WE’RE STILL AT WAR: A War of Propaganda & False Branding

WE’RE STILL AT WAR: a war of propaganda & false branding has been used since 1492 to make us all look like trespassers & foreigners on our continent. Today the white media brands us as criminals, immigrants, migrants, illegals.

Being at war calls for strategy. Don’t go into a gunfight with a knife, be smart and be armed intelligently. We ask our people to be strategic with the terms you use. Your terms might be right, but wasicu are tricky and you could be “dead right”. Be wrong and win the war OR right and lose the war. Which would you rather have? Our people are very scattered using any terminology they want. For example, Indigenous and Aboriginal are generic terms that can be used to refer to any brown people around the world. Plus if you look at the definition of indigenous in Blacks Law Dictionary 1st Edition, it means a slave to the jurisdiction of the colonizer, the crown. Also, Aboriginal is used to refer to the original people of Australia. That concept is known worldwide. For us, the term Native American, is more strategic since it is known worldwide to refer to us, the original brown people of the Western Hemisphere; the American Indians. It’s easily known without hesitation on a global scale and leaves no doubt as to who we are among the different races. It doesn’t make sense to change the strategy with other terms when we already have momentum with the term Native Americans. We must agree on this common denominator that unifies us all if we want to win the war.

Native American children are being separated at concentration camps and sent out to different parts of the USA, possibly to never see their parents again. This is a replication of the the Residential School, and Indian Boarding school programs that destroyed our families.

WINNING THE INFO WAR: Use terms that leave no room for debate, words that the world immediately understands in less than 3 seconds. We know they can be correct or incorrect. Our strategy is to bring to bare Global pressure regarding the Holocaust and genocide of our people. Native American & American Indian are immediately understood on a global level. These terms will put things into context regarding what’s going on with the concentration camps, the Border issue, the family separations and deportations so that they are seen as part of a 500+ year genocide that hasn’t stopped to maintain domination over stolen Native American land.

Terms like Hispanic, Latina, immigrant, mestizo, illegal aliens, Mexican etc are used to intentionally brand us in a way which mischaracterizes the situation that we’re in. Such terms are used to ‘make’ us look like the criminals and illegal according to White peoples laws. We must remember that Europeans made it “legal” to scalp our ancestors, lynch them, drag them by horse, imprison them, destroy their communities, indoctrinate them, etc. by successfully branding us as heathens, savages, red skins, hostiles, wet backs, trespassers, migrants etc. Today  it’s still the same only the modes of the European/white peoples genocide have changed.  You can easily get away with caging “immigrant foreigners” or separate families of “illegal aliens” but you can’t get away with saying “we’re deporting and incarcerating Native American families.” This is the truth that they need to keep hidden from us while they call you Hispanic, Latino/a, Mestizo/a, Mexican, etc with the hope  that you’ll never figure out that you are in fact Native American also. They have you seeing your own people of the Western Hemisphere as a class of foreign trespassers because they’ve given you a few crumbs/benefits to call yourself American.

This continual propaganda war is being waged to maintain a white majority-rule zone on a brown continent. White people are the minority here in the Western Hemisphere. We brown native americans of the Western Hemisphere are 67% of the entire population. If we were awakend to the fact that we’re Native Americans who are under seige, with an invader in our home, we would’ve kicked out the Europeans off of our continent. The problem is that we’re asleep to this fact. We don’t know that we’re homeless on our continent while the white invader/foreigner is the real illegal alien taking up our land and resources while they cage and separate our people. It’s easier to steal a continent if you don’t identify the original owners! See how that works? So from a strategic standpoint Native American or American Indian is okay for now.

Think about it, if you woke up to your true identity things would not be in favor for those who have created the borders and seek to oppress brown people by deporting them, making them think they’re foreigners on their homelands, which only allows the colonizers to constantly oppress & abuse them.

Native Americans have claim to this entire continent from Patagonia to Alaska. Those who claim some foreign identity have no claims to this land. Until you begin to realize that you are not in fact Latino or Latina or “Latinx” or Hispanic for that matter, and that you really are a Brown native American man or woman of this continent, you can identify as Native American. You are not Hispanic or Latino, rather you’ve been given a Hispanic or Latino name. The problem is is that you’ve been brainwashed to except that as a racial or cultural identity marker.

Look at our Southern Relatives faces, and plainly see that the are Native Americans. They aren’t foreign, illegal, or immigrants on their own CONTINENT.

THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY STRATEGY to win the white peoples intentional misinformation propaganda war against us AND not to substitute our original ancestral names. Brown Continent are Macehualmeh, Pilam, Neshnabe, Caxcan, Ininew, Yoeme, etc. We’re just using a term millions of people know. We’re aiming at the millions of brown people who don’t know they’re in fact Native Americans with no clue what tribe/nation they belong to. We have to start somewhere. Native American is a unifying term for all of us from Patagonia to Alaska. It makes us giant, it makes us the majority, and it unites us. Let’s awaken the sleeping giant #idnative2020

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