The European Worldview is Evil–We Must Return to the Indigenous Worldview

The reason that the European worldview (EW) is evil is that the focus is on indulging the five senses. The EW is based upon the five senses being the foundation of reality.  The five senses tell us that we live in a fragmented world where we and everything are separate from one another.

The Indigenous worldview of natural Indigenous people worldwide is to see beyond the illusion of the five senses of separation and fragmentation, to see the absolute universal REALITY of oneness and love.  Today white people, with their most advanced science of quantum physics, have finally awakened to what indigenous people have known for eons–the universe and reality is one indivisible whole.

The European worldview is devil worship because with fragmentation and analysis it moves us in the opposite direction of The Great Oneness or Wakan Tanka.  The European worldview is evil because it is based upon ego and produces competition, selfishness, greed, conflict, imbalance, restlessness, and thus violence and war.  The European worldview is evil because it indulges the five senses and produces disharmony as evidenced with pollution, global warming, species extinction, addictions, war, poverty, theft, corruption, genocide, holocaust, pandemics. The European worldview is evil because it is theft, rape, murder and genocide.  The European worldview is evil because it makes us weaker and weaker the deeper we move into it.

In the coming decades, when I will be gone from this world, and white dominance in America is in its death throws as shown in (1) below, and my Native children and grandchild are re-configuring the operation of the USA and the Western Hemisphere, I want you to remember that all European paths are evil, including Marxism and Socialism, because they are ALL based upon fragmentation, analysis, ego, competition and thus are evil devil worship.  They are the opposite of what we are supposed to be doing in this world.

We are here to move closer to The Great Oneness while we live close to, interdependent with and in love with our extended family while caring for Mother Earth.  This is all I ever wanted to do my whole life and is was stolen from me by the 1492 invaders.

This is all that we are here for and not to invent, not to travel the world, not for fine dining, not to experience as much of the external world as we can, not to compete, not for adventure sports, not to climbing the ladder, not to accumulate wealth and luxury, not to be educated, not to be sophisticated, not to be sexy and not to get our slice of Mother Earth.  That is ALL evil.

When I am gone remember these words young people and rebuild the Indigenous world that humans were intended to live in.

Relearn the indigenous thinking of synthesis (2)

(1) USA–A Native Nation by 2060–One Elders Vision:

(2) Synthesis and Analysis-The Foundations of Reality:

3)  We Once Were Gods–But Now Are Devolving into Devils!

4) We Have Become the Murderers, Rapsits and Thieves–We Have Become the Oppressors, Hitler and Columbus:

5) Science and the White System from Europe is Incapable–It Can Only Create Hell

6) The War Against God–We’ve Built our World on the Wrong Foundation–The Indians Were on the Right Path!!!

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