We are Not Out Numbered We are Out Organized

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Imagine if the Trumps Jan 6th band of terrorists had been confronted with the US military. What would the outcome have been? They would have been demolished. Why? Because the military is organized in a tops down system of unified authority and the Trump terrorists were a rag tag group of disorganized free thinking radicals with no formal leadership, no strategic plan and no organizing command structure–each with the freedom to do as they please whenever they please.  Look at the pictures, at the capital, and you see a rag tag bunch of disorganized clowns.  Guess what?  They taught us everything that we know today.  And thus we are a mirror imagine of Trumps rag tag group of disorganized clowns with everyone doing whatever they desire, whenever they desire and this is why we shall lose unless we get organized.

Yes authority is not the way of our ancestors and is not the way of our future but in order to create the desire future we will have to use it in to defeat white domination, white privilege and white supremacy on our land.  There is simply no way around this.  We at Brown Continent follow the advice of Ancestor Many Horse and he tells us in order to attain our freedom we must use some of the white mans tools.

“I will follow the white man’s trail. I will make him my friend, but I will not bend my back to his burdens. I will be cunning as a coyote. I will ask him to help me understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children, and their children. The Great Spirit has shown me – a day will come when they will outrun the white man in his own shoes.” Many Horses
But many people do not believe this and think there indigenous ways to defect white supremacy.  However, they are not thinking clearly.  Look at it this way:

Rules for Brown Continent Team Members:

  1. Read the Brown Continent Plan for Liberation.  We ask you to make a commitment to the plan.
  2. We are anonymous.  The white people will lose all that they have stolen and built on our land in the next 80 years if we are successful.  60% of them, the Trumptards, will kill any individual or group who is effective and getting our stolen land back and ending their free reign on our land.  We ask all members to stay anonymous as much as reasonably possible.  The kind of violence that we can expect to see we have not seen on our land in 100, 200 or 300 years.  If we are to succeed we must not allow the hordes to know who we are.  Do not divulge your identity to others.  Even with other Brown Continent editors and activists, limit who you fully divulge your identity to.

    WE WANT YOU!!!

  3. Do not contradict other BC editors or activists in public:  If a BC person, using their profile is educating an ally, even if he or she is being hard on that person, do not contradict the BC editor in public.  And definitely NEVER side with the other person.  We are trying to build a common vision, unify our people and educate and that can never happen if BC people are publicly in conflict and undermining one another.  PM the other editor in private and have a conversation about it.
  4. Never correct Brown Continent elders in public or private. You would not do this to your boss at work right?  BC is an authority based organization just like your job or the US military. It is great to PM an elder in private and ask a question.  Or state with the correct tone that you don’t agree with something and ask for clarification.  Not everything elders do will be perfect. Just as not everything a parent will do is perfect.  But following elders 100% of the time like children following parents 100% of the time will lead to the best outcome long term.
  5. Become a Brown Continent Student:  Continue on an on-going basis reading and studying the Brown Continent writing.  It all was written by elders. Some people say it is knowledge passed through them from the ancestors.  Read the writing and you will know in your heart if these are words from our ancestors.  Your ego may not want you to read the writings because your ego is on the side of white supremacy.  But listen to your heart and not you ego.
  6. We do not advocate violence as a liberation strategy.  1) Advocating violence revolution is the quickest way for BC to lose everything, 2) violence is not necessary given the current situation–we have other far more powerful tools, 3) It invites the wrong kinds of attention and the wrong type of people, 4) It is not the way of Indigenous people.  5) We will lose the vast majority of our Native people who are not going to go for violence.  6) The white people are the undisputed kings of violence and it is not a strategic path that will lead to liberation and our land back and will result in millions of deaths.  This does not mean that we are anti guns or self defense.  As part of our community plans we must have defense plans. Any time anyone advocates violence on one of our pages each editor agrees to push back on that and explain why that is not the way and why the Brown Continent way is better.  Violent revolution sounds romantic and exciting but has zero chance of success.
  7. Consistency:  We expect our editors to follow what we publish and to create simplified content that supports the Brown Continent strategies on the BC pages and on their personal social media and not to be publishing opposing or alternative views on their personal social media, especially if other editors know that you are a Brown Continent editor.  Again our biggest problem is diversity of thought.  We have to get our thought unified so that we can muscle force behind the single strategies.
  8. We follow the advice of Many Horses of using the white man’s tools for our liberation.

  9. We ally will all POC.  We do not pick fights with other people of color.  We seek to build bridges and support one another.

  10. We believe the following:
    • Natives are the majority with 660 million Natives on the American continent.
    • The fake labels of Hispanic and Latino were intentionally created by white supremacists to to keep Natives disenfranchised in our own homeland. 
    • Apartheid borders have been used,  by white supremacist since 1492, to make Natives illegal and illegitimate in our own homeland.
    • Return to Indigenous Ways:  We must return to living the balanced ways of ancestors in interdependent extended family communities close to Mother Earth.
    • Logic and Science:  We believe in using the white man’s tools of logic, analysis and science to attain our liberation.
    • We are Native American:  We believe that there is no one 100% correct term for all of the Natives in the Western Hemisphere and that using the term Native American is the best strategic term that we should use to define ourselves to one another and the world as explained in this article. Why we MUST use the INCORRECT term Native American
    • We do not believe in conspiracy theories. We being CT’s are counter productive and the net result of CT’s is to serve to benefit white supremacy.  We don’t believe in nor act upon nor plan based upon conspiracy theories nor guessing.  We believe in being grounded in practical real evidence and basing our decisions on logic and analytical science because this is what Many Horses tells us to do and the gifts the ancestors have given us to us.  We believe that white people have rigged their systems by building the cons into the structures of their systems.  Thus most everything is in the open and not hidden.  And conspiracy theories are based upon hidden agendas that clever geniuses have uncovered.  Example everything that they we do in the modern world produces chem trails that are exterminating the Indigenous World.  It is all in the open and they now have all of us creating chem trails.  Thus there is no need for a program of hundreds or thousands of jets secretly spreading chemicals in the atmosphere.
      • We don’t believe that the queen of England nor the Rothschilds are running the world.
      • We don’t believe that every us president is a descendant of English royalty.
      • We don’t believe in chem trails – everything that we all do today produces chem trails.
      • We don’t believe the election of US presidents are fake and presidents are picked by some powerful individuals who run everything behind the scenes.  Since they have been the majority no matter which white person wins they win. 
      • We don’t believe that vaccines are tools of the elite to get substances into our bodies, in order to get some desired result from us.  They are doing that every day with the foods that we pay to eat and chemicals from products that we consume.  The poisoning is all in the open and everyone embraces it.
      • That Black people were not the first Natives in the Western Hemisphere as some as now claiming.

I pledge allegiance to:

    • Getting all of our Native land back.
    • Attaining liberty for Native people on Native land
    • Allying with Black people and other POC.
    • Ending white supremacy, white privilege and white dominance on Native land.
    • Recognizing all Natives, Spanish speaking, English speaking, Portuguese speaking, as Native Americans Native to the “American” continent.
    • Plan and work towards moving away from getting my living needs met in ways that are exterminating the Indigenous World and are attacks on Mother Earth.  
    • Following the Brown Continent strategic plan and the rules above in attaining all of the above.

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