White People, You Are Not Getting Your Country Back!!

  1. You are not getting your country back. It is too late.  You lost. Checkmate.  The fat lady is singing.
  2. It was never your country. It has always been Native land.  Thinking that it was your country has always been a delusion in your mind. And a con that you played on the world.
  3. What is has been is 529 years of illegal occupation, polution and destruction of our sacred Native land because of your ways of terrorism, violence and theft. It has been a con of you being sweet innocent people who discovered a “new world”.  You didn’t discover shit. We have always been here. As criminals you invaded, stole, tortured and terrorized inflicting the greatest holocaust in human history mass murdering 100 million Natives.
  4. Majority rules. You fucked up and took your eyes off the prize. You stopped producing babies because of your short term selfish ways and your desire to explore and ENJOY your one life rather raising children. Your selfishness enabled you to steal this land and now your selfishness is the cause of you losing all that you have stolen.
  5. Natives are the majority in America because we out produced you and you are a declining minority soon to be powerless.
  6. Donald Trump was your great white hope.  And y’all failed and have now shown the world who you really are and have always been: cons, thieves, terrorists, criminals, genocidists, mass murderers, lairs, gangsters who acquire wealth via theft, murder, conning, lying and cheating. Trump’s last stand on January 6th 2021, had the same result as Custer’s last stand.  Even with the sedition, insurrection, murder, attempted violent an illegal coup 65% of white people 129 million out of 200 million white Americans still support Trump and his fascist white supremacist movement. This tells the world who you really are.  You do not believe in democracy, nor majority rule, nor freedom, nor the constitution, nor blue lives matter, nor free markets.  You only believe in those things to the degree that they allow you to cheat and steal.  As soon as those things no longer serve your selfish greed you abandon them.  Now it is OUR constitution, OUR democracy, OUR government, OUR police departments, OUR military, OUR DOJ, OUR CDC. OUR vacinnes.  You over played your hand and lost all of that.  Biden is just a place holder keeping things stable, and from being pushed into minority rule fascism, while our population grows and we take over OUR democracy on our Native land.  We will win because we are following the wisdom of our ancestor Many Horses, “I will follow the white man’s trail. I will make him my friend, but I will not bend my back to his burdens. I will be cunning as a coyote. I will ask him to help me understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children, and their children. The Great Spirit has shown me – a day will come when they will outrun the white man in his own shoes.” Many Horses
  7. Now go quietly into the night with your weak loser asses.  If you try mass violence or war OUR USA military and OUR crack seal teams will crush you like the cockroach that you are.  Try terrorism and OUR CIA and OUR FBI will hunt you to the end of the Earth for as long as it takes.  In the end OUR Seal Team Six will put a bullet in your brain.  Between now and then you will have to abandon your family and live like the disgusting rat that you are, on the run and hiding looking over your shoulder every second.  You have no additional moves-you have been checkmated. Sure we know you will not give up and you will continue to produce mass chaos, death and destruction but you have no path to continued dominance on native Native land.  By 2024 and 2028 our population will be too large and yours to small for your powerless ass to dominate anything.  The republician party is DOA. Soon you will see a new party arise as our population grows.  Then we will vote to eliminate the apartheid anti-Native border on Native land and ALL of your power will be gone as your population  percentage immediately plummets.
  8. If you sit quietly on your front porch and listen closely you will hear Putin calling you. If you want a white dominate land Russia awaits you.  In any case your time here is over.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  Bye!!!

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