We Can Attain Peace-Heaven-Balance-Spirituality-Oneness-Sustainability ONLY By Living In Nature-Family-Community

I was restarting the ceremonial fire yesterday evening. The fire was basically out. There were several scattered lightly glowing embers on the butts of some branches as the fire had slowly retreated down these branches on its way to death.  There was no practical or significance heat nor fire. I put the embers together and within 30 seconds they united and there was significant heat & glow. Then suddenly there was combustion and a flame. After two minutes I had a significant fire. I added more limbs and within five minutes there was again a roaring fire. There was no analysis nor division only synthesis. As long as we stay separate we are merely dying glowing embers. Only when we come together via synthesis and unity will we have the power to end the hell of the modern world and return to balance and love.

Each of us is a glowing ember. Alone in our bubbles, dependent upon the Matrix, we are like the solo embers. No matter how bright we are, alone, we are merely a dying glowing ember. As we come together, we have the opportunity to synthesize, and produce collectively far more heat, power than the sums of our individual outputs. As we come together we get combustion, fire and infinite wealth. This fire can burn indefinitely as long s fuel is added. We get this additional power and immortality because as we synthesize we move closer to Wakan Tanka and thus access the power of Wakan Tanka.

As we synthesize we are moved beyond the analytical and linear world, the illusion, and tap our unique genius to accomplish our soul’s hidden agenda. As we come together and synthesize we can more easily access heaven. Our pre-contact Indigenous ancestor’s world was one based upon synthesis because the core of their social system was a communal-interdependent-extended family system. The question then is why do we stay separate? Why do we live on separate property with separate profit centers? Why are we not running back towards the communal-interdependent-extended family living of our ancestors? To get a deeper understanding of synthesis thinking please see the article: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Indignet/doc/250346645025324/

When the invasion happened our ancestors were forced away from communal-interdependent-extended family living. We were forced away from synthesis and unity into a worldview of analysis, fragmentation, competition and self-focus. We were intentionally tortured and brainwashed to never come back to synthesis and family living. The holocaust, torture and murder of our people was intentionally done to instill fear in our hearts regarding communal living, so that even those of us who begin to awaken, would be repelled away from the very thing we needed most. Listen to Harriett Nahanee to hear firsthand how we were forced away from communal living: http://www.hiddenfromhistory.org/historyfiles/audio/Harriett_Nahanee.mp3.

Communal living was the foundation of our culture, worldview and civilization. Today we’ll happily do weekend retreats, pow wows, workshops, seminars, family reunions, gatherings, weekend ceremonies, parties or anything as long as there is an end point where we can get back to our separate houses away from our family, friends, and interdependence. However, without living and working together communally, on a piece of land, there is no foundation for all of the other knowledge and wisdom that we are learning. When one builds a house or anything one must first start with a foundation. That foundation must be Mother Earth—a land base from which to operate and being getting ones living needs met.

Today we are fine being dependent upon authoritarian bureaucracies for getting our living needs met (Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Schools, Hospitals, Home Depot, state government, Progress Energy, Food Lion, Lowes, ) but never our own family and friends. There is a saying that has developed among our people, “family is like fish, after three days things begin to stink.” Living together permanently with and being interdependent upon our family is the last thing we desire TODAY—at 18 we are gone for life. We must ask the hard question, why is this?? Why are there 2000 Intentional communities of white people living together communally, with shared ownership of property, like our ancestors and yet we have virtually none?

We stay separate because of the trauma and emotional damage of the past 519 years. We have been conditioned via torture and fear not to come together and to stay separate. I believe that it is important for us to be aware of this brainwashing so that we can take countermeasures. We think we are making decisions from our own free will but in fact Columbus and other slave owners 519 or 350 years ago made our decision for us and we are merely following their directives. However, we should not come to communal-interdependent-extended family living out of spite towards these centuries old directives, but because it is the path to our freedom and empowerment. It is the key to our getting our mo-jo back. It is the way of love, peace, abundance and balance. It is the way of Indigenous people that has sustained us here on Mother Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Because we can help lead the world back to love.

Each day that we chose to get our human needs met via bureaucracy is another day that we support and are part of the rape, murder, pollution and corruption of Mother Earth and the Indigenous World. It is another day that we support the death of 30,000 children daily and 20,000 adults daily. Bureaucracy is a very destructive organizing system because care and love is replaced with authority and self-interest. And this is why the world is in the dire situation that it now is. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And bureaucracies are systems of authoritarian power. When we get our human needs met via bureaucracies, as opposed to the interdependent-communal work of our family and friends and networks of families and friends, we are vulnerable to how these loveless, dictatorial and selfish entities operate.

Bureaucracies meet our needs in out of balances ways by raping and polluting Mother Earth and the Indigenous World. As we support these entities, by getting our living needs met through them, We are also raping and polluting Mother Earth and the Indigenous World. We have been conditioned to follow authority, as shown in the Milgram experiment in the 1960s, where it was shown that the majority of people will torture and electrocute another person if directed to do so by authority. Authority makes us unconscious and most of us will do nearly anything in the name of authority, because we have been conditioned to do so. And the proof is the fact that we today we help rape, murder, pollute without a second thought, each time we get a human need met via bureaucracy, all because authority says it is ok.

Authority with its short 6,000 year history has a track record of violence, competition, corruption, holocaust, genocide, disease, poverty, fear and war. Already once in its short 6,000 year history, authority led to a total civilization collapse leading to the 1,000 year European Dark Ages of pure hell, violence, disease, theft, murder and insanity. It ended in 1492 with the theft of 25% of the world’s wealth. Revived by this infusion of wealth, authority survived and now today, 519 years later, authority has once again has led to the point of collapse and self-destruction with the likes of global warming, species extinction, peak oil, economic debt, wars, genocides, holocausts, resource depletion and far more. Take a look at just a small glimmer of the effects of us getting our human needs met via authority. Look at what we are creating each day. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1227391519245. Warning the full results of authority are shocking.

In the Indigenous Way authority is distributed equally to each individual. There is no concentration of authority in single individuals and there are no individuals over or under other individuals. Each person is a creative and thinking being. Each individual is the first and last of his/her own nation. “We are born free and united brothers, each as much a great lord as the other, while you are slaves of one sole man. I am the master of my body, I dispose of myself, I do what I wish, I am the first and the last of my nation” . . . . Subject only to the Great Spirit.” Said by Anonymous Huron, ca. 1700’s

Many people are focused on one or two aspects of the Indigenous Way while still being dependent upon the Matrix. If this is all one so doing and one has no plan to continue moving towards synthesizing all aspects of the Indigenous Way and one has no plans to get off of the Matrix, you are wasting your time. And their is not much difference in your actions (to the Indigenous World) and conservative, right-wing, racist, industrialist raping the Indigenous World. Faith without works is dead. Is does not matter what we say or believe if we are not acting on it and progressing.

Many people are too hurt to face the reality of the journey ahead and your fate has already been determined. “Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings, and live a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build the new world.” “Those who cannot celebrate the change and the coming of the new dispensation will drop dead from their own fear” Hopi Prophecy.

We must remember whatever damage we do in this life, we will have to correct this damage when this life is over. So each day that we continue the free ride on Matrix killing machine is more debt that we will have to repay later. There is no free lunch. Many people horribly hurt by the holocaust cling to one of the barely functional dogma life rafts thrown to us by the murderers. These barely functional life rafts cannot deliver the salvation they promises. They were designed by the murders to only give us enough function to survive and serve the killing Matrix machine. But many of us cannot let go of this raft because this raft is the only thing that saved our lives. All I can say to this is one has to muster the courage to let go of what one knows has us trapped in a murderous life.

Whereas our ancestors could not live without family today we cannot live with family. This is due to our assimilated European mindset. Virtually all relationships end up in parting ways or divorce. The few that last a life time end-up relationships of bare toleration and nagging. Children get away from their parents as soon as they turn 18. Synthesis was the key to our ancestors’ families staying together generation after generation. Not only have we lost the ability to synthesize, we are so hurt that we can only see from our own limited perspective and only have interest in seeing from our own perspective. We must relearn to synthesize and heal enough to be able to listen to others.

Communal living has sustained Indigenous people for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the ONLY system of social order that has proven to sustain humanity over the long term. And the only system of human social order to operate based upon peace, collaboration, abundance and dialogue. It is THE system that humanity must return to if we expect a future on Mother Earth.

We can turn around the current hell of this world by becoming aware of the divide and conquer brainwashing running inside of us, by healing our addiction to authority and returning to living in community thus getting our human living needs met via interdependent-communal-extended family living. And we can help lead the world back to balance.

September 23, 2013 at 12:40pm

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