We Once Were Gods–But Now Are Devolving into Devils!

Most people think that the human race is progressing, improving, growing and evolving with new knowledge, new inventions, new technologies and new discoveries. And if we could just get better politicians, solar panels of every roof top and equality for Brown people everything would be right in the world. But the root of the problem is much deeper. In reality we are not progressing—we are going backwards—we are on the wrong road. What we are experiencing in the world is devolution or devilution. Devil-ution is the root of ALL of the modern world’s problems.

Devilution is a state where the human species is devolving as opposed to evolving and we are devolving into devils. We are devolving into devils because we have taken the wrong path and have created a world based upon the wrong building blocks. What are devils? Devils are beings that see, act and relate to the universe as though it is made of fragments with everything being separate from everything else. When in reality the universe is one indivisible whole, oneness and one-love.

The definition of hell is the illusion of separation from Wakan Tanka (God)—the indivisible whole. Our modern world, with its roots from Europe, and ALL of its inventions and social systems, is 100% built upon the logical-analytical worldview of fragmentation and thus hell. Education, technology, construction,engineering, governments, corporations, sports, roads, inventions, stores, churches,courts, competition, commerce, modern language, food, learning, travel and the entire modern world is based upon analysis and fragmentation. In fact the very definition of intelligence(IQ) today is the measure of one’s analytical capacity—one’s ability to fragment. Fragment what? If Wakan Tanka (God) is infinite then God must be inclusive of all that there is–one indivisible whole. Then when we use analysis to interact with the universe what we are doing is fragmenting or trying to fragment is God! Analysis is the process of breaking things apart and manipulating the pieces. Thus today, with every aspect of our lives being based upon analysis, we are continuously trying to break God apart and manipulate God, or the pieces of God (what we call holons of God), for our own selfish gain or agenda. And this is what has us devolving into devils and has us in a war with God.

Fragmentation is now our reality and how we see the universe, Wakan Tanka and interact with it. Fragmentation today is how we get our living needs met within the world. And this logical-analytical-fragmented-souless worldview, thinking and way of interacting with the universe is what makes us hell worshipers and have us devolving into devils.

Another way of explaining this witchcraft or devil worship is the undoing of God’s work. Who can deny that as we domesticate, exterminate, assimilate, homogenize, refine, egolize, pollute, destroy the natural world via fragmentation, that we are undoing the natural world that God’s created and thus undoing God’s work. Who can deny that bulldozing a natural forest and ecosystem and building a nasty, filthy, violent, polluting, artificial system called a city, a scab on Mother Earth, is the undoing God’s work. Who can deny that taking natural forms of life that God created and domesticating and artificial engineering new artificial forms of life (chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, modern sophisticated people as opposed to natural indigenous people), which replace the natural life is undoing God’s work (kill the Indian save the man). They have told us exactly what they are doing. Look at the picture below and we see everything natural and Indigenous being pushed off of the earth and replaced by that which is artificial and refined. And now we are all supporting this merely by living, embracing and loving the modern artificial sophisticated way.

Who can deny that polluting the environment so that natural forms of life cannot live is undoing God’s work. As we each participate in the modern world WE are undoing God’s work and this makes us devil worshipers. We see the results of devilution with the horrid state of the world with pollution, greed, violence, child abuse, global warming, species extinction, peak oil, genocides, uranium mining, mountain top removal, selfishness, wars, holocausts, oil spills, nuclear meltdowns, corporations, disease, oppression, white supremacy, racism, power-greed-corruption, poverty, starvation, hording, cancer. All of the rivers, lakes, oceans, air, water and land of Mother Earth are now polluted with deadly toxins.

Climate change is destine to destabilized the natural balance of all life on Earth. Dozens of animals are going extinct each year with half of the world’s large mammals expected to be extinct within the next century: polar bears, tigers, lions,wolves, elephants, giraffes and many more. As the natural animals disappear they are being replaced with refined, artificial, domesticated, controlled animals—animals refined through fragmentation: chickens, pigs, cows. This includes domesticated people as well (“kill the Indian save the man”). The coral reefs will all be dead globally in 35 years. Twenty percent of the Amazon rain forest has been cut for hamburgers and 100% will be gone in the coming decades. Seven hundred mountains in Virginia and West Virginia have been demolished for coal and electricity. Devils meet their living needs by murdering, stealing and raping and then denying any role in it while taking no responsibility in it and blaming other and even protesting it. Today each time we flush a toilet, flick a light switch, cook a meal, drive a car, make a purchase we each are raping, stealing and murdering because all of our human needs are being met in analytical ways that are polluting, depleting, clear cutting, devouring, exterminating, flattening, controlling, domesticating, destabilizing and corrupting.

For example no matter where you get your electricity from oil, coal, uranium, hydro, natural gas, etc the process is horribly destructive to Mother Earth and the Indigenous World. Each day 30,000 children die because of how we chose to live. We are killing these 30,000 babies each day by “choosing” to get our human needs met from a system that operates based upon fragmentation. All of the above is the behavior of devils and not “Human Beings”. Read more of the destructive ways we are killing and willing to kill billions of people and permanently destroy the balance of Mother Earth while feeling no of guilt about it and denying our role in it: My Heart is Broken–The Price of Living White

We have not always been devils. Prior to people being domesticated, refined,“educated”, egolized, sophisticated we were “Human Beings” on our way to being one with Wakan Tanka. Human Beings are Natural people living at one with Mother Earth. Worldwide Indigenous people were spiritually evolving. Their entire civilizations were based on continuous progression towards the Great Oneness and away from the illusion of separation. The social institutions, cultures, languages,communications of ALL Natural Indigenous people worldwide, were focused on ceremony and moving the individual closer to the oneness reality of the universe. All of the processes for meeting human needs and living had been designed to be prayers, meditations and ceremonies to help individuals move beyond the illusion of separation and closer to unity and the Great Oneness. The“Human Beings” had spent hundreds of thousands of years evolving and Natural Indigenous people were maturing on their spiritual journey. They were on a journey of “synthesis”.

Whereas analysis is the process of fragmenting wholes into pieces, synthesis is the process of bringing together wholes (or whole perspectives) with other wholes (or whole perspectives) to produce even larger and more coherent wholes. The two are exact opposites. Synthesis takes us to heaven and analysis takes us to hell. The end result of synthesizing all of wholes in the universe is Wakan Tanka. The end result of analysis is hell. Devils are alone, separate, cold, fearful,self-righteousness, shriving in the dark with their fragmented-manipulated artificial stuff: cars, computers, houses, money, bling, status. Devils have lost perspective of right-wrong,up-down and thus they lack vision. And where there is no vision the people will perish.

For more on analysis and synthesis read: Synthesis and Analysis-The Foundations of Reality

Whereas devils have created a world based upon analysis and fragmenting God (Wakan Tanka) Natural Indigenous people had created a world which rested upon a foundation of synthesis and moving towards heaven. They understood the oneness reality of the universe and that they were spiritual beings having an illusionary “separation”experience. They were Gods in embryo in the process of being born. Natural Indigenous people were the meek, pure and innocent living in a Garden of Eden within a worldview based upon freedom, liberty, trust, love and unity. The following are accounts of what Natural people were like before domestication and egolization. Bartoleme de Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies(1542) “And of all the infinite universe of humanity, these people are the most guileless, the most devoid of wickedness and duplicity, the most obedient and faithful. . .They areby nature the most humble, patient, and peaceable, holding no grudges, free from embroilments, neither excitable nor quarrelsome. These people are the most devoid of rancors, hatreds, or desire for vengeance of any people in the world.. . . . .they are not arrogant, embittered, or greedy. As to their dress, they are generally naked,with only their pudenda covered somewhat. They are very clean in their persons, with alert, intelligent minds,docile and open . . . and to behave in a godly fashion. Some of the secular Spaniards who have been here for many years say that the goodness of the Indians is undeniable.”

Christopher Columbus said the following: “The Indians are so naïve and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would believe it. When you ask for something the have, they never say no. To the contrary, they offer to share with anyone. . . .”   Indigenous people understood that happiness, gratification, experiencing the universe and the path to oneness lay within themselves and not external to them.

Devils seek happiness, gratification and to experience the world via means external to them in the illusionary world (remember cipher in the Matrix)—the “city life”, the “gilts and glamor”, the gold and bling, partying, sports, competition, conflict,drama, the latest style, movies, concerts, shopping, malls, gangs, status/recognition, the largest house or nicest car.

Though we at Brown Continent are not followers of the Bible, even the bible includes words Indigenous wisdom passed down from ancient times thousands of years before the bible was written.  The words of Jesus Christ: “Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” – Luke 17:20-21

How does seeking our gratification or getting our human needs met externally create hell? When “Human Beings” were cold they went internal within themselves and changed their minds to be one with the cold and thus they were warmed. When devils are cold they fragment, manipulate and change the world around them, instead of changing themselves, and thus they create pollution and corrupt the natural world to get warm. Devils fragment elements of Wakan Tanka using analysis by building modern analysis based enclosures around them. Then we fragment the atom, demolish a mountain for coal, frack the Mother for natural gas, kill other people for oil so that we can heat the space around us. Devils are people who think that the reality of the universe is external to them and they must change the external world in order to live within it. Devils seek to experience the reality of the world by going external to themselves. Natural indigenous people lived within the Natural world, not by changing the world, but by changing their minds to be one with that world. Devils meet their living needs by fragmenting the Natural world and manipulating it to suit themselves. Natural Indigenous people met their needs by receiving the nourishment from Mother Earth at the rate she produced it.

Where Wakan Tanka has created a world where Mother Earth produces exactly the nourishment that we need in-balance and exactly when we need it, we now have a “Wasicu” world of hording and obesity where we each seek to get as much as we can as fast as we can. When we compare this to a mother and her baby, the mother produces the nourishment needed at the exact rate that the baby needs it. Imagine an insane baby who got the idea that he could be wealthier if he could get more milk faster. And he creates a pump to keep pumping breast milk from his mother when he is full–24 hours seven days per week. And he stores the excess. Then to increase his wealth (return on investment) he decides to start cutting off slices of his mother’s breast and storing it.

And then he uses his wealth and control to begin pumping the milk from the mothers of other babies. While thousands of babies are starving he has thousands of gallons of breast milk and pounds of breast meat stored away. From our modern measuring stick this baby would be a genius. He would be the Sam Walton or Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos or Donald Trump or Putin of babies being the wealthiest baby in the world. He would be the baby for all babies to follow and emulate. But in reality he would be a devil baby, a Chuckie, an insane baby who has lost his way from the intended path between mother and baby. And yet all babies would begin following “the beast” because the empirical evidence shows that his is the way to success.This is exactly what is happening in the world.

Indigenous people were taking only the breast milk from Mother Earth at the rate that she produced it. And now we are on the path of insanity as we mine, drill, manufacture, bulldoze, develop, build as fast as we can to get as much money as we can. Fragmentation has literally turns us into“Mother” fuckers as we attempt to rape our own Mother. Only devils would do such a thing!!!  The world’s Natural Indigenous people were forced out of their oneness worldview by devils via slavery, genocide, holocaust and torture such as that started in1492.

The world’s Natural Indigenous people are in the process of being domesticated, refined, educated,sophisticated, egolized and devilized—kill the Indian save the man. The domestication process is intended to force us out of the oneness paradigm and into the fragmented worldview of devils. All domesticated, educated, sophisticated people are devils who ignore the reality of oneness and seek to meet their personal needs through fragmentation, division, authority, control, fear, analysis and manipulation. The meeting of each human need, rather than being a prayer for oneness, as was with the Human Beings, is a step towards hell, separation and selfishness. Devils destroy the balance of the Natural Indigenous world through their daily actions in order to meet their living needs.

Devils also continuously work to domesticate, refine, engineer, control, exploited and exterminate the Natural Indigenous World. They fragment and manipulate the oneness to suit their own limited perspective and personal agendas. What does this mean? For example when we are cold we pollute the world in order to warm ourselves (uranium, coal, oil, natural gas, tar sands, fracking, technology). Our Human Beings ancestors did not do this. Whatever they did was balanced. And each human need that we meet today is met in an out of balance fragmented way.

In fact today out-of-balance is our primary value and virtue as explained in this article: Balance–Why the Entire Modern System is Doomed!   Devilution is the process where we are domesticating the Natural world and manipulating and controlling the oneness fragments for our illusionary personal profit and self gain. One problem with devilution is that this fragmented thinking puts us in a war with God (WakanTanka) and it is a war which we have already lost because the meek shall inherit the earth. Devilution is not sustainable and is a dead end road.

It does not matter how much we go to church or how much we pray or how many native ceremonies we attend or how many sweats we do or how much protesting we do or how much clever stuff we write on Facebook. None of this matters one ounce while continuously bathing daily in a vat of fragmentation shit. Imagine we lived in a world which was a giant vat of shit. And we lived in this bucket all of the time and then once a week or once a month we take a shower and immediately after the shower we jumped back in the big vat of shit. Our prayers mean nothing if our actions have us jumping right back in the vat of fragmentation shit. And this fragmentation has us literally killing thousands of other people daily and permanently polluting Mother Earth. While Hitler was killing thousands of people daily do you think his prayers to his god meant anything?? We have a choice:

Who can deny that one who is destroying God’s world and replacing it with his/her own “better” world is at war with God? Who can deny that one who wars with God is a devil?

The future has already been written and “the meek shall inherent the Earth.” So where will all of the devils go? We must leave the planet. However, there is a way out and to reverse the devilution and to begin to evolve back to being Human Beings again.

“Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings, and live a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build the new world.” “Those who cannot celebrate the change and the coming of the new dispensation will drop dead from their own fear” Hopi Prophecy.

Devilution can only end one way—complete collapse of the fragmented world that white people have forced us into and now we embrace. Therefore we must abandon everything that we know about living in this modern world. 

So there we have it, the devils will drop dead of their own fear and the meek shall inherit the earth. And starting today you get to decide which path you will take.  To return to the original teachings we must reform into small family communities, interconnected and independent upon other small family communities. Eventually these communities will form a web that covers the entire planet as it once did. The people in these communities must be living close to the Mother and getting their human needs met via the web or network of communities in 100% natural, balanced and sustainable ways. We must understand that what we see as reality is a Matrix illusion that has been pulled over our eyes to deceive us. We must understand that there are different realities that we could be perceiving and living completely different than what we consider absolute today. And over time we must abandon our current reality and accept a different one. All of this is what we MUST do if we plan to stay on the planet. There is nothing stopping you from starting to create your family community today and beginning your disconnection from the Matrix. Here are ten things that you can start doing and planning to end your role in the murder and destruction:

Ten Things You Can do to Change the World—-Ending Poverty, Pollution, Corruption, Racism, Starvation, War, Violence, Authority: 

“Devils be Gone”

Watch Video:  “We must become human again”

Brown Continent, April 17, 2013

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