Western Civilization Losing the War on Mother Earth–Covid 19

Once we understand the larger picture of what is happening, it is easy to understand why these people are protesting against the Covid 19 shut down. As we have been explaining, for decades in our articles on our various Brown Continent media, there is a 6,000 year old war going on in the world.

On one side of this war there are artificial domesticated humans who are pushing for an artificial domesticated world–this is the pure definition of white supremacy. This is Western civilization and the European worldview that now manifest its self as capitalism, socialism, communism, oligarchy, kingdoms, dictatorships and any system of social authority. On the other side of this war is the innocent indigenous world as created by Wakan Tanka.

The Trumpsters fully under that Western Civilization is under threaten of collapse and complete failure. You hear them saying this over and over, “our way of life is being threatened.” The virus has Western Civilization in a vise-a catch 22. Western Civilization must have continual movement and growth in order to survive. But with the virus the more movement the more death. They know that the only way for Western Civilization to survive is to forge ahead, open up everything, taking the millions of deaths on the chin, shaking it off and getting back to their way of living–just as WWII or any other war.

Surprised?? Don’t be. This is what they have always done in order to gain dominion over Mother Earth and the indigenous world. They take the hit boldly and die for what they believe in. In single battles in the Civil War 10,000 to 15,000 people would die. They walked and ran directly face first into bullets and bombs. On a single day in WWII, D-day, 73,000 allied soldiers were killed walking directly face first into bullets and bombs. In WWII 42 million Russians were killed. This savage, brutal, knuckle dragging mindset is core to the Western Civilization worldview .

And it is how they have stolen and control the world. The problem is that you can only take a system so far out of balance before making it blow apart or, in nature, before auto self balancing mechanisms are triggered.

The system, where the more movement the more death and collapse, is a auto self balancing mechanism.

There are several potential wrinkles in the Trumpsters war plan. Since people are getting reinfected a vaccine may not work thus we could be looking at a long term slow die off as people get Corona over and over. Second science is showing that as global warming continues an army of viruses may be unleashed from the melting ice caps–auto self balancing mechanism.

So go for it boys. You are in a war with Wakan Tanka (God) and it is a war that you cannot win. And if you are in a war with God what does that make you? Yep, you got it–a devil.. Give it everything that you have and may the best win–the good old boys or God. Remember, Corona is just round one. You are unleashing thousands more viruses and remember viruses are only one auto self balancing mechanism of Mother Earth. So let’s get down an do this. Let’s get it on.

Also remember that you only make up 10 to 15% of the global population. In a war of attrition you lose. Remember Vietnam where 1 American died for every 10 Vietnamese–but Vietnam won.

Question for Brown people. Which side of this war are you on. You heart is with Wanka Tanka and you are repulsed by the knuckle dragging ideology. But your head and body has you addicted to the evil Euro ways of Western Civilization. Keep in mind there is only one way forward for Brown people–we must return to the peaceful, connected, oneness, spiritual indigenous ways of our ancestors. Ours is not the devils path. And in the end, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”.

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