The descendants of the original Europeans immigrants are the people who continue to benefit from you calling yourself Hispanic, Latino/a, and Mestiza/o. They benefit from your ignorance to the fact that you’re really Native American. The only things Hispanic or Latin about you are the languages that you speak and the Christian slave names you’ve been given. There’s nothing Hispanic or Latin about your blood and DNA.

The descendants of the white peoples who invaded 500 years ago definitely benefit from you not knowing who you really are. You’ve been misidentified as part of a strategy to keep you at a distance from recognizing who you really are and where you are from. You’ve been labeled HISPANIC Latino Latina Hispanic immigrant, undocumented, illegal, etc for the express purpose of making you feel like a foreigner on your homeland. It’s easier to steal a continent, ransack all the resources, and enslave the original inhabitants if they have forgotten who they are and if the invaders wage a campaign of intentionally misidentifying them. We went from: los sin-Dios (meaning those without God; where the term indios originated) to indios, savages, hostiles, redskins, wetbacks, illegals, etc. As Europeans encroached further inland on our continent, they either exterminated entire communities or pushed our ancestors further out of their lands. They created countries on our continent, thus the need for apartheid borders was enforced. Anyone on the other side of their apartheid borders were deemed illegal or foreign.

Think about it, if you woke up to your true identity things would not be in favor for those who have created the borders and seek to oppress brown people by deporting them, making them think they’re foreigners on their homelands, which only allows the colonizers to constantly oppress & abuse them.

Native Americans have claim to this entire continent from Patagonia to Alaska. Those who claim European imposed identities can have no claims to this land. Until you begin to realize that you are not Latino or Latina or “Latinx” or Hispanic for that matter, and that you really are a Brown native American man or woman of this continent, you can identify as Native American. You are not Hispanic or Latino, rather you’ve been given a Hispanic or Latino name. The problem is is that you’ve been brainwashed to except that as a racial or cultural identity marker. Many layers  of  false identities were imposed over the centuries. Today many people are proudly identifying with nationalities. Brown people are proud to say they are Puerto Rican, Canadian, Colombian, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Costa Rican, etc. etc. Countries were the creations of Europeans and realistically are nothing more than European colonies on our continent.

COLONIZATION WILL NOT LAST FOREVER: it’s a natural occurrence that happens anywhere white people have invaded. You can only oppress people for so long before they begin to remember who they really are and realize that they have been oppressed and enslaved. This is a natural process and it can never be stopped. Things have to come full circle again.


•You will realize that you have been indoctrinated and lied to about who you really are and why it’s in somebody else’s best interest to keep you asleep to your true identity.

* Once you realize that your brown face means that you are indeed a Native American, you’ll realize that your roots extend beyond the 526 years of illegal occupation of your lands by Europeans. You will know and realize that your story extends for hundreds of thousands of years on this continent.

* Once you realize that you should identify as Native American, you will realize that you’ve been lied to with the false terms of identity: Latino Hispanic

•Once you realize that you’re Native American you know that you are on your homeland and you will begin to claim this land as yours.

•You will begin to realize that your homeland has been illegally occupied by European immigrants for 526 years.

•You’ll begin to realize that Europeans created the borders to separate our Ancestors and begin to call people on the other side of their apartheid borders as illegal, immigrants, foreigners, aliens, etc.

•You will begin to question The validity of European presence on our homelands.

•You will begin to know yourself, and know that you come from a race of people of immeasurable knowledge and wisdom and that is all you ever needed because you’ve made the connection to your origins.



•SPAIN’S VERSION OF “KILL THE INDIAN, SAVE THE MAN”Your fake identity was planned for you from the first day of invasion in 1492:


•Educating Ourselves on Our True Identity–Native American and Not Hispanic, Latinx, Latino/a, Mestizo — Preventing the Coming American Holocaust:

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