USA–A Native Nation by 2060–One Elders Vision

Where there is no vision the people will perish”–VOTE.

The year is 2048.  There has not been a White president since President Biden resigned in 2022 and President Harris took office.  The Republican party no longer exist after Trump’s 2016 coup of the party and his failed criminal organized crime presidency.  Donald Trump died in prison in 2026 and his presidency is now seen as a last ditch criminal effort to maintain white supremacy, white domiance and white privilidge on Native land, and the beginning of the end of the 528 year genocide against Brown people in America starting in 1492.

The Republician party collapsed after horrid losses in the 2024 election and a new party arose in 2028, the Unity party, to the left of the Democratic party. As the USA demographics continued to shift Brown, the Unity party grew more and more powerful.

With the dominance of the Unity party, in 2040, the Democratic party collapsed and the Natural party arose to the left of the Unity party.  White people are now a minority in the USA.  The two parties are now the Natural party and the Unity party.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became our first Native president in 2028.

She was prepared for continual White terrorists attacks from the declining White population as they desperately sought to maintain power and control of stolen Native wealth in the Western Hemispere.

By 2048 the Natural party controls the Senate and the Unity party controls the House.  The constitution of he USA is being re-written. The the name of the country is being changed.  The history of the past 556 is being correctly written and White people in the West are finally having to face the fact that they are the purveyors of the greatest holocaust, suffering and theft in human history.  Millions of whites leave the Western Hemisphere in shame, in hopes of losing the stigma associated with their mass evil actions.

Over 70% of all national political public offices are held by Native or Black people.  40 of 50 state governors either Black or Native.  The border is on the verge of collaspe and reuniting native people in American. Tens of millions of white people have relocated to the remaining 10 majority white states and these states have tried succession efforts since 2028 and have failed.  Millions more white people have relocated to Russia and Europe because they do not want to live in a majority Brown country.

Fox News failed as a major news outlet in 2032  as its license was revoked by the FCC for supporting white supremacy authoritarian minority rule autocracy.  Brown Continent has grown to a global media outlet and has helped lead Natives out of the brainwashing of 528 years.  Brown Continent has been able to keep White people’s violent hands tied by broadcasting to the world the reality of what white people have been doing for 528 years and what they are planning in order not to lose power in the Western Hemisphere.

In 2028, a virus appeared from no where on the USA/Mexico border that affects only Native people.  Because of Brown Continents vision, predictions of such a virus created by white people, in order to reduce the Native population, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was prepared and she took immediate and decisive action.  She was able to stop the virus, control it and limit it to a 3,000 people.  Eight additional white terrorist virus attacks occur between 2028 and 2048, targeted at Native and Black populations.  In each of these terrorists attacks the Native or Black presidents takes immediate and concrete action.  Infected areas are 100% locked down.  Masks are 100% mandated with mandated 5 year prison terms for anyone caught not wearing a mask.  And EVERYONE wears a mask as directed.  Unlike spoiled White Americans, with Natives and Blacks gaining power, there is a commonsense groundedness taking hold of “no-nonsense not-fucking-around government”-NFA.

It is now the year 2060.  The border wall failed in 2055 as Natives from Mexico and south could no longer be forced off of Native land with racist apartheid borders and laws.  It is now clearly understood globally, that the terms Hispanic, Latino, immigrant, illegals were all created and used by white supremacists as a con to disenfranchise Native people and an effort to keep the Native population low and Native people powerless.  This is so that Whites could continue to illegally maintaining possession of stolen Native land.  Natives flood over the former border and the USA is now 65% Native.

As the USA continued to turn Native, the Unity party lost power, and in 2058 it failed as the Indigenous party came into power.  The goal of the Indigenous party was to return the means of production back to the family and to put the extended family back in the power position as it had been for indigenous people since the beginning of time.

As Whites fled majority Brown states and the USA land prices fell and Natives purchased millions of acres of land at very low prices.  Extended Native families are living on large tracts of land and growing their own foods and relearning their own languages and ceremonies and operating their own family businesses.

It is now the year 2099.  The USA no longer exist in any recognizable form.  The population of the former USA now 87% Native, 7% Black 4% White and 2% Asian.  The White dream of Native land as a melting pot is dead.  80% of the land is in Native hands.  Capitalism and democracy have been replaced with tribal and family unit trade and commerce   The 50 states of the USA have been replaced with Native territories.  Power and economic growth is no longer the primary objective of life.  Living in family, in balance, harmony, and spirituality with Mother Earth is the prime objective.

The selfish-ego-analytical-authoritarian paradigm that White people, forced onto the world has been shown to be the con and sham.  Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Democracy, authoritarism, fueladism, monarchy and all other systems of social order that derived from European minds are all revealed to be mere massive ponzy schemes.

The Western Hemesphere has united into one United Native America however with distinct Native territories.  The Americas with its social systems build around returning power to the family has become a model for all nations worldwide to follow.

Not complete.  . . More to come . . . . To be continued ..

The key to all of this is voting in 2020.  We are witnessing a natural peaceful democratic coup where Natives are reclaiming our homeland.  But “woke” brown people cannot be so woke that they don’t vote and they enable white dominance on native land indefinitely by not voting.  People talking about 2 wings of the same bird are living in the 1990s rather than seeing 2049, 2060 and 2090  And “where there is no vision the people will perish.”

How do we get to a Native nation by 2060? Follow the plan.  The Brown Continent Plan for Liberation, Safety and Reclaiming ALL of our Land.

Brown Continent, August 12, 2020

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  1. Raul Mendez

    I love the fact that nowhere in your narrative you’re being racist or dominant about race, color, or country, Love the fact the the heavens and earth will unite once more.

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