You are in Denial – You Have Been Assimilated and Domesticated by the Wasicu

I hear many Native people say, “I will never assimilate.” The sad fact is that you already are assimilated into the European worldview, way of living, way of thinking, way of learning, way of being. In fact not only have you been assimilated you also have been nearly 100% domesticated like domesticating a natural wolf into a sophisticated and educated poodle *1. If you ask a fish if he is in water, he will say what’s water.  If you have been emerged in something your entire life it becomes invisible and you don’t even know that it exist because you lack perspective.

You are closer to and more comfortable with white people, white ways, white thinking, white language, white education, white foods, white jobs, white TV, white schools, white living than you are with your Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grand Mother’s ways. Yes it is sad but it is true.

It is nothing to be ashamed of because it was forced upon us and we are all stuck with it, at least for now. They were successful in the “kill the Indian and saving the man” plan. White people have inflicted something on the world that is far bigger than merely a holocaust of a few million people. It is so big that we have had to create a term for it–the Global Indigenous Extermination (GIE) which culminated with global colonization of Natural Brown Indigenous people. Killed the Indian save the man was a term used in America but white people practiced this white supremacist genocidal practice worldwide via colonization *2.

Not facing the truth and reality will keep you, your children and us stuck in slavery forever. There is a way out but the first step is coming out of denial or waking up to the truth. This is the same thing that we tell the white people about them being devils. They kick and scream and call us racist and all kinds of denial behavior. However, the first step is honesty and truth. The hard truth is that you, the Native person that you are, have almost been fully domesticated into a devil as the articles below show. Read the following articles in order to get a deeper understanding of the difference in White people and Natural Indigenous people.

We Once Were Gods–But Are Now Devolving into Devils:

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The Origin and Nature of the Wasicu

The bottom line is that white people were created via artificial selection to be very different from their inception than ALL Natural Indigenous people on the planet. As explained in the articles they were domesticated beings from their inception. At contact with white people Natives were very different with a different DNA, different worldview, different way of living and interacting with the Mother Earth and Wakan Tanka. In a nutshell Indigenous people were working to be one with Wakan Tanka by living and being in harmony with Mother Earth and the other entities of Mother Earth.

White people took the complete opposite path. They were and are in a competition with Mother Earth, all of her entities and Wakan Tanka and living out of balance in non-sustainable ways. They were and are working to be separate from all other entities, to distinguish themselves with each individual striving to show his or her uniqueness, or individual beauty, or individual intelligence, or individual greatness or individual ruthlessness or individual whatever–ego. They were ego based whereas Natural Indigenous people were oneness or love based. While Indigenous people sought to be one with all other entities Whites sought to be THE one, the one at the top, the one best, the one pretties, the one strongest. They sought to separate and to fragment. And this is the definition of hell or a devil as shown in the articles. And we see hell and devil activity in the world that they have created.

White people and Indigenous people were so different that they literally saw different worlds when viewing the same things. In 1889 white “wild west” artist, Fredrick Remington said, “no white man can ever penetrate the mystery of the Indian mind nor explain the reason of their acts.” He said, “the red man is a mass of glaring incongruities. He . . . is constant and inconstant at such unusual times, that I often think he has no mental process . . . .” Remington was not alone. Most white people in contact with “uninfected” Indians since 1492 shared the belief that the Indian and the white man were permanently separated by “an impassable gulf”. And this is why indigenous people had and have to be exterminated either physically or mentally. In 1889, 400 years after the invasion, some of our thinking was still so different from white people’s thinking that we could not even understand why they did things nor could they understand why we did things. We had completely different worldviews and experienced different realities.

Bartoleme de Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies(1542) said, “And of all the infinite universe of humanity, these people are the most guileless, the most devoid of wickedness and duplicity, the most obedient and faithful. . .They are by nature the most humble, patient, and peaceable, holding no grudges, free from embroilments, neither excitable nor quarrelsome. These people are the most devoid of rancors, hatreds, or desire for vengeance of any people in the world. . . . . .they are not arrogant, embittered, or greedy. As to their dress, they are generally naked, with only their pudenda covered somewhat. They are very clean in their persons, with alert, intelligent minds, docile and open . . . and to behave in a godly fashion. Some of the secular Spaniards who have been here for many years say that the goodness of the Indians is undeniable.”

“The Indians are so naïve and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would believe it. When you ask for something they have, they never say no. To the contrary, they offer to share with anyone. . . .” Christopher Colombus

Today we are no longer the people that our per-invasion ancestors were. We relate to the European ways far better than to the ways of our ancestors. Here is a simple test regarding your level of domestication and assimilation:

  • If you are educated you are domesticated.
  • If you are sophisticated you are domesticated.
  • If you pose for sexy Facebook photos you ar domesticated.
  • If you are living in a city you are domesticated.
  • If you purchase products from stores you are domesticated.
  • If you use electricity you are domesticated.
  • If you own and watch TV you are domesticated.
  • If you use computers or Internet you are domesticated
  • If you protest what you don’t like you are domesticated
  • If you go pose for photos putting your best face forward with a nice smile you are domesticated
  • If you speak English or Spanish you are domesticated
  • If you weekend pow wows you are domesticated
  • If you belong to a danza group you are domesticated
  • If you do weekend ceremonies you are domesticated
  • If you live on a reservation you are domesticated
  • If you eat organic foods from Wholefoods or poisoned foods from a grocery store you are
  • domesticated
  • If you dependent upon bureaucracies for getting your living needs met then you are domesticated
  • If you have a job or you are domesticated
  • If you own a house or rent one or an apartment you are domesticated
  • If you drive a car you are domesticated
  • If you are a revolutionary, radical, intellectual you have been domesticated

If you answer yes to the following questions then you are likely a Natural Indigenous Person:

  • Do you live within a family-community on a single piece of land with you mother, father, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, grand parents, great grand parents, great uncles and aunts?
  • Are you interdependent upon the others within your community and neighboring communities for getting your living needs met: food, shelter, clothing, learning.
  • Do you grow your own food on the land within your community?
  • Do you speak your own Native language as your first language?
  • Are ceremonies built into your daily living activities?
  • Do you teach your own children by them sharing in your daily work?

See the difference in the Natives below one group is domesticated and the other is still largely Natural.

Yes their are very few natural Indigenous people left in the world. The objective of white people was to exterminate these people from the planet and they are nearly 100% successful. Yes today we have each become murderers, rapists and thieves as we have adopting the evil ways from Europe. And we don’t even give a second thought to our daily evil actions. We Have Become the Murderers, Rapsits and Thieves–We Have Become the Oppressors, Hitler and Columbus

We Have Become the Murderers, Rapsits and Thieves–We Have Become the Oppressors, Hitler and Columbus:

We live by cutting off slices of our Mother’s breast and eating these slices. We do things that only a devil would do and that our ancestors would never do.

But it is not over and in the end the meek shall inherit the Earth. No matter how bleak it appears we can never give up hope because their is only one future for humanity. There is a way out of domestication:
Twenty Steps to Decolonize, Dedomesticate, Reindigize and Rebuild Our Indigenous Civilizations

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*1 The Evils of White Supremacy and Domestication — Definitions

Posted by Brown Continent on Saturday, September 7, 2013

*2 Kill the Indian Save The Man–The Broader and More Accurate Definition of White Supremacy

Posted by Brown Continent on Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brown Continent September 27 2015

This article is merely in one over 100 articles that are part of Brown Continent University’s Curriculum of Indigenous Studies — Rebuilding our Indigenous Civilizations. We have been hoodwinked and bamboozled in hundreds of ways by white people with their successful “kill the Indian save the man” genocidal effort. This course is intended to help Indigenous people find their way of out the endless maze of white supremacist lies, traps and brainwashing set for Brown people worldwide.…. As long as we buy into Western Civilization, as forced upon Brown people globally, we will always be slaves.

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