and onto the side of the devil’s war against God. You were been born onto the side of the Wasicu and the devil. But in today’s world you have the free choice and must decide: 1) the artificial way of the Wasicu and the devil or 2) the Natural way of Indigenous people and God. And since you are already on the Wasicu path no decision and no action means you are deciding to war against God.

“Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings, and live a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build the new world.” “Those who cannot celebrate the change and the coming of the new dispensation will drop dead from their own fear”Only in the ancient teachings will the ability to understand the messages be found.” Hopi Prophecy

The Wasicu (white people) are artificial beings created to be off of the God path and they have convinced you to follow them and abandon the ways of your Natural Brown Indigenous ancestors. Your Brown ancestors were peaceful, advanced, righteous, balanced spiritual beings having a human experience and on the righteous path and not the dull and slow violent primitives that the Wasicu have shown us to be!

Based upon our actions (not words or surface beliefs), most Brown Americans deep down believe that the Wasicu did us a favor by forcing us out of the “backwards” ways of our ancestors. We love our cars, jobs, houses, cell phones, bank accounts, degrees, movies, CD collections, air conditioning and comfortable modern lives. We love Facebook, nice grocery stores, malls and shopping. We love the conveniences of the modern world that white people forced our people into via murder, theft, torture, slavery and genocide. We live with the hidden and unspoken shame of being the descendants of and carrying the DNA of a “lower grade of human” who could not create such a world. As we look around the modern world the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable, in virtually all areas, that white is “right” and brown is slow and dull and losers. We handle the overwhelming and undeniable reality by living in denial and pretending that the overwhelming and undeniable evidence does not exist. However, we will show this undeniable evidence in this book series.

It appears that white is right and brown is dull because of a somewhat complex con that the Wasicu have perpetuated on the world over thousands of years. They have flipped things on their head reversing good and bad and right and wrong so that people have lost perspective and are confused. We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck in the world’s greatest scam. What we today consider to be modern and good, which is a world created by the Wasicu is virtually all evil and against God, whereas the societies that our natural Brown Indigenous ancestors created and lived in, and were forced out of, were intentionally on the righteous Godly path.

The con is a massive long term manipulation and propaganda and marketing champagne by the Wasicu. We see the con being played out in the last 525 years, from 1492 up until now. During this time white people have in every conceivable way from their media, to their social systems, to their television, to their movies, to their books, to libraries, newspapers, new programs, politics, criminal justice, newspapers, to their worldview, to their values, have inundated the world with the message that white and fragmentation is right and brown and whole is slow and dull. And they have done an outstanding job making the case undeniable and self-evident.

Though the evidence is overwhelming, to modern humans, that white is right and brown is slow and dull, his book and series of books pulls back the curtain to reveal to you that it is ALL a big lie–the greatest con in all of years of human history. This book will prove, using the logic and science of the Wasicu beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Natural Brown Indigenous people of the world (from Africa, Asia and America–your ancestors) were the righteous people of Mother Earth living the righteous way–the Natural Indigenous Way in accordance with the Original Instructions given to all beings by God. It will show that our Brown natural ancestors were living abundant, clean, peaceful, balanced, spiritual, family centered, Godly lives in harmony with Mother Earth as God intended. This book will show that the Wasicu were and are living lives inconsistent with the absolute principals of the universe. It will show they were and are living non-sustainable and unfulfilled lives of imbalance, dis-contentedness and distressed. It will show that they were and are off of the God path living non-Godly lives of hell, evil and devil worship. This book will show that the Wasicu has forced, manipulated and conned the pure Natural Brown Indigenous people of the world into following them on the evil path through domestication via slavery, terrorism, colonization, conquest, competition, holocaust, genocide, biological terrorism, extermination, brainwashing and more

I cannot say this enough to undo the brianwashing.  Your natural brown ancestors were highly advanced beings. As deeply spiritual beings they were super humans–with capacities far beyond that of modern humans. They were not the poor, dumb, violent, miserable, ignorant savages that white people have convinced the world that they were. This book will give you reason to feel good about yourself, your family and your brown ancestors who were powerful Godly beings. To make Brown people feel good about who we are, is one intent of this book after the Wasicu has done everthing in their power to exterminate our self-esteem. And this is not a “feel-good” out of ego, pride or Brown supremacy but out of humility, honesty and truth. After reading this book your outlook on yourself, your family and your people will be changed forever as well as most other things in this world. A burden will be lifted from your shoulders that you have carried for so long you may have forgotten it was there.

In the Lakota language Wasicu is the word given to white people and it means “greedy person” or “keepers of the fat.”

A Message of Love and truth and Not Racism or Hate

The point of this book is not to bash white people or be anti-Wasicu. The point is to provide clarity and vision so that humanity realizes the evil that it is doing following these lost people and gets off of this path. The point is to gain perspective so that we return to the righteous path of our Natural Indigenous Brown ancestors for the sake of our children, all of humanity and all of the Indigenous World.

I am an elder in my tribe at nearly 70 years of age.  For decades of my life I thought I’d be the last person in the world to write these words. For over twenty years of my adult life I wrote articles about race being a social construct and not real. I had bet everything in my life on this belief and I was WRONG!!! I excelled in the white world and was better than the vast majority of even white people operating in their world.  I attended some 99% white schools and worked in 99% white businesses and parts of the country. I married a white lady and had white girl friends before that. The mothers of most of my children are white and most of my children are half white.

I spent most of my life in the white world as engineer, consultant and manager operating multi-million dollar business units where I excelled and I loved it. For decades in my life most of my friends have been white and my best friends have been white.  And though I am a solid Brown and undeniable Native visually I have white ancestors. I had embraced the modern white world and felt that we needed to move beyond slavery, land theft and issues of the past and join the modern world: get educated, make money and move beyond poverty. With this being said I grew up close to nature and Mother Earth I never lost my connection to the natural world and always had as my goal to return to living a natural live close to the Mother Earth.

Though I had no bias against white people slowly over the past six decades an undeniable reality has been shown to me in ways that even I, with my “progressive, liberal and multicultural views, simply could not ignore. The ancestors pushed my face so deep into the shit that I could no longer deny that it was shit.  Now share this with you. This is not a reality that I desired nor expected. I am not an angry “brown” man having been victimized by nasty white people. I did not come to see this reality out of bias, nor anger, nor malice, nor brown superiority, nor hatred, nor racism. It is a reality that I resisted seeing for decades but is a reality that was revealed to me little by little until eventually it was undeniable.


Why all People of Color Must Know the Origin and Nature of the Wasicu

Europeans (non-melaninated people) are very different from everyone else on the planet. They were put on a bad path, dwelling in the bad mind and are very different socially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and at a DNA level. No matter how brutally harsh the truth is, we must desire understanding who white people are because they are the ones leading the world. And they are currently leading the world into a massive irreversible mess of extermination, imbalance, pollution, corruption, laziness, competition, violence, greed, selfishness, a war against God and far more.

Thus without understanding them in complete honest terms, and how they differ from “unassimilated” indigenous people, the world can never get out of the vast trap set for us. Non-domesticate Indigenous people are our baseline as to what real humans are suppose to be. The problem is that the Wasicu has almost completely hidden the truth regarding the love nature of natural people and oneness societies that they lived in for the past 10,000 to 20,000 years of human history. They have hidden the truth under layer upon layer of manipulation, deception, lies, infection-corruption for over 6,000 years. The intent being for the true and only nature of human beings, of love, to be forgotten and replaced with the Wasicu nature of fear and fragmentation which includes a shallow, fake and artificial perspective regarding love. Modern Brown Indigenous people cannot be used as a measuring stick, to compare white people against, because we have been corrupted and infected and are now merely poor replicas of white people.

As long as we perceive white people through the euphemized “politically correct” multi-cultural, progressive lens of “all people are equal”, we all shall remain lost and trapped in hell warring against God. “eu·phe·mism – /ˈyo͞ofəˌmizəm/:Noun. A mild or indirect word or expression for one too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing. The left-wing-liberal-progressive perspective is another aspect of the white mindset and is no more correct than the conservative-racist paradigm. Don’t stay trapped by the “good guy-bad guy scam” We must be plain spoken and honest.

Many Brown people will desire rejecting the message because it does not follow the socialization of the past 50 years that all humans are created equal and we must get along. However, all we ask you to do is read the book. These cases made are as self-evident as 1+1 being equal to 2. We must be bold enough to accept the truth even if it makes us uncomfortable because the future of all of humanity, your children and the entire world rest upon us being honest, truthful and facing reality. Almost everyone accepts that we now live in a very unfair world. What happened to the Wasicu to make them the way they are is unfair and unfortunate for everyone. But hiding from the truth will only hurt everyone.

For brown people this book shows why you MUST stop following white people and detach from their systems because these systems are evil and turning you into devils. Most of what you think you know today is also wrong because you have been nearly fully domesticated by white people to be like white people. Your brain was washed clean of virtually all Indigenous knowledge through slavery, kidnapping, genocide and brainwashing and virtually all that you now know was taught to you by white people. You were created by them in their image to walk like them talk like them, think like them, pray like them. So forget what you think you know and listen to your ancestors and return to their ways. You have the answers buried within your spiritual DNA and ancestral memories, but you will NEVER access these answers as long as you are following the minority children. For more detail on this please read on the Brown Continent website: We Once Were Gods–But Now Are Devolving into Devils!!…

Why White People Should Read this Book.

The right-wing racist White people who led white people in slavery, genocide and colonization of Brown people worldwide will out right reject the contents of this book as brown racism. It does not matter what the evidence shows they will always do what they “perceive” to be in their self-interest. This book will weigh heavy on the minds of many progressive white people, however, the vast majority will still reject the contents as racist because the reality is so painful and horrendous and it is in their DNA to do so.

However, this book is as important for Europeans to read as it is for brown people. For Europeans this book shows why you MUST humble yourselves, be silent, listen, surrender, submit your ego and repent because you are in a war against Wakan Tanka (the Undivided Whole, God) and it is a war that you cannot win. It is a war that keeps you indefinitely in hell as long as you continue to wage it. Your only path out is repentance and following the elders on the planet–Natural brown Indigenous people in returning to the natural indigenous ways as defined in the Original Instructions. This is if you desire remaining on Mother Earth and in this Universe. Though you think you know everything about everything this is just the devil talking to you and through you. You know nothing. You are the children on the planet and the minority and a diminishing minority. Every answer that you think you know is wrong and you must follow the elders on the planet. Your time is short.

Note: Some of the chapters of this book and series of books are stand-alone articles published by Brown Continent that are needed to support the thesis of the book. These articles while they make the case well may have a different tone than the rest of the book or be repetitive of other parts of the book. Table of Contents.

Brown Continent April 3, 2012

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