Why are we using the INCORRECT term Native American?

We use the term Native American only for strategic reasons. We have seen the proper terms used against us. By using this incorrect term, Native American, there can be no confusion regarding what we are saying. Using the correct names can actually work against us.

In May, 1 2007 there was a massive May Day Mexica Movement demonstration in California with thousands of people. Bill O’Reilly on his Fox News program The O’Rielly Factor, that night, made a big deal of the massive march. He introduced the subject by stating that a group of crazy people wanted to take over the United States saying this was their land. He said they call themselves Mexica. He then showed some of the signs, with video, from the protest speaking of Aztlan and Nican Tlaca. O’Rielly’s claim was very credible because few people nationally or globally knew who Mexica were. O’Rielly with a five minute manipulative trick crushed a massive movement and won this debate in front of a huge national and global audience. It was like an ant kicking an elephant 100 yards and knocking the elephant out cold. How are white people able use such little effort to defeat massive power. Because they are being strategic and we are not–we want to be accurate or we want to invent some new fancy word that distinguishes us such as Chicano, instead of doing what all of natives in the USA are doing in identifying as Native American. O’Rielly would have done the same thing if the May day rally had used the word Chicano.

But what if the Mexica had used the term Native American on their signs. Everybody nationally and globally would have known what the protesters were saying. O’Rielly would have looked silly if he had tried to say that, a massive group of Native Americans are claiming that this is their land. And he never would have even tried to make such a foolish case that only a fool would make.

Something only a Fool Would Say

O’Reilly won the battle because the Mexica used the correct term and O’Reilly used that correct term against these Indigenous people. We are in a war and we see terrorism, death, child kidnapping and rape, forced relocations of our people daily. In a war strategy is the ONLY thing that matters. It is the norm for Native people in the USA to be classified under one banner-Native. This is our race. This does not negate nor erase our tribe, tribal membership or tribal status. Lokota, Navajo and Cherokee and are all Natives and accept the Native identity just as ALL Northern Native people do. A Lokota, Navajo and Cherokee is a Native just as a Mexica, Yesa, Kashkahn, Bodwéwadmi, Yoeme is a Native. We don’t need new macro-umbrella labels to fall under which merely serve to divide and provide places for us to be conquered and even fight among ourselves.

Southern Natives should NOT be trying to create a new norm that weakens our position in the Native struggle for liberation in our own homeland. Follow the norm already established for 70 to 100 years in the USA for natives in reideitifying, reindigenizing and retribalizing as has happened with dozens and perhaps hundreds of re-organized tribes on the East Coast.

As a Northern Native writing this, Southern Natives from a DNA and cultural perspective are some of the most Native people on the continent. If East Coast Natives can follow the norm in the USA of identifying as Native then surely you can without any other macro qualifiers such as Chicano for everyone to fall under. You are Native American PERIOD!!!!

There are Natives who reject to the term American.  The American name came from the Incan who called their land “AmaruCa” or “Amaraca pana” after Amaru their name for the plumed serpent god.  The point again is not to get hung up on the correctness of a term.  The term that we use should be 100% about strategy.
We in the Indigenous liberation movement must ask ourselves who is our audience is. Our audience is the world. WE WILL NEVER GET OUR POWER BACK UNTIL WE TAP NATIONAL AND GLOBAL POWER AS KING, GANDI AND MANDELA DID. In the 1980’s global public opinion power overwhelmed South Africa and those stubborn whites who would never crack under any circumstances, CRACKED. Yes they cracked!! But only because of global pressure.

The 1960’s civil rights movement was successful only because of global pressure. In King’s 1964 trip to Germany he said, ““The past few days here in Europe have brought me face to face with the most powerful ally that the Negro struggle made,” King wrote on Sept. 17, 1964 referring to the impact of global public opinion. “Amazed at the knowledge which one finds of the United States racial situation here in Europe” and feeling like “the world is in sympathy with the Negro,” he saw that the racial inequality issues in the U.S. had seen “the light of world exposure.””

We can use terms like Mexica, Nican Tlaca, Mexican and Chicano for 100 years and few globally would ever understand our plight of being turned into illegal immigrants in our own homeland. Globally people will be still wondering why are those Nican Tlaca or Chicano or Mexican, or Mexica “illegal immigrants” trying to take white people’s land. We are allowing white people to out maneuver us in defining narratives.

Correct or incorrect we must unite and communicate under the one banner that EVERYONE GLOBALLY understands–“Native American”. When King started his movements he referred to Black people as Negros and Colored people– terms that today these people would see as insulting. Watch the old video tapes for yourself. King used the terms, right or wrong, that the world understood and then focused the television cameras on violent whites beating peaceful “Negros”. We have the Native children being kidnapped, caged, raped and abused and Natives being arrested and deported and dying. We just don’t have our narrative together. So these abuses are glossed over because we are “illegal”.

National and global public pressure forced those racist Southern crackers who would never crack to CRACK. King cracked their Cracker backs. But ONLY by using terms that everyone globally understood. Wake up and stop the feel good liberation masturbation stroking your ego and let’s unite and win our liberation with the aid of national and global pressure: NATIVE AMERICAN.. “Say it loud I am Native American and Proud”

If these people can legitimately identify as Native American and be recognized by the USA federal government as Native then certainly Southern Natives with 80 to 90% or more Native DNA can.

Help Us Help You


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They are able to do so much because they have successfully branded us as “illegals” and “criminals.” As we accept our true identity as Natives and the majority, on our homelands, and expose to the world what the Wasicu are doing we will bring global pressure to bear and stop them just as has happened in all colonized lands. STOP THE GENOCIDE!!!
Or Donate as little as $1 monthly automatically reoccurring. We have 600 million Natives on our continent. We have the ability to fund the army of information warriors needed to stop the abuse of our people. It is 100% up to you to stop the abuse.

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