Words of a Trump Supporter

Graph showing that Native Americans will be the majority in the USA. Whites become a minority.


“This is what we get when we allow liberals to take over our country with their ideas, liberal policies and open borders. We’ve been slack and have let our ancestors down. They worked hard to steal this land and had to kill millions to do it.  Now we are being overrun with the browns and are mere decades from losing it all.


We must abandon democracy, lie, cheat, steal, terrorize and do whatever we have to before we white people become a minority in our own land or we risk losing all that we built on this land given to us by God. If we have to kill millions then so be it. God made America for us.

Our ancestors met the challenge and did what was necessary to acquire this land for us and we must do what is necessary to maintain possession of it.  I am not allowing my land to be taken by non-deserving lazy browns simply because they like to fornicate and make babies. We won this land fair and square. After all the Browns weren’t doing anything with it.

The good news is that the browns are now very complacent with all of the rights and freedoms that the liberals got for them.  Thus they now have no desire to strategize and think ten steps ahead. Many have gone idealistic and theoretical following those damn liberals and refuse to even vote. They call themselves protesting the oppressive system–GREAT. They don’t realize that we can use their not voting to seize control once and for all in 2020–dumbasses.

And once trump is re-elected for a second term he is not leaving office ever and they can do nothing to remove him as we have shown. In a second term our power will be unlimited. They think things have been bad for the past 50 years just wait until we get total control and we take ALL of their rights away and can kill, lock them up and deport them by the millions with no cause and no due process. And we will do the same to those damn liberal whites who support them.  They are weak.  They want the benefits of white privilege but cannot stomach what has to be done to attain and keep it.  And when Trump dies we have Steven Miller waiting in the wings with the drive to go all of the way and make us the majority on the entire continent and fix this problem once and for good. These non-voting colored fools do not know that they are handing it all to us on a platter. They have the majority and they are giving us the power. Sure we will take it—tricked the dummies again. They have no idea what we have in store. But they will soon find out. They will be leaving our white land one way or another. And as we do it we can flip the script and make them the bad guys with theirs gangs, drugs, violence, thuggery, pants hanging off their asses, drug cartels, illegal border crossings–they are illegal, aliens, criminals, terrorists, immigrants, drug dealers.

There is no way in the world I am going to live in my America, in my land, with majority Brown people and them in control of government with permanent Brown presidents one after another and a 90% Brown congress. That coon Obama was too much for me.  That ain’t happening on a permanent basis, F–k that. Whatever needs to happen to prevent that I will do. If we ever were to allow them control of our country the browns would take back all of the land and wealth that our ancestors worked so hard to acquire from them. F–k that!!

I will be leaving my land and my wealth to my children and not to the browns. And that will happen by any means necessary. The revolution has already started. I will lock up as many more brown babies as necessary. I will rape as many more brown girls as necessary. I will starve as many more browns crossing the desert as necessary. I will kidnap as many more brown children as necessary. I will inflict whatever terror, pain and suffering on them and their children necessary to make them understand that they need to get the F–k off of my white land.  F—k them, their children and their families to hell.”  Trumpster Forever

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